5 Tips For Decorating With Your Beige Carpet

Do you have a carpeted home? Is that carpet beige? You are not alone. As you may or may not know, beige carpet has been around for decades, coming in hot, especially in the 1980s. Since then, a lot of American homes have kept that classic beige carpet. While some might keep it out of habit or laziness to remove it, beige carpet is still quite popular. As a matter of fact, in 2021, JustServicesGroup analyzed Google search volumes worldwide, and beige came in 7th with 7,690 monthly searches by people looking to buy a carpet.

Although it might seem easy to pair, it can sometimes be hard to match a beige carpet with the rest of your decor, even more so if you've had it for years and are looking to change up your interior. Luckily, beige is a neutral color, leaving room for many possibilities. More possibilities than a bright orange carpet, for instance. Minimalism is in! But don't worry, for all bright color lovers, you can do both. In conversation with Elephant Stock, designer Yoko Chow confirms: "The combination of bright colors and neutrals are represented by a few popular styles today including Boho and modern Mid-century."

In addition to playing with colors, there are plenty of other ways to decorate your interior with a beige carpet, and we have all the tips for you!

Bright-colored decor elements

Having a beige carpet can sometimes feel dull or plain, especially if you like color. So what can you do? In this case, the best thing to do is add accents of color around your home. Although you might want to keep big furniture pieces simple and in neutral tones not to feel too overwhelmed, once the big pieces are chosen, add color wherever you can: throw pillows and rugs, curtains, plants, vases and table decor, wall art, etc.

My Domaine notes that choosing colors around a beige home can be challenging since it quite literally goes with everything. To avoid your home looking like a rainbow explosion, we suggest you pick two to four colors to play around with. This will tie your decor together nicely and make it feel elevated, which can be tricky when playing around with bright hues. The beige should even out the brightness, even if you go a little overboard. Mary Maloney, owner of Bee's Knees Interior Design Studio, confirms that beige "is a great neutral to keep strong pops of color from getting too crazy" (via My Domaine). Ideally, your furniture is minimalist, and your decor is all about bright colors!

Rustic-looking wood

This one is for rustic home lovers. Beige is the perfect color to pair with wood and instantly make your space feel warm and cozy. Whether that be a small wooden table, a vintage armchair, a set of chairs for the dining table, a sleek wooden dresser, or even just wooden centerpieces, there is no doubt that the wood and beige combo will look good. You can opt for a lighter wood to achieve more of a beachside home vibe or darker wood for more of a ski chalet look.

According to Home Decor Bliss, adding greenery to a wooden and beige space is the perfect final touch and a great way to add subtle color to an otherwise very neutral color scheme. Thai-style decor adds to warm minimalism and is quite popular right now. If minimalism is your thing, but you aren't a fan of the cold and hostile vibe it can sometimes give off, adding wood to your beige-carpeted home is definitely something you should consider.

Fun patterned and textured walls

If you feel like your beige carpet is making your home too bland but aren't a fan of color, textures and patterns might be what you're looking for. According to Who What Wear, "rich and sensory textures that are delightfully over-the-top" are amongst the trends defining interior design for 2023.

If patterns and textures are new to you, start small with table decor, for example. Modern black and white patterned coasters, a textured clay vase, fun throw pillows, and blankets... If you start to feel more comfortable, you can head over to the wild side with a textured wall or patterned wallpaper. We suggest you keep it to one wall per room, especially for patterns, since it can quickly become overwhelming, but some like to go all in. While speaking to These Three Rooms about her patterned wallpaper, Diane Hill, artist and Chinoiserie print designer, says, "[my wallpaper] is installed in my bedroom on all four walls, and it makes it feel a lot bigger... I think darker tones are more likely to close a room in than bright ones." So, if you feel comfortable with the texture or pattern you chose, like Diane, you can go all out and utilize the four walls.

Beach-inspired coastal theme

Do you live on the beach? If not, do you wish you did? Let's be honest; most of us who don't would like to. Well, what you might not know is that your beige carpet is doing you a favor for the very simple reason that it mimics sand. Pairing it with blue is ideal for a coastal, beach-themed home. Ideal Home suggests furnishing your home with mainly neutral colors that gravitate around beige and then adding hints and pieces of blue. You can do so by adding blue pillows, rugs, curtains, or blankets. To avoid feeling trapped by the idea of using only blue, you can vary the shades you use. However, lighter blues will work better for the coastal theme.

For a seaside type of home, you are also going to want to use natural-looking decor: think woven basket and wooden dining table. Additionally, you'll want to add small decor elements to go with your coastal theme: beach-themed wall decor, lighting, and other accessories.

On-trend monochromatic decor

Finally, monochrome house decor is probably the trendiest option at the moment. In recent months, it's been a "cool kid" move to have a very simple, refined style in your home. The great thing is that with a beige carpet, it's extra easy to achieve. Having a monochromatic decor can, however, be harder than it sounds. It's about more than having beige everything since you want to avoid slipping into blandness.

To make this decor style work, you can do a lot of little things. According to Haier Europe, you can play around with different shades of beige to give your space more depth. The website states, "The room or house doesn't need to be just one colour but this base colour defines all the shades that work around it." Additionally, a great way to make a monochromatic home work is by playing with textures and patterns. Although they need to stay mostly discreet and neutral, doing this will help liven up your home.