Should You Add Lights Under Your Kitchen Cabinets?

There are many factors that go into designing a kitchen, such as aesthetics, color, material, and lighting. You can emphasize certain decor with contrasting colors, and create balance with neutrals, but what if you want to go the extra mile to add a little pizazz? many homeowners install under-cabinet kitchen lights — but, are they worth it? 1,000 Bulbs says that certain under-cabinet lighting can emit too much heat or waste energy, and some options aren't even that bright. However, there are also a plethora of benefits to installing these light fixtures underneath your cabinets.

If you are unsure about installing these types of light fixtures, then it's good to know how under-cabinet lighting works and whether or not it will elevate your design, or just end up being disappointing. Knowing beforehand can save you a ton of money and time, so let us break down all the information about under-cabinet lighting so that you can make the best decision.

A kitchen must-have

First, let's consider task lighting. According to ErgoDirect, task lighting is used to brighten up a certain area, giving you better visibility to complete whatever activity you're working on. So, while you're preparing dinner in the kitchen, under-cabinet lighting falls under the category of task lighting, because it can help brighten up your countertop as you cut up veggies and prepare ingredients. Lighting Bug Electric says another advantage to installing under cabinet lighting is that it's seemingly invisible unless you duck your head underneath, which means it won't negatively impact your current design aesthetic.

Under cabinet lighting will also look great with certain backsplash materials, such as glass, according to Builders First Source. The glossy surface will beautifully reflect the light and make your kitchen feel brighter and more open. However, the lighting would be able to accentuate most types of backsplash material, such as marble, ceramic, or porcelain. Due to all these different factors, we believe under installing cabinet lighting in your kitchen has too many benefits to ignore.

Different types of under cabinet lighting

Lamps Plus says there are three types of under-cabinet lighting; light bars, puck lights, and tape lights. Light bars typically create a more professional design and the light usually spreads more evenly when in this format. This is a good option for those who want all their under-cabinet lighting to be operated with one switch. Puck lighting on the other hand is for homeowners who desire a flood of light to strike certain parts of their countertop and is a good option for those who prefer lighting that will create shadows and develop a sense of ambiance.

If you need something quick and affordable, then we recommend tape lights. Installing tape lights underneath your cabinetry is simple as it can fit on even the smallest surfaces. Tape lighting can also be cut down to a certain size; if you have extra left over, you can make it fit somewhere else, like underneath the toe kick.