How To Add Personality Into Your Decorating Scheme

If you've ever found yourself wandering through your home and noticing that each room leaves you a little uninspired, then it's time to transform your decorating scheme by adding a few pops of personality. With so much focus on fast furniture, greige paint jobs, and run-of-the-mill floor model designs, it's easy to allow your home to fall into a gigantic trap of generic proportions. To avoid this feeling, think of each room as a blank canvas waiting for you to splash your own unique touches onto it. 

Injecting your own personality into the decor around you can not only make your home look warm, distinctive, and welcoming, it can actually help to make you happier as well, according to The Express Tribune. By stepping out of the trendy decor idea of the moment, you might find more satisfaction in surrounding yourself with the things that inspire you and items that you love. You don't have to follow many rules when it comes to adding personality, however, before you go too willy-nilly and jam-pack each room with everything that brings a smile to your face, here are a few suggestions on where to focus your personal creative decor ideas.

Introduce some vintage vibes

One sure way to add unique personality to a room is to introduce vintage items. This could come in the form of retro-style furniture with bold patterns, such as a couch or lounge chair. Well-crafted end tables or coffee tables could make for excellent conversation pieces and serve as fantastic focal points for your design scheme. Vintage items are a perfect way to add personality as each piece tells a story. Whether from the area in which it was made, the designer that had a hand in its creation, or even the situation in which you found the piece. Each item has a story you can link to a happy memory. Then you can keep that memory to yourself or share it with others.

Buying vintage also ensures that you are not getting generic items that can be found in just any home. Each piece is a find and will look different depending on how you choose to use it and how it interacts with your own personal style. This type of decor is also great for sustainability. It's generally more affordable than buying brand-new items, and each find has an undeniable air of coolness attached to it, suggests Vogue. So get out to your local antique market, swap meet, or auction house, and look for those vintage pieces that will speak to your own personal style while looking incredible in your home.

Add art to your decor

Art means something different to each person who views it, which is what makes it the ideal way to add personality to your home decor. If your style leans modern, then hyper-realistic prints from the likes of artist CJ Hendry could be right up your alley. Love the kitschy pop art look? Why not throw a Warhol into a vintage picture frame or go for a stained glass flower vase? The best thing about adding art to your decor is that it has no limits. The artwork in your home has the ability to move you and your guests around the space so they can enjoy every piece, socialize, discuss, and share new ideas, according to the Artwork Archive. Depending on the sizes of the pieces you display, they can also create a main focus in the room and allow for furniture and other items to serve as a compliment.

Displaying artwork is a way of showcasing and supporting local talent in your area, giving nods to past legends of the field, or even cheekily highlighting your own inner artistic side. There's no one stopping you from creating your own painting, pottery, or sculpture and having it in full view of the room of your choice. Because of its many mediums, high availability, and uniqueness, adding artwork to your home can be just the way to let your personality play in every room.

Have fun with colors

The easiest way to add personality to the rooms of your home is to play with colors. This could mean bold paint tints for the walls, bright colors on the fabrics of your couch or chairs, or even accent pieces like pillows, blankets, or rugs. Although having all of the colors of the rainbow in one room may seem exhilarating in theory, it could be an eyesore for many. That's why it's important to know how certain shades and pigments work with each other and what kind of mood the combinations create.

If you're looking to produce a nice calming environment you can find success by using cooler-toned colors like blue, green, or shades of purple, per Elle Decor. These choices induce relaxation and serenity, and serve as the perfect backdrop to highlight brighter pieces. On the other hand, to invoke a more cozy, comfortable atmosphere, it could help to stick to warmer colors for your interior. Tones such as pink, orange, yellow, or even red can make a room feel inviting, energetic, and happy. According to Benjamin Moore, these are ideal in kitchens or living rooms where you are likely to entertain family and friends. Although greige seems to be the popular way to stay neutral, it can be rewarding to express yourself through the many other vibrant options out there. Let your creativity run wild and put your personality in the forefront by portraying your favorite colors throughout your home.