5 Creative Tips For Styling A Four Poster Bed

According to Countryside Amish Furniture, four poster beds have been a popular choice for traditionally designed bedrooms for hundreds of years. Their height and width make them great focal points, and you can choose to have an open top or a decorative canopy. On their own, four poster beds can elevate the current design of your room. However, there are different ways to spice up its style to better coordinate with your other bedroom décor.

If you're unsure exactly how to style a four poster bed, we have found five different decorative options to give your bed a brand-new design. This type of bed frame is a timeless and classic look capable of giving your bedroom a luxurious feel, per Mike Gregory. This means you can maintain a four poster bed for years without it ever going out of style. Since that's the case, why not try out different styling methods? If you're planning on keeping this bed frame for a while, you might as well spend the time determining the style that best suits it and your bedroom.

1. A traditional design

Four poster beds are typically chosen to complement a traditional bedroom. If you want to elevate its design and use design methods of the past, then it's advised to introduce a four poster bed with a full canopy on top, according to Endurance Beds. It's typical to hang heavy drapery around all four sides of the bed and to use pelmets to hide the top of the beams.

Heavy drapery was used in the past to block out any cold drafts and maintain a comfortable sleeping environment. So this would be a great option for those who live in very cold climates. To make the look complete, insert a valance sheet at the bottom of the bed. Do this by fitting the sheet over the mattress, then allow it to hang down, so it hides whatever is underneath the bed. This is also a great option for those who use the space beneath their bed for storage.

2. Light and airy

If heavy drapery isn't your thing, then the lit a la Polonaise route may be more of your cup of tea, according to Continental Window Fashions. You can achieve this look by installing a curved curtain rod to the ceiling and attaching a bright, light fabric so that it can drape over the four posts and touch the floor. The circular or curved shape will take on the look of a crown, which will give your bedroom a truly elegant look.

According to Eye for Design, lit a la Polonaise was a popular design trend during the Renaissance and French Revolution. So this style would work perfectly for those trying to recreate French country designs or other French interior aesthetics. You can use whatever color or pattern you'd like, but many in the past have chosen to mimic the color and style of their bedding or wallpaper.

3. Fairy lights

A more playful way to style your four poster bed is to hang fairy lights. Not only will this create a unique look, but it can also work as task lighting. If you don't want your bright overhead light on, you can turn it off and instead enjoy the soft ambiance of tiny, sparkly lights as you relax and enjoy a book or watch an episode before bed. Fairy lights come in different styles and colors, so choose something that best suits the design aesthetic of your bedroom.

When doing this, OfficialFKC (via YouTube) suggests plugging your fairy lights in before hanging them because it would be a shame to wrap them around your bed to later find out they don't work. Then unplug it, unravel all your lights, and figure out the type of display you want to create. You can double up on your fairy lights using clear tape, then begin wrapping them around the canopy until you achieve your desired look.

4. Hang your favorite plants

Imagine waking and opening your eyes to see fresh green plants hanging above you. If you have a four poster bed with a canopy, this can be a great option if you love plants and desire a unique way to show them off. According to WildFern (via YouTube), you can do this by planting your favorite greenery into some hanging pots and hooking them onto the top of the canopy. While doing this, you'll want to ensure you're hanging the weight evenly because you don't want one side of your bed to be heavier than the other.

This can be a fabulous décor option for those who may have green bedding or other green items present in their bedroom. If you don't want the responsibility of keeping real plants alive, we suggest purchasing faux vines. You can wrap them around the four posts to achieve a similar look without the maintenance.

5. Add accents

OneKingsLane suggests using the empty wall space that is in between the two back posts. Here, you can hang artwork, mirrors, or any other wall décor. However, be sure to stick with your current design aesthetic so that it doesn't stand out and instead is harmonious with the rest of your space. If your room needs more brightness, we advise hanging a mirror so that it reflects the natural light and creates the feeling of open space.

If you'd like to hang art, there are a few design rules you should follow, according to Homzie. First, the size of your artwork should be somewhere between 50% and 80% of the width of your headboard. You can either do this by incorporating one large piece of artwork, using a set of two, or a smaller set of three. It's advised to use smaller art so that it's not competing against your bed in terms of scale.