The 5 Best Blackout Curtains So You Can Sleep In Peace

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Blackout curtains are a lifesaver for parents of newborns to help with sleeping, but they are helpful far beyond the baby stage. According to Innuwindow, effective blackout curtains can block sunlight from shining through up to 99%. This is an essential tool for parents and caregivers for babies and toddlers who nap during the day. For professionals who work night shifts, this is crucial to getting good sleep and working effectively night after night.

Since sleep is essential to your physical and mental health, creating the proper atmosphere to encourage rest is crucial, which is where window treatments come in. A dark room helps the brain relax and reset, so it can function at optimal levels when awake. There are a lot of curtain styles out there, and luckily, blackout curtains are affordable and come in all sizes, colors, patterns, and materials. We've compiled some best blackout curtains so you can rest peacefully.

1. All-purpose

For an all-encompassing curtain that not only blocks out the sun but also reduces noise, consider the NICETOWN Living Room Shaded Draperies. These drapes are well made and elegant, making them both a beautiful décor piece and a functional one. With over 20 colors to choose from and different lengths to fit various windows, it's versatile enough to match the décor of a master bedroom, nursery, or even a teenager's room.

According to Yorkshire Fabric Shop, the best blackout curtains are made of a combination of polyester and cotton triple-weaved to block out 90% of light. These drapes check those boxes. The NICETOWN Drapes are made to withstand wear and tear over the years, and we love that they can be machine-washed if the occasional dirt or spill happens. While not the cheapest blackout curtains, the 5-stars and over 58,000 reviews from customers seem to be worth it.

2. Velvet

Velvet is beautiful, trending, and elegant, making it a popular choice for blackout curtains in a master bedroom or living room. According to Design Insider, choosing a velvet material for curtains adds a glamorous touch to a bedroom but can also give a relaxing vibe to a living or reading room. 

The HPD Half Price Drapes Signature Velvet Blackout Curtains is our pick for those looking for smooth, elegant curtains. Not only are they light and noise-blocking, but they can also insulate heat from a room that gets very warm when the sun hits. These curtains are soft to the touch as it is 100% polyester, but also heavy and plush. It's a great double-duty curtain choice as it both blocks the light and provides luxurious décor to the room. Although they are a pricier option, the positive reviews talk about being able to withstand wear and tear, easy to install, and high-quality material.

3. Kids

When thinking about choosing a blackout curtain with kids in mind, durability and wear and tear are things to consider, especially if they are on the younger side. Many kids' rooms have playful elements, making it fun to look for blackout curtains with patterns, bright colors, and designs. If you agree, we have got the perfect option for you.

We like the PrinceDeco Thermal Insulated Blackout Kids Curtains for the price and gender-neutral design of twinkle stars in colors ranging from gray to pink and blue. The microfiber fabric is soft and smooth, adding an inviting texture to the room. It also blocks 99% of light and 100% of UV during the day without any chemical coating or formaldehyde. While there isn't a huge variety of patterns and designs (these just have the twinkle stars), it's an easy way to add that element of fun while blending in with the rest of the room décor. 

4. Thermal

If you are looking for a great way to save money on your energy bill, look for blackout curtains designed to balance room temperature, no matter how strong the sunlight enters the room or how cold it is outside. While you might think that blackout curtains are the same as thermal curtains, there is a difference. According to Blackouts Direct, blackout curtains block the light, while thermal curtains are specifically designed to make a room cooler due to heat from the windows.

The BGment Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Curtains are a good choice for thermal curtains. With almost 9,000 reviews and an affordable price, it's the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck. Not only do these curtain claim to block 100% of light, but the two layers of insulated curtains help in reducing summer heat or winter cold from entering the room. This sounds like a win-win to us.

5. Budget

Quality blackout curtains do not have to be expensive, and there are a ton of brands out there that understand that. According to Vaulia, blackout curtains must be made from heavy-duty fabric, with polyester being the most common. The denser the material, the more light it will block. Since blackout curtains come in many colors, patterns, and sizes to fit a room, finding an affordable option is attainable.

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Curtains do an excellent job in providing both quality and affordability in blackout curtains, making it our choice for those that are budget-conscious. At under $30 for a pack of two, the curtains block sunlight and UV rays and reduce outside noise. They are also made with triple-weaved polyester fabric, which is touted as the most effective. Curtains that block out the light are so important to parents of newborns, as well as night shift professionals, as well as anyone looking to get good sleep. We hope these suggestions help when looking for a set for your home.