5 Classy Ways To Incorporate Pokemon Into Your Home Decor

We all have a favorite childhood cartoon that we can't let go of as adults. For some of us, that might be Scooby Doo; for others, it may be SpongeBob SquarePants, but many of us are major Pokemon fans. How could you not be? It's been out since 1997, and the series is still going strong after 25 years, according to IMDB. As children, we collected Pokemon cards and plushies and scattered them all across our bedroom. But now, as we grow up, it's getting harder to figure out how to incorporate our childhood memories into our adult homes.

Be it melancholy or wanting to hang some more on the happy memories, you don't have to say goodbye to your Pikachu or Charmander yet, because we've found a few classy ways to incorporate Pokemon into your home. So instead of packing away your beloved childhood memories, check out how you can leave Pokemon décor out in the open to enjoy constantly.

1. Blend the plants together

If you love having various plants in your home, then it'll be easy for this Bulbasaur Planter from Etsy to blend in with your décor. It is made of concrete, which can complement many aesthetics, such as modern, minimalist, and contemporary. The fact that it depicts Bulbasaur makes sense because this Pokemon is considered a grass type in the show.

Because this planter is neutral and gray in color, you can incorporate colorful plants to create cheerful contrast. And Bulbasaur is a blue-green Pokemon, we advise planting a sedum major, which is an adorable blue-ish green succulent that grows tiny, thick leaves, according to Succulents Box. There's also the Echeveria subsessilis succulent (or the morning beauty plant), which creates a beautiful blue-green rosette that has painted pink tips. This is also a good option for homeowners who are trying to complement any other pink or green décor they may have. Lastly, you can incorporate the colors of pokeballs into your aesthetic by getting an Echeveria rubin, which is a shiny, red succulent, per Succulent Growing Tips.

2. Colorful bedding based on your favorite Pokemon

A subtle décor option for your bedroom is choosing your favorite Pokemon character and incorporating its colors into your bedding. For example, if your favorite Pokemon is Pikachu, you can combine a bright yellow duvet with black sheets and red throw pillows. We believe the Janni Velvet Three Piece Duvet Cover Set from Wayfair is a great choice to create this look. The bright shade of yellow reminds us of Pikachu, and the velvety texture is reminiscent of a plush Pikachu toy.

To mimic the red circles seen on Pikachu's face, we suggest tossing a few of the Mendon Round Pillows onto your bed. The tufted button in the middle and its pleated texture can add a touch of sophistication to your bedding, all while reminding you of Pikachu's adorable face. This pillow also comes in other colors, such as coffee, in case you want to incorporate the brown colors seen on Pikachu's tail and back. Conversely, you can choose to pair your yellow bedding with a deep beige, whether by getting a few beige-hued accessories or a couple of beige pillowcases. The color is a little bit lighter than brown, but it has a hint of yellow to go perfectly with the bright sheets, Roomdsign notes.

3. Bring old art back to life

A fun DIY would be to alter secondhand art, especially if you're into painting. BoredPanda says this process is done by visiting a thrift store or garage sale, choosing a work of art you love, and painting on any fun additions you can think of. So, you can choose a traditional or modern painting and figure out how to subtly add Pokemon features. For example, this upcycled art from Etsy used a traditional print of mountain scenery and skillfully introduced a sleeping Snorlax off to the side.

When adding this Snorlax to the painting, the artist mimicked the style of the original painting to make it seem like it was always there. You can do the same, depending on the aesthetic of your home. For example, if you love the French Country style, you can thrift a beautiful painting portraying a field of flowers. Then, you'd put your art skills to the test and incorporate a flower-type Pokemon, such as Roselia or Bellossom.

4. Introduce skull décor

Skull décor has been popular among homeowners who love this style and is undoubtedly a way to add interest to any space, according to Moda Misfit. People usually go for a cow or deer skull, but Pokemon skulls work too! This Rayquaza Skull from Etsy is striking and is sure to be the focal point of the room. It is 3D-printed and is also hand-painted with acrylic. This skull is designed to look as though it is decades old, which can add a rustic element to any space you plan to incorporate it in.

Moda Misfit also says you can soften the look of skull décor by creating layers around it. Homeowners can do this by adding art, candles, and vases around it to make all the items seamlessly blend together. Another idea is to have flowers and green leaves stick out from inside the skull to create a more feminine design.

5. Subtle cuteness

Coasters are a must in any home because of their ability to prevent any discoloration, dents, and scratches that may occur depending on the material of your cups and furniture, according to the Quality Logo Products Blog. You can use this chance to purchase a Pokemon-themed coaster, such as this coaster from Etsy. There are 151 tiny Pokemon engraved into the shape of a Pokeball, which is a subtle way of enjoying all the characters you've grown to love. However, we believe the types of cups you place on top of these coasters should also be specifically chosen to follow the Pokemon theme.

For example, vintage yellow drinking glasses (these ones selling on Etsy look amazing) can mimic the color of Pikachu while also introducing a soft color and smooth texture to the space. Evolve says it's essential to introduce a variety of surfaces in a room in order to create balance and interest; smooth textures create a modern feel, while rough grains feel more rustic. So this wood coaster and glass cup combo is sure to make your dining experience feel sophisticated yet fun as you follow a Pokemon-themed color palette and ponder your favorite childhood characters.