Marcus Lemonis Details The Importance Of Including Your Family In Your Home Reno Plans - Exclusive

As the CEO of successful companies like Good Sam and Camping World, it's safe to say that Marcus Lemonis is used to making important business decisions that impact the lives of others. But when it comes to making drastic changes to a home's design, the star of HGTV's "The Renovator" doesn't believe that all orders should come down from a centralized source. In fact, in his exclusive interview with House Digest, Lemonis made it clear that not including your family in home renovation plans usually ends poorly for everyone in the home.

"No matter how big or small your kids are or whether your in-laws live there, make sure that everybody in the household gets at least one item addressed that they're looking for so they feel like it's a collaborative process," Lemonis reflected. "Too often, I've made the mistake in my own life where something will happen and not everybody has input, and then nobody's embracing it. Make sure that people feel embraced."

It's not uncommon for a less-than-ideal home design to create larger problems, which in turn strains familial bonds. As such, Lemonis' outlook on home renovation is just as much about improving the lives inside of a home as it is about improving aesthetics and functionality. "When most people go to watch ['The Renovator'], they think they're going to be getting a traditional home renovation show. What they're going to get is a full-scale, wall-to-wall renovation, but I'm going to do it with the family and we're going to solve and work on the family's issues by doing activities inside the house," Lemonis said, eager to note what sets his new show apart.

Budgeting with your family

Of course, renovating a home requires much more than simply composing a wish list of all the new features and designs you'd like to implement and calling a contractor. A successful reno also requires careful planning and shrewd budgeting — two factors that are nearly impossible to do without trust and input from your family.

"Make sure that everybody understands what the budget is and why the budget is what it is, and that there's no necessity to violate that budget unless everybody's on the same page," Lemonis said. "We know that money is always a sore spot for couples. We don't need the home construction and money to compound that tension. That happens a lot."

However, while some families find living at home during a renovation to be a rewarding and cost-saving experience, sometimes it's worth adding to your budget in order to minimize stress during what amounts to a trying time for any family. "Depending on the scope, it may be a good idea to find temporary housing. Trying to live in the middle of a construction zone creates unnecessary tension, creates sleepless nights, and changes your pattern of behavior, and it'll lead to some level of unhappiness," Lemonis explained.

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