Scary Home Decor Products Perfect For Decorating For Halloween

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Trick-or-treat! Ghost or gremlin, the otherworldly will be coming out this Halloween to creep us out in all their glory. Many of us fantasize about how to decorate the front yard to make it a fail-proof Halloween extravaganza. This year, we've pulled out all the scary stops of creepy decorations to make this holiday one to be remembered. We start with this animated standing zombie bride from Oriental Trading. Put this horrible ghostly woman in your front yard and watch your street turn into a terrifying neighborhood! Try perching her near the entrance to your home for maximum appeal. The kids will scream at the zombie's frightful look and remember your home for Halloweens to come. And just where did all this ghoulish costumery originate from?

Turns out Halloween comes from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people would put on costumes to keep the ghosts away and light bonfires. History states Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a day to revere all saints during the eighth century. Soon after, All Saints Day incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The night before was known as All Hallows Eve, which then morphed into Halloween. As the years went by, Halloween turned into a holiday of parties, trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, and wearing costumes. Here is how to decorate your house to fit the spooky holiday.

The cemetery's caretaker terrifies the neighborhood

This super scary, dead-looking cemetery caretaker from Spirit Halloween will surely be the hit of the town propped up in your front or back yard. If you want to make an impact, this is the perfect go-to decoration. Display it next to the zombie bride, or let it stand alone. Either way, it will make a creepy statement. Try adding some dank tombstones around the caretaker for an even more dramatic effect. You can also take some lanterns and scatter them amongst the tombstones to illuminate the graveyard's "spirit." Ghosts anyone?

Ever wonder where a cemetery comes from? Locust Valley Cemetery reports that cemeteries are believed to have originated in the 7th century in Europe. The actual word cemetery means "sleeping place" in Greek. It comes from the Greek word "Koimeterion." And its use is for land that has been reserved as a burial area.

This crazy woman makes trick-or-treaters retreat

This gnarly-looking, creeping woman crawling on the ground will keep Halloween a spooktacular occasion. Straight from Oriental Trading, the crazy woman adorned in a dress boasting dark hair is horrific! She's intended to look like someone who has just sauntered out of a mental hospital straight onto your lawn. Just what the witch ordered for this holiday! Scary?... Check! Her claw-like nails may even keep the trick-or-treaters on the curb. But who needs them anyway? Speaking of which, have you ever wondered where these children adorned in costumes come from? Let's investigate!

According to History, it all goes back to the Samhain celebrations. Some people in the villages disguised themselves in animal skin costumes to keep ghosts away, and large tables of ready-to-eat food were offered to appease unwanted spirits. Then, centuries later, we find kids dressed in ghost and demon costumes in exchange for drinks and food (and today, candy). This dates back to the Middle Ages and is believed to be the beginning of the trick-or-treating custom we enjoy today. In fact, the concept became commonplace in the United States after World War II, thanks to suburbanization. Children could safely go from house to house looking for candy from their neighbors.

Calling all the witches!

This trio of spooky witches from Oriental Trading may just bury you alive. They come complete with wrinkled faces, missing teeth, and furious hair. And they are ideal for your Halloween party! They can "sit pretty" outside on stakes or move to the inside of your haunted house on the included stands. Why not order six or nine of these hideous witches and have them line your walkway up to the door? Or, place them on their stands throughout the home and be sure your guests are scared to death with every turn they take.

Either way, they make for a spooktacular addition to any Halloween party. Want something a bit less lifelike but still "witchy?" Try these three scary striped witch legs that can ideally line the pathway to your home, also from Oriental Trading. These pathway markers make a spine-tingling entrance to your haunted house.

And who are these witches that come flying out on their bizarre broomsticks for this holiday anyway? History states that the first witches go back to B.C. times, and they were first misunderstood as pagans up to no good. Instead, they were likely healers trying to help people. 

A spine-chilling skeleton, some corpses, and tombstones

Naturally, the yard often morphs into a spooky cemetery during Halloween, and these eerie tombstones can be the finishing touch to any graveyard! These five durable foam tombstones from Party City come with haunting inscriptions and daunting decor. They're perfect for introducing your Halloween party to a graveyard already filled with spooky creatures. Try scattering 20 of these tombstones (many with skeletons etched on the tombstones) all around the yard. Or, put them inside the home wherever you want to turn the scary heat up! And make sure you achieve your make-them-scared task by adding some corpses around the tombstones. Naturally, what else would there be? Try these hanging corpses by Amazon that fit the haunting bill perfectly. Display them around the tombstones, and you'll have a spooktacular cemetery. Or tie some corpses up on a tree or house pipes for an even more haunting appeal.

And, of course, a Halloween home isn't complete without a life-size skeleton. That's where this five-foot skeleton that you can pose comes into the Halloween package. This spooky skeleton from Party City can be propped on the couch next to Spot the dog. It can be found lounging in a bed cuddled up next to your cat or arranged to be hugging a tree trunk. It's a dynamic addition to any Halloween decorations. May the scary festivities reign long by placing some skeletons throughout the home or yard. Scare your guests! Keep it spooky this year.

These dolls escaped the wicked dollhouse

Oh, super scary dolls. How they can keep a Halloween theme going strong. This animated swinging doll from Oriental Trading with hollow blue eyes turns on the haunting! Put her around the front porch in place of your regular swinging porch chair, or hook her and her glowing eyes into a tree branch. She will have the neighbors quietly discussing the stare coming from her eyes. Or, if you're brave, try putting her inside the living room hanging from the ceiling. She'll be a grotesque addition no matter where she hangs. She speaks disturbing phrases and moves her head from side to side as she's swinging. What more shall we say? She's certainly not from grandma's dollhouse collection. 

Looking for something that doesn't swing? No problem! Here's a witch doll ready to turn on the ghoulish terror from Walmart. This animatronic "Haunted Holly" doll has sound-activated light-up eyes, making the family do a double take every time they pass her. She's a scary one with her white hair and claws. Put her outside on the front porch or keep her hijacked inside the home. Wherever she goes, she's sure to creep everyone out.

Zombie with red eyes

Perhaps no Halloween decor is complete without a dark-haired zombie clawing the ground with penetrating red eyes. This zombie from Amazon comes complete with glowing red LED eyes and makes freak-you-out sounds. All you have to do is turn the switch on with some batteries (not included, of course). The stimulation of scary sounds and flashing eyes create a not-quite-dead zombie experience that is not for the faint of heart. 

But we're still missing the blood! According to Residence Style, you can easily create a blood bath even a vampire would admire by tossing red paint on cheap white sheets you hang on the walls. But don't stop there! You can also get wax paper and put a bunch of red hand prints on them. Then cover up the windows with these bloody spectacles. This is a great activity for the whole family as well. Enjoy your haunted house now that you've decorated it for an eerie and creepy Halloween. Happy Halloween!