60 Red Bathrooms That Are Seriously Romantic

Few colors elicit the emotional and physical response that red does, which Color Psychology allies with feelings of power, passion, love, and romance. When decorating and designing your bathroom, you may feel inclined to stay away from such a bold and powerful color. However, red has many strong benefits, both decoratively and functionally, and you should definitely consider incorporating it into your bathroom.

Functionally, red can create a very romantic, inviting environment, especially warmer and richer shades like maroon and rose red. It also produces feelings of confidence and self-assuredness, and given the fact you likely start each morning and end each day in the bathroom, these are excellent feelings to be surrounded by. Decoratively, red is a very versatile and eye-catching shade, and will certainly give your bathroom a sense of distinction and uniqueness. It can be modern, contemporary, retro, or anything in between. If you want ideas on how to create a dreamy, romantic red bathroom, keep reading.

1. Dark maroon and pink

If diving headfirst into bold, fiery reds is a little too intimidating, play around with darker, vibrant pink palettes, incorporating muted maroons to create a subtly red bathroom.

2. Florals

Another way to subtly introduce some red into your bathroom is through a floral wallpaper or motif since most florals already have reds in them. Then, match the floral red on your floor tiles.

3. Disco style

On the other hand, you can go as bold as possible with shiny, reflective red tiles, creating a retro and groovy bathroom.

4. Rust red

Rust red is another subtle way to include the color in your bathroom. It looks great as a paint color, especially when paired with natural finished wood and marble.

5. Tiled walls

If you prefer tiled bathroom walls, consider opting for a bright, cherry red colored tile. Add a few gray or lighter-colored tiles to break up the vividness of the red, and lighten it up with white appliances.

6. Crimson red walls

A rich — but not overwhelmingly so — shade of red that would go perfect in your bathroom is crimson. Keep it demure with gray or brown-toned floors, trimming, etc.

7. Dark red tub

Wall paint or tiles aren't the only ways to incorporate red in your bathroom. Opt for a stunning, eye-catching dark red bathtub, pairing it with white floors and gray walls for contrast and intrigue.

8. Tile backsplash

If you want just a pop of red, consider adding a red tile backsplash or accent wall behind your sink.

9. Cherry red accent wall

Cherry red is a deep but vibrant shade of red and would look great as a glossy accent wall, especially behind a clean white freestanding bathtub.

10. Scarlet red tub

A large, comfortable, scarlet red bathtub is another ingenious way to add a pop of color to your bathroom. Pair with a matching accent wall and gray tiles.

11. Tile accent wall

Add a pop of intrigue to a plain white bathroom with a bold, firetruck-red tile accent wall.

12. Zen red

While not one of the most meditative colors, red has its place in a home spa or zen bathroom. Opt for a darker, flatter shade, like currant, maroon, or dark cherry.

13. Pop of scarlet

Add a simple and easy, but nonetheless effective, pop of red by painting a scarlet accent wall.

14. Dark burgundy

For a moodier, demure bathroom, mix dark grays with a rich, deep burgundy, which has a wine-like, almost purple effect.

15. Contemporary style

For a more contemporary and classic look, opt for a lovely vermillion accent wall paired with walnut cabinets.

16. Matching tub and accent wall

If you're not afraid to go bold with the red in your bathroom, match your bathtub to a tile accent wall.

17. Alternating walls

Instead of just one accent wall, consider having a few, or even alternating between red and natural tile walls.

18. Dark maroon

Another unique and less obvious shade of red is a dark, almost purple-tinted maroon. Pair with a gold or brass sink for a lovely, sophisticated bathroom design.

19. Candy red walls and floors

Go bold and match your wall and floor tiles, opting for a bright and cheery candy red.

20. Red accents

Instead of going for a whole red accent wall, add a stripe of red amidst a black tile wall.

21. Shower wall

If you have a walk-in shower, consider adding a red backing wall, matching it to your sinks. Keep the rest of the bathroom in shades of black and gray for a sleek, modern look.

22. Red lights

Whether you feature them on their own or in addition to more red features, add some modern, red glass lights to your bathroom for a fun and colorful look.

23. Modern red wall

Red and black are a timeless, sophisticated color combination. Add a layer of black paned glass in front of a red wall for a modern, luxurious bathroom.

24. Red transluscent tub

Another luxurious bathroom upgrade is a translucent bathtub, and there are few colors as luxurious as a dark, rich maroon.

25. Lipstick red tile walls

Another lovely shade of red is lipstick red. For a slight variation on simple red tile walls, opt for a glossy finish.

26. Red basin and mosaic wall

Go bold and double up on the red in your bathroom. Pair a bright red sink with a red stone mosaic wall.

27. Classic red and wood

Add some interest to a simple red accent wall with raw wood pedestal sinks and sleek faucets.

