The Best Home Depot Holiday Sale Secrets

When shopping at Home Depot, there are a number of ways to save money. For instance, did you know that you may not have to buy moving boxes ever again? If you kindly ask an employee, they may be able to give you some for free, per Unpakt Blog. You can also access special coupons if you sign up for email and text alerts, and knowledge of their return policy can help you get money back on some surprising items if you're unsatisfied with them. For example, they offer a one-year guarantee on perennials, trees, or shrubs. If your plant dies within one year of purchase, you can get a replacement or your money back if you have your receipt and return the original.

However, there are also some ways to save money during the upcoming holiday season that not everyone knows about. If you're completing home renovations before guests arrive or doing some early holiday shopping, check out these five Home Depot secrets below.

Take advantage of the holiday sales

When holiday shopping at Home Depot, take note of the sales going on throughout the season. According to Groupon, there are three major fall events to check out this year.

On Black Friday, almost everything in the store is marked down, with previous Black Friday sales offering select appliances for 40% off. The next opportunity to save money is Cyber Monday, when, in the past, tools have been marked down 40%, and smart home technology has been down 30%. You could also do some last-minute shopping on Green Monday or December 14, when both large and small appliances and some tools will be on sale. Home Depot also has an after-Christmas sale on December 26, where you can get 50% off on holiday decor to use next year.

For more frequent deals throughout the season, keep an eye on their website for their special buy of the day and the week – both can save you some big bucks.

Use for cheaper gift cards

If you're holiday shopping and stumped on what to get the DIY or home improvement lover in your life, a Home Depot gift card is always a good option. Home Depot offers both physical and e-gift cards. If you buy them online, you can get them shipped to your house for free, and if you buy them in bulk, the retailer offers discounted rates.

Another way to potentially save on Home Depot gift cards is by using This website typically sells full-value gift cards at 1-4% off the original price. You could buy the gift card for someone else, use it to buy a gift (or even just use it for yourself). While 1-4% off might not seem like huge savings, it can add up over time and be especially beneficial for those planning to make large purchases on things like appliances.

Check their rebate center when shopping for appliances

Perhaps you're looking to get a larger refrigerator or a better oven before the holiday season begins. If so, you could get money back on these appliances by checking out Home Depot's rebate center. However, note that you'll get the best offers if you purchase multiple appliances. For instance, some LG appliances say that you can save up to 10% if you bundle three or more of their select items.

Additionally, Home Depot regularly has an 11% rebate on purchases in select stores. This deal is going on right now but will end in a few days, on October 23. If you've purchased something from Home Depot in the past 30 days and you still have the receipt, you could potentially qualify, per Danny The Deal Guru. However, if you don't qualify for this rebate, you could still keep your eyes out for future deals, as this offer usually occurs every few months in select stores.

Make sure to price match competitors

Another holiday sale secret many don't take advantage of is price matching. According to Home Depot's website, they will price match both online and in-store purchases. If shopping online, you can contact them with proof of a lower price on the item plus the shipping costs, and they will match it. If shopping in person, you'll need a printout of the ad showing the lower price or a picture of it in the store. Keep in mind that they may need to call the competitor to make sure the price is accurate, so it may take some time to check out.

When doing this, however, you should be aware of what's not included in the price match guarantee. Price matching does not include seasonal items, sale merchandise, special orders, wholesale discount offers, products sold by a third party, and seasonal promotions. Further, if you want to use a coupon on your item, you won't also be able to price match it, per Rather Be Shopping.

It's easy to get free shipping

Those who love holiday shopping online will be excited to find out that it's easy to get free shipping at Home Depot. All you'll need to do is spend more than $45. And the shipping is fast: many items have a 2-day delivery time. Further, if you're buying an appliance over $396, you'll qualify for free shipping, too.

However, you should also keep in mind that not every item is eligible to ship, so you'll need to look at your product's description box to ensure it is. In addition, if you have a P.O. box, you'll need to ship your order to your work or a friend's house.

If you put off your holiday shopping for too long and need your items fast, you can order online and pick them up at the customer service desk for free. However, the items will need to be in stock at the store if you want to pick them up the same day you order.