Best Stores To Shop At For Holiday Decor

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start setting up the lights and decking out your mantels with the latest and greatest holiday décor. From finding the perfect accessories for your Christmas tree at Lowes to starting your own collection of outdoor lights and holiday-themed display sets, there really are no bounds to what you can create when decorating for the holidays.

However, navigating where to get what can be a bit overwhelming this time of the year, especially when holiday décor seems to be available at nearly every major retailer. While sitting down with HGTV, professional designer Angelo Surmelis said, "The holidays can be about extravagance, but if you overwhelm your home with too much décor it can compete for attention and distract you from some really beautiful and special pieces."

Regardless of if you prefer holiday décor that is color coordinated or based on a theme, anything from ornaments to train sets can easily be passed down through generations when taken care of properly, meaning that you are creating memories and traditions to last lifetimes. In order to help you build a quality collection of trinkets and treasures, here is House Digest's guide to the best stores to shop at for holiday décor.


Coming in as the number one pick on our list is none other than Target. This one-stop shop manages to immerse customers in their massive stores with aisles and aisles of endless goodies. Though you might get roped into buying more than just holiday decorations, Target offers quality items at a reasonable price so that you can get a solid foundation of décor going. Also, Target makes holiday shopping even easier by separating holidays into different categories, meaning you can easily find items that are specifically related to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or simply the season of winter.

Between this easy to throw on Happy Hanukkah Table Runner and this Tree of Life Menorah, Target has you covered big and small when it comes to holiday decorating. If you're a big fan of Chip & Joanna Gaines, then you'll be pleased to find that in addition to their regular line of Magnolia home products, they have a holiday line as well. Stick to the more traditional colors of green and red with their Natural Wood Beaded Garland, Holiday Plaid Cotton Tree Skirt, and this adorable and nostalgic Metal "Letters to Santa" Mailbox.


Though their holiday section might be a bit limited when compared to massive retailers such as Target, Anthropologie gives shoppers the opportunity to add some truly special and stylish festivity to their homes. While it might not necessarily be considered "décor," Anthropologie is the perfect store to add some on-brand glassware or plateware for holiday dinners and feasts. These Nathalie Lete Twelve Days of Christmas Glasses along with this Gingerbread Cookie Cooling Rack make it easy to get ready for cozy Christmas nights in the kitchen while these Bundled Up Monogram Mugs are ideal for hot cocoa or coffee in the mornings.

When it comes to more superficial décor, there is not denying the fact that Anthropologie has a signature look that is totally covered yet not easily replicated. Just take a look at this charming Gingerbread House Doormat. Though it seems totally effortless, Anthropologie has truly mastered the fine art of creating products that are timeless without being outdated, meaning you will certainly find some décor that will get reused and passed down through many holiday seasons.

Grandin Road

Grandin Road is a great option for the more unconventional decorator. Being that Grandin Road offers upscale, designer-inspired décor at an affordable price, this beloved store allows for customers to make their home look elegant and expensive without forcing them to break the bank. Whether you prefer more off-the-wall pieces that catch the eye or you enjoy a more minimalistic and funky look, Grandin has some stellar stuff for you to browse through. For example, their Wooly Sheep (which are strangely realistic) could work well for those looking to create a unique nativity scene outside, while their Velvet Reindeer would look great as a mantle piece in a more modern or art-forward home.

Though the above mentioned pieces are definitely on the more attention-grabbing side of the aisle, you don't have to be super unconventional in order to find some great treasures at Grandin Road. From vibrant faux greenery to sparkly ornaments for your Christmas tree, virtually any kind of holiday décor shopper is sure to find some gems that they will use for years to come. These Christmas Village Decor Houses are both traditional and simple, making them great for an elegant yet subtle display. You might also want to check out these Nostalgic Christmas Pillows to give your living room couch a slight holiday tune up.

T.J. Maxx

With amazing deals and unbeatable prices, T.J. Maxx is hands down one of the best stores to shop at if you love getting a bang for your buck. And while some might think that T.J. Maxx is outdated due to a lot of their products being gathered from past seasons, that is actually incredibly far from the truth. If you need some proof, just look at this beautiful Blush Foxtail Wreath.

