Gorgeous Black-Owned Home Décor Brands That Should Be In Your Home Now

In recent years, there has been a strong push toward inclusivity in all aspects of society, from the media we consume to the products we buy. Diversity of gender, sexual orientation, ability, and race are some examples of what people want to see reflected more in mainstream culture. About 45% of U.S. consumers think companies should commit to supporting Black-owned vendors and brands, while 68% claim their shopping choices are influenced by their social values, via McKinsey & Company.

Black Americans start businesses at a higher rate than other ethnic groups but face many more challenges, one of which is convincing investors that black-owned brands are inclusive to all, per McKinsey & Company. Black-owned brands and suppliers, however, are serving communities across the board and showing a commitment to diversity since they understand its importance firsthand. From the community impact they make to where they source their goods, many of these companies bring various experiences and styles to their industries — like the décor world! If you're looking for some unique pieces to add to your home, here are fantastic black-owned home décor brands you should know about.

1. Rochelle Porter Design

Rochelle Porter is the designer whose prints are behind this brand of apparel, accessories, and home décor. Her attractive designs range from colorful to calming and can become the next pillow cover, table runner, tea towel, or wallpaper in your home. According to Rochelle Porter Design, the patterns are inspired by various Caribbean, Scandinavia, and West African style elements.

This brand is committed to sustainability and ethics in design, from fair pay practices to eco-friendly products. Rochelle Porter manufactures its products locally and responsibly in the U.S. The wallpapers are biodegradable and made from organic materials, while the table runners and tea towels are made with eco-friendly dyes. Alongside selling on its website, this brand has collaborated with stores like West Elm and Home Goods. Going for a modern theme in your home? The fascinating geometric designs of Rochelle Porter products will help you create that aesthetic in your residence.

2. Peace + Riot

Peace + Riot was founded by NYC natives with African and Caribbean backgrounds, per Curbed. From vases to pillows and Christmas decorations to planters, this black-owned décor store has statement pieces that can transform your space into something different. Peace + Riot has tableware and cookware, textiles for rugs and throw covers, bedding, and even furniture pieces, via Peace + Riot. They also carry games, gifts, and books for children!

The items with their traditional prints and patterns come from various sources, so expect to find products influenced or made by photographers and artists worldwide. In addition to unique products you can style your home with, Peace + Riot is also home to two independent stores. Mary's Hands Jewelry and IndigoStyle Vintage provide handmade jewelry, accessories, and curated vintage clothing, per ESSENCE. Visit the Bed-Stuy boutique or browse the website to see their wide range of home décor products!

3. NettDesigns

Jeanetta Gonzales is a designer and illustrator based in Los Angeles. She has turned her designs into different types of home décor pieces. Art prints, blankets, mugs, and towels are just some of the products sold on her online store. She released a Black History Month collection with colorful, bold patterns this year. The pieces are inspired by themes such as "Solidarity," "Totem," "Stronger Together," and "Ancestors," per NettDesigns Art & Gifts.

Her work can also be found in other stores; she has a calendar sold at Books-A-Million, a planner at Staples, and a jigsaw puzzle at Target. Jeanetta Gonzales' home décor and stationery can be found in big box stores such as  Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom, and Trader Joe's. Gonzales also sells her patterns as fabric and wallpaper, via Spoonflower. With her success and experience, she serves other artists by being a mentor and coach, per NettDesigns Art & Gifts. You can see more of her work and get free printables on Jeanetta Gonzales.

4. Expedition Subsahara

This home goods brand is built around the art of basket weaving in Senegal, West Africa, specifically within the Wolof tribe. Sofi, the founder, set out to take this creative craft and communicate it to the rest of the world, via Expedition Subsahara. Their baskets can be used for storage, decoration, vases, and shopping bags. Expedition Subsahara shows the versatility of basket weaving with its contemporary, handmade products. They also have wooden sculptures, from stools to masks, that have been carved from vintage wood and can beautify the walls of your home.

With colorful pieces that are handwoven or hand-carved, Expedition Subsahara brings an element of Senegal into your home. You can also feel good about the fact that your purchase directly supports the 100 plus Senegalese female weavers that work at this company, per Expedition Subsahara Blog. The founder has also pledged to donate 20% of the brand's revenue to start a girls' STEAM school in Senegal, says Techie + Gamers.

5. Reflektion Design

Since 2013, Reflektion Design has been on a mission to create home décor pieces that show your personality and communicate your adventures, especially if you deeply appreciate African culture. Founder, Anitra Terrell, had prior experience as a textile buyer in Ghana. This grew her appreciation for the culture of fabrics and art in Africa, which is how she got inspired to start this company. The tableware, art, and textiles of this Atlanta-based brand are made by artisans from three different countries; these items are bold and can bring a lot of vibrance into your space.

Intentional pieces that feel like they have a story is the idea behind Reflektion Design, says HGTV. The handmade mud cloths are versatile textiles that can be used anywhere in the house. This wooden salad bowl featured on ESSENCE is another excellent example of how this brand takes everyday household items and transforms them into unique pieces that can also serve as decorations.