The Best Neighborhoods In Las Vegas To Buy A Home

Las Vegas, Nevada is known across the world as the ultimate party city. For many, the city can be characterized by its glamorous hotels, awe-inspiring entertainment, fine dining experiences, and impressive flashing lights. However, what many people do not know about fabulous Las Vegas is that there are incredible opportunities and unique neighborhoods available to locals in the area.

Living in the greater Las Vegas area offers residents not only access to the bustling excitement and opportunity of the downtown district, but also provides proximity to some of the most beautiful nature in the west. According to Visit the USA, living in Las Vegas offers residents easy access to the world-renowned Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area, the Grand Canyon, Boulder City, and a wealth of other smaller local parks, hikes, and places to enjoy the incredible natural beauty of the area. Living in the city offers so much more than meets the eye. From Downtown Las Vegas to the suburbs of Summerlin, here are our best neighborhoods to live in in Las Vegas, Nevada.


For over thirty years, Summerlin has been one of the most popular residential neighborhoods in all of Las Vegas. According to Summerlin, the 200,000-acre  community is adjacent to the incredible natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon. This breathtaking federally protected land offers residents of the community over 2,000 climbing routes, more than 200 miles of hiking trails through the incredible Nevada landscape, and thirty regional parks equipped with a wide variety of sports fields and activity centers all just minutes away from the bustling Las Vegas Strip. Summerlin is truly unique in its ability to blend easy access to the thriving nightlife scene that attracts so many to Las Vegas, yet also offers a safe, peaceful neighborhood with some of the most incredible natural beauty in the state.

Summerlin also boasts a host of nationally ranked public and private schools in addition to its incredible park space and community centers, making it an ideal destination for those looking to settle down in Las Vegas with children. The median home price in Summerlin comes out to $510,000, a small price to pay for the incredible amenities, location, natural beauty, and flourishing sense of community the neighborhood has to offer (via Realtor).


Located just minutes from Downtown Las Vegas and the Strip, the city of Henderson has rapidly grown into the second-largest city in all of Nevada. According to the City of Henderson, Henderson stretches over 103 square miles and is home to just under 310,000 residents. This small town is home to multiple smaller master planned communities within the larger city, as well as flourishing business centers, ample shopping and dining opportunities, parks and recreational community centers, and a variety of distinguished schools, allowing residents to take full advantage of the suburban-style sense of community involvement and safety while also having access to all desirable shopping, dining, and living amenities with ease and convenience.

Henderson is also home to some of Nevada's most beautiful nature, making it an attractive neighborhood for homeowners looking for proximity to Las Vegas, but the beauty of more suburban or rural Nevada. Residents of Henderson share their space with the beautiful Lake Mead and enjoy access to over 180 miles of hiking and biking trails within the city limits, making it a popular location for outdoorsy homeowners (via Travel Nevada). With a median home price of $457,000, owning a home in Henderson is an incredible investment (via Redfin).

Lake Las Vegas

Located just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and the stunning Lake Mead National Park, Lake Las Vegas offers residents community-planned, resort-style living surrounding the beautiful 320-acre lake. According to Lake Las Vegas, this gated community is comprised of one and two-story single-family homes designed in a contemporary architectural style. Many of the homes offer residents breathtaking views of the lake itself or the incredible national park nearby, further adding to the property value of these newly constructed homes.

In addition to beautiful homes and the gorgeous lake, residents of Lake Las Vegas also enjoy a wealth of amenities. The gated community includes over fifty acres of green grass, two championship golf courses, and a country club, allowing residents to feel like they are on vacation at all times. Homes in this carefully curated community have a median price of $550,000 (via Movoto).