Despite being wildly affordable and accessible to virtually every kind of shopper, T.J. Maxx puts out quality products that can be made to fit in with a variety of aesthetics when given the proper amount of attention and time to browse. Being that you never know how many of each item they will have in stock, you will want to make sure that you snag the ones that you truly love. From more traditional pieces like this Merry and Bright Red Velvet Tree Skirt and this Jingles and Joy Pre-lit Plaid Garland to more quirky decorations like this Holiday Spirit Ornaments In Glass Jar and the Novogratz Apres Ski Shaped Sweater Toss Pillow, T.J Maxx truly gives shoppers the opportunity to find a wide array of fun options to add to their holiday collections.

Pottery Barn

From these Cozy Pompom Sherpa Throws to this Red Merry Organic Cotton Hand Towel, Pottery Barn creates some of the best festive yet functional holiday items. Though they are certainly targeted toward specific seasons, many of the décor items found at Pottery Barn are not simply superficial items that are purchased to be looked at for a mere 30 days out of the year. Instead, you will find great use in their blankets, towels, and stockings along with a stunning and classy look that calls for celebration. Even these Rustic Reindeer Cork Coasters provide such a delicate yet noticeable attention to detail that is sure to be appreciated by guests and visitors.

Of course, if you're in the market for more decorative items that hold no real functional value, you have options here as well. Between these Light Up Hanging Orbs and these Sherpa Reindeer figurines, your tables and shelves will be filled with holiday cheer. For those looking for something more magnificent and extravagant, don't sleep on Pottery Barn's Indoor/Outdoor String Light Tree or these Pre-Lit Twinkling Twig Trees.


Being that it is one of the biggest craft stores on the planet, Michaels is a wonderful place for getting creative with holiday décor. If you prefer to go the artificial route rather than buying a real tree each year, Michaels has some of the best options available. From more traditional looking trees that are pre-lit for even more convenience to more artsy mini trees for smaller spaces, you'll definitely find the one that you're looking for.

Though Michaels does have some awesome pre-made decorative items like this Wispy Willow Artificial Christmas Garland with Clear Lights, it also offers customers the opportunity to try their hand at getting crafty and creating their own decorations. While this obviously entails a bit more work than simply buying what you want and setting it up, it also makes for some great memory making in the process, which is especially great for those with small children. If you're not sure of where to start, try your hand at some DIY ornaments. Michaels sells a variety of shapes including Glass Ball Ornaments, White Stocking Ornaments, and White Santa Hat Ornaments.


Similarly to Anthropologie, CB2 definitely has a more limited line of holiday décor options on display in regards to diversity and range of genre. In other words, you won't find stuffed Santas or candy cane ornaments at CB2. However, if you have a more contemporary and style-forward taste, then these decorations will surely be right up your alley. One place where CB2 décor is certainly not lacking is in the wreath department. Though you will not find the more traditional style of wreath that you might remember seeing on your parents front door, you will find a variety of modern and cool wreaths that will set the entire tone for the rest of your décor. For example, take a look at this unique Fluffy Olive Wreath or this angelic Feather White Wreath.

When it comes to trees, CB2 also has some amazing and unconventional picks. Tired of typical green trees? Go for this Faux Champagne Pine LED Pre-Lit Tree. They also have an elegant array of statues, tree toppers, and ornaments. Some of our favorites include the Brass Star Tree Topper, Illusion Amber Ornaments, and these Fluffy White Trees. Ready to trade in your old school stocking for a more fashionable one? See what you think about CB2's offerings.


Society6 is an online store that is best known for turning artwork into canvas paintings, tapestries, and pillows. While typical items are more modern and trendy, sometimes even a bit abstract, they have a small yet fun selection of season-relevant art and décor for those who want to add a little bit of flair to their home for holidays. If you're wanting to embrace a more vintage style of Christmas, start collection items like this Vintage Santa 4 Throw Pillow along with this Vintage Christmas Girl Shower Curtain. They are perfect for completing that nostalgic and sometimes irreplaceable look that so many crave during the holidays.

Though it's not necessarily considered "décor," Society6 also has an awesome collection of wrapping paper, meaning you can gift in style this holiday season. Between this Retro Decorated Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper and this Christmas in the Wild Nature Wrapping Paper, there are tons of options for every preferred aesthetic so that your gifts can match your decorating.


In addition to being one of the greatest sites for holiday gift shopping, Etsy gives small business owners the opportunity to create and sell stunning antique decorations and unique trinkets to those who want to forgo the typical holiday décor and begin a collection that will stand the test of time. Many of the offerings on Etsy are even handmade, giving them a specific kind of charm that is virtually impossible to find when shopping at any major retailer. From vintage tree toppers to personalized stockings and to front yard art, you'll find just about everything on this beloved site.

