5 Luxury Bedroom Features That Will Add Value To Your Home

In today's competitive housing market, buyers often look for exceptional features in a home that will set it apart. Incorporating luxury details into a bedroom is an excellent way to make an impression on a homebuyer and make your home memorable. It's also worthwhile to make these changes to enhance your enjoyment of your home, whether you're considering listing it at this time or not. Making continual improvements to your home is a wise choice. "After sheltering in place ... people [are] ready for change in their homes — or looking for a new one," states Brian K. Lewis, a real estate broker with Compass, per Kiplinger. He also says, "Getting stuck in time with your home isn't a smart move and is rarely rewarded financially at sale time."

If it's been a few years since your last home renovation, it may be a perfect time to consider where you could start to make improvements. Here are clever suggestions for adding luxury details to your bedroom that will increase the value of your home and your enjoyment while you're living there.

1. Bedroom fireplace

There's nothing more luxurious than coming home after a long day and lighting a fire in your bedroom fireplace. USA Today says that 40% of homebuyers would pay extra for a home with one or more fireplaces. While many homes feature one in the living room, an additional fireplace in the bedroom is a truly luxurious detail. Believe it or not, there are several ways to add a fireplace to a bedroom that doesn't already have one. While a traditional wood-burning fireplace with a chimney vent and masonry façade can cost thousands of dollars, installing an electric or gas-burning fireplace is much more feasible and easier to install, per HomeGuide.

An electric fireplace will not emit heat, but it can create a beautiful ambiance in a bedroom without venting or fuel concerns, and it will cost only a few hundred dollars. According to Chimney Solutions, a gas fireplace is an ideal choice for many homeowners who would like to add a bit of luxury to their bedrooms without a high expense. Gas fireplaces do not have the same venting requirements as wood-burning fireplaces, and this flexibility makes them easy to install in almost any space. They're usually operated simply by flipping a switch or remote control. The flame height and amount of heat produced can be controlled, as well as additional features such as accent lighting. With so many options available, a bedroom fireplace is a luxury feature within reach.

2. Walk-in closet

USA Today states that 60% of today's homebuyers are motivated to pay more for a home with a walk-in closet in the master bedroom. Per Kiplinger, Cande Green, a licensed realtor in Dallas, Texas, emphasizes this point: "Homes without a walk-in-closet in the master bedroom are more of a challenge to sell and generally attract less buyers." A spacious, well-organized closet is becoming a must-have for homebuyers.

There are a variety of ways to create an organizational system in a bedroom closet. A full renovation is a popular choice, as it allows you to design the storage system in a way that fits your individual needs and could even include such luxuries as glass-front doors and a separate seating area. If space allows, converting a smaller room into a walk-in closet may be preferable. However, many homeowners lack the space and resources to make such extensive renovations. Don't let these limitations discourage you from making a change, according to Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. Many pre-fabricated organizational systems are available in every price range that you can install yourself to make a closet more functional and attractive. A closet renovation that produces more storage space will benefit you in the short term and attract new homebuyers in the future.

3. Built-in storage

Built-in furniture in a bedroom serves a practical purpose while adding a luxurious feeling to the room. The additional storage can be designed to blend with the style of the room and complement its design scheme, via Designing Idea. One suggestion is to install a window seat along a bedroom wall. The window seat is inviting to relax with a book and a cup of tea, and the bench can be lifted up to store extra blankets or winter sweaters. The seat could be flanked by matching cabinets or bookshelves designed to make the most of the wall space. Use these shelves to display books or objets d'art from your travels.

Built-in night tables and under-bed storage can also be customized to match the look of the rest of the room. A built-in wardrobe could serve the function of a coat closet. Or add a built-in desk with shelves above it. This spot becomes a practical addition and a relaxing area to organize mail, work on the computer, or even write a letter.

4. Custom lighting

A bedroom can only feel inviting and relaxing if the lighting is not too harsh. Clever use of lighting can make any bedroom feel lavish and beautiful. It can be provided from a variety of locations and sources, according to Lancaster PA Custom Homes. Installing modern recessed lights will give a brightness when necessary, or they can be dimmed for subtle illumination at the end of the day. Thoughtful placement of table and floor lamps can be situated for purposeful use, either on a writing desk or beside a comfortable settee. For a decorative touch, adding a chandelier overhead adds a feeling of luxury. Matching sconces may be placed on either side of the bed for a lovely aesthetic while providing additional reading light.

Any lighting in the bedroom will be enhanced by the convenience of an easy control switch. This small functional convenience will add a heightened sense of luxury to the bedroom, as you can change the atmosphere in your room from a remote or even your smartphone. Redesigning the lighting in your bedroom is another way to make your home more appealing.

5. Wood floors

According to USA Today, 54% of homebuyers are willing to spend more on a home with hardwood floors. A home with hardwood floors could see its sales price increase by up to 2.5%, via Realtor. New homeowners often plan to replace the old carpet in a new home, but purchasing a home with hardwood floors eliminates this hassle. For this reason, a house with hardwood floors is often preferable and may sell more quickly, per Build with Ferguson.

Hardwood floors are practical as well as beautiful. They are available in a variety of finishes, so you can choose the color scheme that best complements your home. They are easy to clean, which is better for individuals with allergies. Hardwood floors also provide the perfect backdrop for an area rug or two, creating an indulgent and relaxing ambiance in the room. For extra comfort, install radiant heat along with the hardwood floors, per Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. Stepping onto a heated floor on a cold morning is sure to start any morning on a good note. The beauty and comfort of hardwood floors bring a comfortable elegance to any bedroom.