5 Creative Ways To Incorporate Red Into Your Home Decor

Colors play an essential role in your home design. Kern and Company, home of popular interior designer Susan Spath, claims that the colors you choose will impact the mood and the perception of a space. This means if there is a particular atmosphere you wish to evoke in your home, choosing the right colors when decorating is essential. For example, the color blue can create a calming atmosphere, while yellow portrays a more energetic one.

There are a variety of colors you can easily style into your home; unfortunately, when it comes to the color red, this task can be a bit more complicated. Impressive Interior Design states that although red is an intense and passionate color to incorporate into your home design, it can quickly become too vibrant and overpowering. When styled correctly, however, it can make the perfect, eye-catching look or add a sense of energy and excitement to a room (per Walla Painting). So, if you're eager to incorporate a splash of red into your home, check out the creative ways you can effectively add it to your decor.

Stick with a style

Before diving right in with your red decorating spree, you must determine which style you wish to portray. Choosing a style will dictate the red shade you should use to decorate. HGTV lists five main styles you can feature in your home, along with the shades of red to properly match. For example, if you are looking to express a contemporary style, most of the room will be composed of neutral colors. With small touches of a bright and vibrant red, however, you can spice the area up and bring your contemporary style to the next level.

Modern styles are very diverse; therefore, you can choose any shade of red you find attractive, as long as it makes a statement. On the other hand, traditional styles only work well with darker shades of red to create a deep and rich undertone. HGTV recommends using burgundy when aiming for any traditional style. Transitional styles are similar to contemporary styles in that they can be illuminated with a touch of any vibrant or bright shade of red. Finally, when wanting to add red to fit a country style, you should look for a color that matches a traditional barn-house or a ripe red apple. Country styles also look great with red shades with either a pink or purple undertone.

Red walls

After deciding to add a bit of red to your home, one of the simplest but most daring ways you can do so is by adding it to your walls. However, Paint Denver recommends taking several precautions before going all in with your paintbrushes when taking this rather risky step for your home.

First and foremost, you should thoroughly research and test the exact color you want to incorporate. Because red can be harsh, you want to ensure the shade doesn't overpower your room. It's also essential to choose a color that corresponds nicely with the other colors and decor in the space. When you find the right shade of red and are ready to apply it to your walls, you should take the extra time to add a couple of base coats to ensure the shade you chose is the exact color you will get, with no undesired undertones. With these precautions, you can be confident your red walls will be a major success.


Another way to incorporate red into your home is by layering different shades. Styling a space with one color may sound like it would clash or even look boring; however, a stunning masterpiece can unfold when done correctly. HGTV notes that a monochrome design is also a great way to explore little details and a variety of textures in your decor — these differences will be highlighted when the base colors are similar.

Using a monochrome style is a great idea when searching for a unique way to incorporate the color red into your home. However, when including monochromatic elements, ensure you choose shades of red that are either neutral or contrasting to avoid any unwanted clashing. Adding small pops of different colors that contrast the tones of the red — like a green plant or a blue throw pillow — can also increase attractiveness and create a sense of comfort within your room's sleek red look.

Complement it

Ballard Designs shares that another great way to incorporate red into your home is by mixing it with colors that complement it. Color Meanings explains that complementary colors are opposite, and because opposites tend to attract, complementary colors work well together when styling a room. Furthermore, unlike a monochrome design, mixing elements of red with a contrasting color can bring down the intensity and even out the style of the room. This allows you to incorporate a red design without the color being too vibrant and overpowering.

Some colors you can use to complement red include green, grey, or even blue. For example, you can choose to accentuate the beautiful red chairs you bought for your dining room by painting your dining room wall a calming forest green. You could accent a rich red couch in your living room with cool blue or grey walls. With elements of red scattered throughout an area, classic white or cream walls are a great way to balance the room.

Using red accents

Accenting an area with small doses of red is another great way to incorporate it into your space. Naples Daily News notes that it can take your home design to the next level and liven up the area without causing any overpowering features.

One of the easiest and most common ways to accent your home's design with red is by creating an accent wall. Star Furniture explains that an accent wall is a chosen wall that is painted a different color than the rest of your home. This not only adds a stunning focal point to your room but also a touch of your desired color. Adding a stunning red piece is another great way to accent your home design with red. For example, if you have art that incorporates the color red, the piece would work perfectly as an accent for the area. Other red items that can act as an accent within the given area include a rug, furniture, or even throw blankets and pillows for your current furniture pieces (per Naples Daily News).