Best Room Wins Star Genevieve Gorder's Tips For Designing On A Budget

In a lavish home, adorned with superior furniture, the latest trends in wall color, and the perfect texture to the couch, rug, and throw pillows, all create an impressive living area. While those with an endless budget may not have trouble keeping up with the latest trends, for others, designing on a budget is a must but can be challenging. Planning to freshen up a bedroom? Then expect to spend around $21,000 for a 12-by-18-foot renovated space that includes a custom closet, crown molding, and other features, according to Fixr.

That's a high price for just one room. However, discovering ways to remodel and update certain areas of your residence on a budget could be helpful. "Best Room Wins" star Genevieve Gorder shares some ways to design a space in Livabl that are considered more affordable, even though you're creating something more luxurious. Here's how to adopt these trends in your home.

Change up the architecture

The architecture of your house shouldn't dictate how you go about any redesign. Put another way, if you're into mid-century modern, you don't need to live in a Gehry-style home to pull off the look. "You can really create some incredible fusion with mismatched architecture and make it feel completely luxurious," says Gorder, via Livabl. For starters, make it a goal to mix up furniture pieces to create a space that works for you.

Decoholic offers several tips for doing this, such as using the rule of thirds as a guide. That is, choose three similar items to place in the room, even if they're slightly different or of varied sizes. Additionally, when mixing furniture, try to choose items that have similar characteristics. This may include pieces that offer a similar pattern or hue. Now, they don't have to match each other, but having something that draws them together could help to create an impressive, luxurious look.

Focus on creativity

While investing in high-end furniture is expensive, creativity will get you where you want to go for much less. To amplify your style factor, make it a point to apply an imaginative design to various areas throughout your home. "What we're showing on 'Best Room Wins' are ways to create a luxurious home without having to use that normally huge, luxurious budget," exclaims Gorder, via Livabl.

To do this, consider adding drama to a room, although you'll want to keep the character in check. Ballard Designs recommends incorporating more dramatic elements into any space in numerous ways, such as an all-over print; a stunning, elaborate (but still cheap) mirror; or a luxurious wall color. A bold, eye-grabbing rug works well, as can a sparkling light fixture. You may not be able to add each of these items, but choosing to incorporate at least one dramatic piece will elevate the space.

Opt for second-hand pieces

Some of the most expensive items in a luxury room are furniture or other large sectionals. But when it comes to buying name-brand furniture or elaborate designs, they can easily be out of budget for many people. That's why Gorder recommends looking for second-hand goods that may be undervalued, whether you find them on the curb or online.

Rent offers a few tips on where to find them, like thrift stores, consignment shops, and estate sales. Their experts also recommend shopping for more unconventional items, such as a piece from a ritzy hotel. Another tip for saving big is to not overlook a few DIY furniture projects. Indeed, sometimes a bit of cleaning, sanding, and refinishing goes a long way in creating a like-new, beautiful piece. Additionally, you can upgrade your furniture to bring new life to them, too. This is another area where creativity pays big dividends.