28. Raw red stone wall

For a more industrial look, incorporate a raw finished, red stone wall. Pair with wood cabinets and industrial silhouettes.

29. Red decorative accents

If you're a renter or don't want to commit to red paint or appliances, add some bold and eye-catching red decorations. Plant pots, bath mats, and bath towels are all great ways to incorporate red in your bathroom.

30. Red and black

Pair a bright red with a flat and dark black for a modern and sleek look in your bathroom. Geometric appliances with clean and sharp lines will help enhance the look.

31. Two toned

If you can't decide what shade of red to incorporate in your bathroom, don't stop at one! Go with a lighter red, pink base, and a darker red accent color.

32. Apple red and white

Apple red is a lovely, smooth shade of red, that looks wonderful paired with a clean and bright white.

33. Bright red and monochrome

Bright red goes incredibly well with black and white. Pair bright red walls with white accents and black bathroom appliances.

34. Glossy carmine red

Carmine is a rich, deep red that would look wonderful as wall tiles in your bathroom. Opt for a glossy finish to highlight the richness of the color.

35. Wine red cabinets

Another simple way to incorporate red in your bathroom is with your bathroom cabinets. Paint them a deep wine red to keep the space bold but not overwhelming.

36. Brick red floors

Brick is another gorgeous shade of red and looks great with a stone-like or raw finish. Add it to your floors for a contemporary, slightly industrial look.

37. Persian red matching tub and walls

Persian red is a bright but complex shade of red that looks wonderful anywhere in your home, but especially on your bathroom walls. Amp it up by adding a matching red tub.

38. Modern retro tile wall

Add some retro vibes to your bathroom with bright red wall tiles, paired with a black sink for contrast.

39. Mix and match reds

Different shades of red can be combined in your bathroom to add depth and contrast. Contrast a bright red wall with a lighter, coral-red bathtub.

40. Dark cherry and black

Another dark shade of red that looks wonderfully moody in a black bathroom is dark cherry. Opt for a matte finish to let the color shine in contrast with the black.

41. Retro red

Add a bright pop of red to a small bathroom in a retro way with cherry red floor tiles.

42. Shiny garnet wall tiles

For a rich, luxurious bathroom, add glossy and jewel-toned garnet tiles all over your walls. Dark appliances and accents will help make it feel even more intimate and inviting.

43. Dark coral

For a playful but still put-together-looking bathroom, add a dark and saturated coral shade to the walls.

44. Modern red and gray

Add some red tiles sporadically through a dark and flat gray bathroom for some colorful modernism.

45. Glossy red shelving

If you have shelving in your bathroom, consider painting them red for a simple but effective inclusion of the romantic color.

46. Traditional red and white

A muted shade of red balanced with traditional white in a bathroom creates a simple but colorful and eye-catching design.

47. Minimalistic red and black

For a minimalistic but still inviting bathroom design, paint the walls a lovely dark red, adding a statement freestanding black bathtub.

48. Red sink

An often neglected bathroom appliance when it comes to design is the sink. Swapping out a basic white sink for a large red basin can make your bathroom all the more interesting.

49. Shiplap style

The shiplap trend has taken the home design world by storm, and your bathroom doesn't have to be left out of the trend. Red shiplap can act as a texturally varied and interesting accent wall.

50. Half wall

If having an entirely red bathroom is a little too much for you, consider only painting the top half, adding white tiles to the bottom half.

51. Cool red and black

A luxurious and ultra-modern way to decorate your bathroom is by opting for an all-black color scheme, breaking it up with a stunning red accent wall.

52. Sophisticated red stone

Stone is a great texture to include in any bathroom, but choosing a red stone is even more sophisticated and luxurious.

53. Blush red cabinets

If you prefer a lighter, almost pink red, go for a smooth and creamy blush red. Paint your cabinets, a wall, or both — since it's a lighter shade, you won't be at risk of overwhelming the room with red.

54. Smooth red walls

Another inviting and luxuriously intimate way to design your bathroom with red walls is to include a walk-in shower and simple glass divider.

55. Scarlet accents

If you only want a simple pop of red in a black-and-white bathroom, paint a small section of a wall, or a cubby/alcove, a rich shade of scarlet.

56. Coral and blue

Play with fun and bright colors in your bathroom by adding a coral accent wall, contrasting it with a rich blue accent wall.

57. Red bamboo

Bamboo-style walls are a lovely, zen material and texture to include in your bathroom. Painting them red only adds another layer of relaxation and intimacy.

58. Dark red spa

For a rich spa-like experience in your bathroom, pair raw stone floors and bamboo accents with deep and dark red walls.

59. Maroon tub

For larger, built-in tubs, consider sprucing them up by adding maroon tiles to the outside. Incorporate matching curtains to highlight the color.

60. Vertical subway tiles

Whether horizontal or vertical, subway tiles are always timeless in a bathroom. Add some intrigue and romantic appeal by opting for red tiles.