The French Decorating Tip That's The Perfect Way To Spice Up Your Kitchen

French decorating tips are all about creating an understated, elegant, and eclectic space. Retailer Atelier Chatelaine envisions the French decorating style in the kitchen with soft linens and cotton, wood pieces, and mismatched vintage cookware. While all of these elements must work together to create the perfect French kitchen, cookware, in particular, has a shining moment in interior design. Just what is the gleaming, shimmering French kitchen trend that's taken the design world by storm? Copper, copper everywhere. 

Many people associate copper cookware with delicate French cuisine. Names like Mauviel, Dehilleren, and Williams-Sonoma may come to mind — all brands which helped to popularize the rosy, lightweight cookware. But copper pots and pans have existed long before these high-end brand names. For almost five thousand years before the Bronze Age and Iron Age, copper was the only metal humans knew how to use, via Copper Development Association Inc. Most tools, weapons, armor, and utensils have since been replaced with other metals, but copper still reigns supreme for cookware. 

Copper is capturing hearts

There's a reason why copper has stuck around for so long in the culinary world. Copper pots can do more than enhance the look of your kitchen; copper is the best metal for cooking because it conducts and distributes heat quickly and evenly. According to Epicurious, copper's quick reactivity makes it perfect for searing, sautéing, and reducing sauces and jams. Plus, the pan's copper ions can help green vegetables retain their color after cooking. 

To some, the copper cookware trend may come as no surprise, considering the recent rise of earthy, vintage-inspired design trends like cottagecore, via Realtor. Cottagecore and other trending décor styles rely on nostalgia, simplicity, and coziness to create the perfect environment. What could be cozier than a warm, shining kitchen filled with copper pots? Although cottagecore is a relatively new term in interior design, the concept of an eclectic, nostalgic kitchen will always feel classic. The kitchen is the heart of your home, so invest in pieces that make it feel both functional and welcoming.  

How to invite copper into your kitchen

When it comes to incorporating copper pots into your kitchen, the possibilities are endless. The only rule about owning copper cookware? Let it shine! Retailer Kingston Brass recommends proudly displaying your copper pots by hanging them over the kitchen island or hooking them on the wall. This way, the rounded edges of your cookware can add rhythm and movement for the eye. Alternatively, Momooze suggests storing your copper pots on open shelves, allowing them to look still gorgeous while staying out of the way.

Copper looks best when placed next to other natural elements. Bring out the metal's earthy, wild side by hanging dried herbs next to your copper pots. Copper also complements a variety of deep colors, neutrals, earth tones, and wood grains, so don't be afraid to repaint or redecorate. If you aren't ready to invest in a new copper cookware set, consider adding small, independent elements. A copper tea kettle, colander, or cooking utensils can also be displayed to warm up your kitchen space.