Here's Why Your House Is So Dusty No Matter How Much You Clean

Repeatedly wiping dust away in the same areas of your home can feel like such a waste of time. Instead of cleaning other areas of your residence or focusing on different types of chores, there you are, in the same spot wiping dust away every week. Yes, you can purchase new cleaning supplies and search for new methods, but it's not worth the effort if you don't figure out why dust keeps accumulating in your home.

So, if your home is collecting as much dust as a vacuum cleaner, it's time to find out where it's coming from. According to Sobieski, if this is a problem you allow to continue, it can lead to several health issues. Dust can cause sneezing, and some people can develop dust allergies, which can lead to wheezing, asthma attacks, and more. If you're unsure where to look first, we've indicated certain areas of the home that could be causing the dust problems you're facing.

Clogged air conditioning

If your home is constantly dusty, the first place you should check is your air conditioning, specifically your HVAC filter, according to Home Comfort USA. This filter prevents dust or other substances from passing through your air conditioning. However, it can sometimes get clogged, and when that happens, it will no longer be able to block any dust particles from entering your home. To prevent this from occurring, it's advised to change your HVAC filter regularly.

Home Comfort USA says homes with no pets should change their filter every 90 days, homes with pets should change it every 60 days, and homes with two pets or residents with dust sensitivities like allergies or asthma should change it every 30 days. 

Homeowners should also make sure their ductwork isn't leaking because this can cause the system to suck in dusty air and blow it through the air vents. If you believe this may be happening, it's recommended to call in professionals to check out and evaluate the problem.

Dirty carpet

According to Sams Carpet Cleaning Service, carpet is a major magnet for dust, and it can hold various substances, such as dead skin or dust mites, deep in the fibers. If you are constantly vacuuming your carpet, but it seems like there's no effect, then you might have to clean it another way. Best 1 Cleaning and Pest Control says getting your carpet professionally steam cleaned can help give it a brand new fresh look that's absent of dust mites.

In fact, if you want to keep your rug clean, it's advised to get it steam cleaned every year or two, according to Modernistic. However, this depends on the size and needs of your family. If you have a small family with no pets, you'll probably only need to steam clean your carpet once a year. On the other hand, it's recommended that larger families with pet steam clean their carpet two to four times a year or every two to three months if anyone has allergies