Downtown Las Vegas

Looking to live in the entertainment rich, culinary impressive, and lively heart of the city? Downtown Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, so why not settle down and purchase a home in the center of the excitement? According to Amanda Bolton, while Downtown Las Vegas was once the center of tourism for the city of Las Vegas, the growing popularity of the Strip has allowed Downtown Las Vegas to take on a more artistic, unique, local-oriented character despite its central location and consistent influx of visitors. East Fremont Street offers locals and visitors alike the chance to enjoy incredible eateries, lively nightlife, and charming local residencies, creating a dynamic community attractive to many young professionals looking to move to the city (via

With a median home price of $348,500, living in Downtown Las Vegas is notably more affordable than many surrounding areas despite its incredible central location, making it a more affordable option for those looking to move into the area (via Redfin).

Green Valley Ranch

Often referred to as the Emerald of the Desert, Green Valley Ranch is another master-planned community offering resort-style comfort, safety, and convenience in the Las Vegas area. According to, the neighborhood is located on the southeast edge of the greater Las Vegas area and spans 1,300 acres. Within this spacious neighborhood, there are around 4,000 single-family homes and condos spread out across 25 even smaller communities within the neighborhood. These smaller areas within the Green Valley Ranch neighborhood allow residents to enjoy a true sense of community and neighborly interaction, giving each area within Green Valley Ranch its own small-town charm.

The neighborhood also offers two acres designated for schools, recreation areas, parks, and open landscape space, as well as 300 acres designated for commercial purposes. This diverse use of zoning across Green Valley Ranch ensures residents are able to enjoy suburban-style residential streets, easy access to parks and schools for those with children, as well as convenient commutes to offices, stores, and dining all within the neighborhood. With a median home price of only $463,000, and access to everything you could need, owning a home in Green Valley Ranch is ideal for many potential homeowners.

Peccole Ranch

Located east of Summerlin and just minutes from the center of Las Vegas, the master-planned community of Peccole Ranch offers high-quality homes, small residential communities, and a wealth of amenities to its residents. According to Home Realty Center, Peccole Ranch stretches across 640 acres and is home to 22 smaller residential neighborhoods, ten of which are gated, offering an even stronger sense of security for those who desire more privacy. Within these communities Peccole Ranch boasts a wide range of homes available for purchase including traditional single-family homes, multiple-family condominium buildings, budget-friendly family homes, and elaborate custom estates, making the neighborhood ideal for an economically diverse group of residents.

Residents of Peccole Ranch also enjoy access to the neighborhood's wealth of amenities. With over 50 acres of outdoor common space, there is never a shortage of walking trails, parks, exercise stations, and even just beautiful tree-lined streets around every corner (via Niche). The community is also home to many disc golf courses as well as a full-size golf course, outdoor sand volleyball courts, playgrounds, bocce ball courts, tennis courts, and other spaces perfect to enjoy with family or even to make new friends within the community. Home price varies greatly across Peccole Ranch making it an ideal location to buy a home for people with almost any budget.

Paradise Hills

Located in Henderson, Paradise Hills is a quiet residential area perfect for those looking to purchase a home in a traditional suburban style of living. According to Niche, Paradise hills has a population of just over 12,300, allowing residents to feel a sense of small-town community. Because the majority of residents in the area own their single-family homes, there is less community turnover, increasing a sense of safety and familiarity for longtime residents of the area. Paradise Hills also offers highly rated schools and a collection of public parks, making the neighborhood attractive and ideal for those looking to move to the greater Las Vegas area with children.

Although Paradise Hills offers a suburban, peaceful residential experience, the neighborhood still offers a host of shopping and dining options within the area, ensuring those who live here never have to travel too far to access what they need. With a median home price of just over $350,000, Paradise Hills is also one of the most affordable yet safe neighborhoods in the Las Vegas Area, making it ideal for those looking for a great neighborhood for a lower price (via Niche).

Las Vegas Arts District

While many potential Las Vegas homeowners seek suburban properties outside of the bustling city center, central Las Vegas offers some unique home and neighborhood opportunities for those looking to live in the center of the creativity and action of this vibrant city. According to Las Vegas Then and Now, the Las Vegas Arts District is located just south of the downtown hub of Fremont Street and offers a bustling city feeling without the dense tourist and casino-dominated culture of other central Las Vegas neighborhoods.