Etsy is also the absolute best when it comes to acquiring personalized décor. Whether you want a set of matching stockings that have each family member's name stitched on the top or a monogrammed ornament, the possibilities are seriously endless. Some of our top picks for personalized selections include this Engraved Deer Christmas Ornament and these Personalized Dog Bone Pet Stockings. If you prefer some décor that has a bit of a kick to it, Etsy has tons of eccentric and unorthodox items like these COVID-19 Vaccine Bottle Ornaments and this Horseshoe Christmas Tree.


In all reality, what can't you find on Amazon? In addition to being ridiculously convenient and quick, Amazon sort of acts as a one-stop shop that allows you to get all of your basics without having to leave the comfort of your own home. While Amazon doesn't always deliver on quality (you'll always want to check reviews before swiping to pay), they definitely deliver on variety.

If you would rather get some detailed décor that is more unique and handcrafted, stick to Amazon for more basic and foundational purchases such as artificial trees, indoor or outdoor lights, and inflatables. Though you could probably find some of these items at other stores, Amazon is great when it comes to price matching, meaning you might find the exact same decoration for cheaper. Plus, it doesn't get much better than being able to order something at 12:00 PM on a Tuesday and then having it arrive by 3:00 PM on Wednesday. Wanting something a bit more unique than your typical outdoor icicle lights? Check out this Koicaxy Highlight Led Storm Snowflake lights Projector.

Home Depot

When it comes to the more technical side of decorating, Home Depot is a great hub for getting all of the basics needed to make your holiday décor dreams come true. From artificial flocked trees to this 6.5-foot Pre-Lit LED Santa Christmas Inflatable, Home Depot might not be the first place you think of when it comes to getting in the holiday spirit, but it truly is one of the best. If you live in a house or any sort of accommodation that has a front yard, then you'll definitely want to get creative with the outdoor space and set up some fun displays. If inflatables aren't really a part of your aesthetic, go for some twinkling lights and add some extra magic to the neighborhood.

Create your own candy cane lane with these 28-inch Tall Candy Cane Pathway LED Lights or these 27-inch Lighted Candy Cane Pathway Incandescent Lights. If you'd prefer to create more of a white winter wonderland, try putting up these gorgeous LED Twinkling Twig Tree Pure White Pathmakers and stun your guests as they walk up your driveway to your front door. Of course, no house is complete without some twinkling lights such as these Clear Incandescent Mini Icicle Lights.

World Market

Walking into a World Market is like walking into wonderland. This magnificent and expansive store has just about every single functional and decorative item that one could hope to find. If you choose to do your shopping online, you'll be pleased to find that World Market makes it incredibly easy to sort through their abundant array of options by allowing you to "Shop by Look." With categories such as "Santa's Chalet" and "Woodland Magic," those with similar aesthetics should be able to find the perfect seasonal additions to make their home feel all the more cozy.

Though World Market does have more foundational holiday décor pieces like this Gold Hammered Metal Tree Collar, most of their more decorative objects are rather quirky and fun. This Pier Place Peppermint Ball And Faux Holly Leaf Wreath and these Pier Place White Feather Peacock Clip Ornaments prove that holiday décor does not have to be stuffy or traditional. In addition to these more unique ornaments and sculptures, World Market also has a great selection of string lights such as these Clear Bulb String Lights and the Wood Scandi Snowy House LED Battery Operated String Lights.

Urban Outfitters

Though Urban Outfitters is best known for its trendy and modern clothing, they also have a super fun and hip home section. If you prefer to stay away from more traditional and typical holiday décor, Urban Outfitters just might be your dream shopping spot. Take this Lila Pompom Garland for example; everything about it from the colors to the texture make it the perfect addition to an unconventional tree. There is even a Pompom Wreath to match! If you are going for a specific color theme such as pink or blue, you could also get super creative with these sort of atypical additions.

Urban Outfitters is also one of the best places building a one-of-a-kind ornament collection that is far from basic or conventional. Some of their most popular options include the Rosé Bottle Christmas Ornament, Cherry Christmas Ornament, and the Sitting Frog Christmas Ornament. For holiday parties and gatherings, turn some heads with these precious Bottle Sweater and Beanie Sets. Of course, these unorthodox decorations might not be for everyone, but they are absolutely perfect for the right kind of decorator.