What's The Best Bedding For The Colder Months? - House Digest Survey

After being out in the cold and damp weather, nothing beats crawling into bed and cozying up with your blankets and pillows. However, is your current bedding the best choice for colder months? There are so many different types of sheets and blankets, and they all have a purpose for each season. For example, homeowners typically opt for lightweight quilts during the summer as they can help regulate temperature, according to HGTV. Now as the temperatures drop, we advise looking into the best bedding to keep you warm.

Don't know how to get started? Luckily, House Digest has conducted a survey asking participants the best way to change their bedding for the colder months. We gave them five options: ultra-warm comforters, cozy blankets, heated blankets, flannel sheets, and quilts. We'll break down which options received the most votes and the best ways to use them to keep warm while you rest.

Versatile style and comfort

Out of 606 respondents, 31.19% (189 people) chose cozy blankets as the best way to warm up your bedding as the months get colder, per our survey. Camille Styles says cozy blankets come in a variety of colors and materials. The variety in texture is also useful because it makes choosing a cozy blanket that will fit your bedroom design aesthetic easier. Some are made of cotton, while others are made of wool, and they come in a variety of prices; from as low as $18 to as high as $200.

Cozy wool blankets have the ability to regulate your body temperature as you sleep, according to Thula Tula. So as the temperatures drop outside, the blanket will work to keep you warm. But if you start overheating, your wool blanket will soak up your heat and disperse it away from your body. SleepAdviser also says that cotton blankets are able to both keep you warm and cool depending on the time of year, making them a great option to use all year round.

Lightweight warmth

A close second is an ultra-warm comforter, with 28.05% (170 people) of respondents believing this is the best bedding to incorporate for the cooler weather. Similar to cotton blankets, comforters can also be used all year round, according to The Company Store. This option is an easy addition to your bedding, as it can simply be layered on top for an extra boost of warmth. There are different levels of warmth you can achieve based on your preferences, with medium and extra-warm options available. However, those who get really chilly will most likely enjoy the ultra-warm option.

Comforters typically have a light weight, which means you'll have the benefit of insulated warmth without feeling squeezed between your blankets. There's also a dual-weight comforter option for partners who require different temperatures. The following are the other options from most to least amount of votes: heated blanket with 114 votes (18.81%), flannel sheets with 85 votes (14.03%), and quilt with 48 votes (7.92%).