The Best Crystals To Include In Your Winter Décor

With winter comes cold and dreary days. There's a constant chill in the air, snow is often on the ground, and the days are darker and shorter. All of these things tend to put some folks in a gloomy mood that lasts until the first flowers of spring begin to force their way out of the ground.

If you're one of those who deal with seasonal depression, aka seasonal affective disorder (SAD), you know that it's a blessing to add as many cheerful and healing items into your décor as possible. While SAD can happen any time of the year, according to the Mayo Clinic, if you get the winter blues, we suggest crystal therapy as one of the ways you should seek some relief, as well as talking to your doctor. Even if you love winter, these five healing crystals will add some beauty to your holiday décor.

If you or someone you know needs help with mental health, please contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), or visit the National Institute of Mental Health website.

1. Snowy snow quartz

Snow quartz gets its name from the fact that it looks like snow, making it an excellent healing crystal to add to your winter décor. Fire Mountain Gems says some of the other names snow quartz goes by include milk quartz and white quartz. It's usually found with gold attached to it, making it sought after by people who look for both gold and other gemstones, but it has some great healing benefits that will bring seasonal joy to your home.

According to Moonrise Crystals, snow quartz can easily take the place of crystal quartz and is great at instilling positivity while removing negativity. That sounds like an excellent option to help get through the doldrums of these darker winter days. Put this healing stone in visible places, like added to your Christmas village display — where the icy little stones will add wintery joy — or in window sills where you've sprayed faux snow.

2. Blistery snowflake obsidian

Of course, a stone with "snowflake" in its name belongs in your home during the dreary winter months. This mottled obsidian is not only unique and pretty, but it's a great source of protection for you and your family. Per Charms of Light, this coloring happens when the volcanic glass that makes up obsidian has flecks of cristobalite in it — which is what makes those snowflake designs.

Because the stone is partially black, it may not seem like much of a festive décor option, but as Charms of Light explains, this healing crystal has the ability to help calm and soothe you. If the family is coming to your place for the holidays and you want things to go smoothly, and have everyone get along, use some snowflake obsidian in your tabletop holiday décor. You can also keep some on your nightstand to help you wind down after all the holiday festivities.

3. Icy selenite

Selenite looks and feels like a nice chunk of ice. If you get yourself a selenite tower, it almost looks like an icicle. That makes this lovely stone great for all sorts of winter décor, during the holidays and beyond. Selenite is actually named after the Greek moon goddess Selene, according to Tiny Rituals, and seems like an excellent option to have around when it's darker out for longer.

Selenite brings lots of light into your home; as Energy Muse points out, it's referred to as liquid light. This energy-rich crystal will bring lots of light into this dark time of year, so use it in rooms where you need that extra boost of energy, like the kitchen, living room, or dining room. All that positive energy is sure to help you through those darkest days, especially if your selenite is out in the open to see each time you're in the same room.

4. Carnelian

Not all of your winter crystals need to look like snow and ice — add a little color in by keeping around some crystals that may seem more suited to fall décor. Carnelian looks like the surface of the sun, ablaze with warmth to help soothe you in the chilly winter air. The right carnelian crystal can also add some beautiful reds to your seasonal décor, and the milky whites have an ice skating rink vibe to them.

Carnelian's sunny disposition adds warmth and joy to your home and your life, according to Truly Experiences, which further notes another benefit of this crystal is that it helps aid in creativity. Keep this gorgeous sunny crystal in rooms where you like to create things, even in the kitchen to inspire tasty holiday meals and warm toasty drinks at night to fight off the chill. This invigorating stone will look great in bathroom décor, as well, and help get you moving in a positive direction each morning.

5. Orange calcite

Orange calcite is another stone with a sunny vibe that will brighten up your home even on the darkest days and the coldest nights. Calcite kind of looks like a chunk of vitamin C-rich orange, and it has the energy that fresh citrus fruit boosts in our bodies too. In fact, Truly Experiences calls it an energetic stone that helps with creativity and passion. Bring this stone into your home décor to help promote happiness. 

The white markings in this citrusy gem almost resemble freshly fallen fluffy snow, and that makes it fitting for winter décor. You'll want to, much like carnelian, keep this crystal in rooms where you want to boost energy. If you need a little extra "energy" in the bedroom, this healing crystal will do wonders in there as well. Put a larger raw chunk on your dining table to bring joy to the entire household.