These Are The 10 Worst Homes Featured On HGTV's Fixer Upper

Chip and Joanna Gaines are known for their immaculate modern farmhouse makeovers in the heart of their hometown of Waco, Texas. With five seasons of home renovation projects on their groundbreaking HGTV show "Fixer Upper," there have been many inspiring moments as well as some disappointing ones. Often focusing on designing a person or family's forever home, the husband-and-wife duo fix up drab or outdated homes with their signature farm fresh style.

The innovative pair might incorporate brilliant shiplap, hearty wood accents, modern brick façades, and black ironware fixtures, including other rustic accents and décor. Unfortunately, amidst these modern farmhouse trends, some of the Gaines' creations may not have lived up to the original owners' expectations. Several of their fixer-uppers have gone unwanted, whether it's the location, undesirable aesthetics, or a rushed job that felt unfinished.

Since the show ended in 2018, many renovated Fixer Upper homes have appeared on either the real estate market or vacation rental websites, particularly with elevated price tags. According to Roofstock, average houses in Waco currently list above $300,000, and sometimes higher; as previously showcased, Gaines' homes tremendously surpass that. Renovating a home or other space often increases the value of a home, but sometimes things don't go as planned, even on television. Keep reading to see some of the worst renovations from the popular HGTV show.

1. The Three Little Pigs house

A charming abode, this 100-year-old cottage-style home appears picture-perfect with the tri-window dormer and rustic gray-blue exterior with contrasting white trim and porch railing. However, after the home was impacted by a car, the owners decided to put it on the market, as the neighborhood was not ideal with noise and late-night activity.

2. The Prickly Pear house

From traditional to modern cottage, the Gaines' intention for this remodel was to establish a forever home for the family. Even though the vast compound featured wood donated by the couple within the kitchen island and a classic German schmear façade, the owners decided to sell it, and it is now listed as a rental.

3. The Plain Jane house

Small yet quaint, this one-story house lacked charm from the beginning, It also didn't impress the owners following the renovation. Initially lacking any architectural interest, the home fails to shine, as it was made over in basic farmhouse fashion with white paint and black shutters, while the interior appears monotonous with a gray and white combo.

4. The Chicken house

Originally built in 1949, this sizeable ranch-style home was intended to be sleeker and more modern. With a teal blue front door, the innovative duo may have missed the owners' vision, as they kept a gray exterior with dark green shutters, which reflects within the kitchen cabinetry, along with standard farmhouse features throughout. 

5. Little House on the Prairie

With a bright blue exterior, this striking home is an improvement from the original. However, the small abode still appears dated, even with a western panache and vibrant, contrasting colors. The interior is somewhat inviting and rustic, with wood and brick elements, including a fireplace within the dining room.

6. The Giraffe house

This unique three-bedroom, two-bathroom home features most of its distinctive charm on the outside. Partially stone and stucco, one side of the home has a sloped A-frame roof, and the other is made of stone with a matching chimney that resembles a giraffe neck and pattern. The interior has low ceilings and is now an Airbnb rental.

7. The Waco Mid-century Modern house

A stretch from the Gaines' farmstead roots, this one-story, mid-century style home has a modern farmhouse appeal with rich, orange-colored wood and gray brick on the exterior, while the interior presents too much farm flair against the classic structure. Currently a rental on Vrbo, the stylish residence is situated close to a busy street.

8. The Plain Gray ranch

From dreary to plain, this standard one-story ranch house boasts a sizeable yard with a two-car garage. Originally colored in gray with a limited porch area, the Gaines freshened it up with a beige yellow to contrast dark shutters and white railings. But yet, the home still appears ordinary.

9. The Dutch Door Guest house

With initial curb appeal, including an inviting walkway and lawn, this small home features a neutral base with black shutters on most of the windows, lacking distinction. Also, notice the windows on each side of the front door don't have shutters, which makes the exterior appear uneven. The interior also looks cramped and dingy.

10. The Shotgun house

Historically unique, the restoration of this shotgun-style home in Waco stands out from the rest. Although it features a brilliant blue exterior with black and tan accents, the adorable home is suitable for only a couple of people to live or stay in, as its outrageously high listing price led it to the rental market as well.