As the name suggests, the Las Vegas Art District is at its core a creative and artistic community. Streets are lined with auto shops turned studios, galleries, murals, and other telltale signs of the neighborhood's thriving art scene (via DTLV Arts). The combination of the unique industry, the location to downtown, and the relatively affordable median home price of $450,000 make the Las Vegas Arts District an attractive and one-of-a-kind option for those looking to purchase property in central Las Vegas (via Realtor).

Green Valley North

Located in the Henderson area just outside of downtown Las Vegas lies the suburban neighborhood of Green Valley North. According to Niche, this highly ranked neighborhood is the third best neighborhood out of 21 in Henderson for young professionals, as well as the fourth most diverse neighborhood in Henderson. This diversity and influx of young professionals drawn to the neighborhood have also made Green Valley North a more liberal, youthful demographic than many of the surrounding Las Vegas suburbs.

Although this neighborhood is just a short commute away from a wide array of exciting downtown Las Vegas opportunities, Green Valley North also offers plenty of its own local coffee shops, restaurants, and parks within walking distance of many residential homes. With a median home price of $324,000, Green Valley North is an excellent home investment for those looking to purchase their first home and join a community of hard-working young professionals (via Niche).

Tule Springs

Another suburban favorite, Tule Springs offers newly constructed homes for an impressively low price, making it an appealing Las Vegas neighborhood for many potential homeowners. According to Neighborhood Scout, almost 80% of the homes in Tule Springs have been constructed within the last 25 years, allowing buyers to take comfort in knowing their homes are modernized and equipped with up-to-date designs and furnishings. Tule Springs is home to almost exclusively single-family homes, allowing the neighborhood to have a quieter and more suburban feel than other areas with higher population density.

The median home cost in Tule Springs comes out to $478,000, which is fairly standard for suburban Las Vegas neighborhoods (via Zero Down). However, the modern homes and community-oriented nature of the neighborhood make Tule Springs a standout for those looking to invest in a home in the greater Las Vegas area.

Centennial Hills

Located just 18 miles from the Las Vegas Strip and 10 miles from the beautiful Red Rock Canyon National Area, Centennial Hills offers a variety of styles and sizes of homes in a prime location. According to Vegas One Realty, Centennial Hills is a 54-square-mile neighborhood that takes pride in its blending of modern amenities within its quiet, peaceful, naturally beautiful surroundings. Centennial Hills offers homes in a range of sizes and prices, making the neighborhood both accessible and attractive to people across the budget spectrum. With many homes in this neighborhood still being built, potential homeowners also have the option to customize their future homes and be involved in the design process.

Although the median home price in Centennial Hills comes in at an impressively low $267,000, properties in this neighborhood range from anywhere from under $100,000 to upwards of $3 million, highlighting the diversity and potential flexibility of homeownership in this area (via

Beverly Green

The final neighborhood on our list may be one of the most unique neighborhoods in all of Las Vegas. According to Nevada Public Radio, the neighborhood of Beverly Green has been named a historic district. This neighborhood was wildly popular in the 1950s and 1960s, inviting high-class residents to buy and design homes with prominent architects of the time. Many of these homes are still intact and available for purchase today, offering potential residents a unique historical experience that is hard to find in many of the newer master-planned communities and other popular suburban neighborhoods in the area.

The majority of the homes in Beverly Green are designed in custom single-story ranch houses, allowing visitors and residents alike to feel like they are being transported back into the 1960s. Mid-century modern designs and furnishings give the homes character and charm, and many of the homes still boast their original trims and windows (via Saving Places). While the median home price of $560,000 is higher than many other neighborhoods on our list, the history, charm, and location of Beverly Green make every dollar a worthy investment (via Redfin).