25 Expanding Dining Room Tables To Match Any Aesthetic

One of the happiest times in a person's life is having friends and family gather around the dinner table to share a delicious meal and a delightful conversation. Most families don't need an extra-large table that the entire family can sit around until a special occasion comes up, so expanding dining room tables are a brilliant option to consider. When not in use, you can return to having your regular-sized table, and once you plan a large gathering for family, add the extension.

According to San Francisco Design, these tables are highly versatile and can be used everywhere, from tiny studio apartments to larger single-family homes. Plus, they come in every material imaginable, including metal, glass, and wood, so there is a style for everyone. Living Cozy describes expandable tables as a huge convenience for families. Wilfredo Emanuel from WE Designs and HGTV's Table Wars tells the outlet, "I love this style as you can adjust the size of the table to accommodate your number of guests. This is perfect for entertaining more people in a formal dining setting."

So there you have it ... if you're on the market for a new expandable dining room table, we suggest searching out one of these fabulous designs. Here are 25 options to fit any aesthetic, whether you love modern, rustic, or something in between!

1. A natural vibe

Design lovers can appreciate the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic. Here's an expandable wood table that's stunning in its natural element, but it's also modern, with clean lines and rounded legs. You'll want to have many dinner parties with this option as the eye-catching centerpiece.

2. Pull-out drawer table

If space is an issue, consider a pull-out drawer table! According to Arim Spa via YouTube, it can expand to seat at least four guests, then masterfully retreat back inside a small drawer when not in use.

3. Completely foldable

There's something to be said about a cozy place for friends and family to gather. This gorgeous wood table and chairs are entirely foldable, making it a snap to put up to entertain and then get it out of sight as soon as guests leave.

4. Add hairpin legs

Get inspired to make a DIY expandable table with a simple wood top and hairpin legs for a unique twist. According to The Hairpin Leg Co., the table legs come in traditional hues like steel and black as well as yellow, green, and orange if you're looking for a jaw-dropping style for your modern décor.

5. A total show-stopper

Acclaimed designer Allain Gilles created this table from room service 360 that can expand in different sizes quickly for large family gatherings. If you have a larger dining area, there is plenty of room to bring in this eye-catcher with a sculptural base, perfect for modern abodes.

6. A tiny illusion

If you live in a smaller residence with a combined living and dining area, an expandable table is a great way to make the room suitable for entertaining several guests. This all-wood DIY statement-making piece can seat two people or expand to accommodate over six for dinner parties!

7. Totally sleek

This all-white dining table is the main event in the room, just as it should be with its sleek and simple design. When the entire family comes over, it can be expanded to seat up to ten guests, depending on what kind of chairs you use.

8. Spectacular glass

If you want to find a table that's also mesmerizing to watch transform, make a note of the Baobab round glass option (via YouTube). The base is made of walnut wood and swivels 180 degrees, changing it from a smaller white round style to a larger oval shape that seats over eight guests.

9. In-grained

You may be wondering how to make this exceptional expandable table out of one massive slab of an oak tree. Not only can this DIYed striking piece of furniture fit extra guests with built-in extenders, but it also showcases the iron stains that will surely be discussed at the next dinner party (via YouTube).

10. Upscale illusions

A shiny black folding dining room table is a unique take on expandable options. When it's not being used, it can slide back seamlessly into the wall, and when it is, you might marvel at the artwork above it during your meal.

11. Organic materials

Here's a stunning live edge dining table that keeps all the raw elements and celebrates them in style. Who wouldn't want to gather around this beautiful elm wood piece of art? If your meal doesn't start the conversation, this naturally stunning table will.

12. A communal option

If you have the space, go for an extra-long communal table. This one is made of reclaimed oak and steel and expands to 36½ inches to host plenty of guests — and if you want to squeeze in two more table settings at each end, that is a pretty sizable dinner party for the most celebratory of occasions!

13. First class

Here's an option to ignite exciting conversation during those fab dinner parties. This wood Fletcher Capstan Table is sophisticated but pricey, costing between $50,000 and $70,000 (via YouTube). The coolest part is watching it transform from six-person seating to accommodating over 12 guests in a snap.

14. A transformer

For a cozy space that is a cause for celebration, this transformable table has all the options you need in one! The luxury living/dining area has a unique gray expandable dining table (via YouTube) just waiting for a tight-knit soirée. It's suitable for eight guests but can also be transformed into a console.

15. A picnic table option

Who says you can't use a traditional picnic table as the inspiration to create an expandable table? This one has slots on either side, making it longer to seat more visitors comfortably. Plus, you can use a lighter stain for a more casual look or go with a deeper wood tone for something more elegant.

16. Anything but ordinary

This expandable table is made of light natural oak and cherry wood. It's fascinating that it can transform from its compact state to a much larger table, thanks to the sliding dovetails.

17. Go for square

If you're tired of the general rectangular tables, a square one could fit the bill. This glamorous gray table can be both! When it expands to the square option, it can seat up to eight people, bringing everyone together for a regular weeknight or a special occasion like the holidays.

18. Modern rustic

A table that mixes modern and rustic elements simultaneously can give your dining room a unique feel. This find has the prettiest coloring and would look great in a cozy setting. Add the two extenders on either side to make it larger, and you'll have enough room for a proper dinner party.

19. A shiny stunner

Is it a console or a dining room table? Why not both? The Junior Edge Dining Set – Super Extending Console Table in a head-turning red lacquer can't be missed, no matter where you place it.

20. Perfectly streamlined

This particular dining table looks so streamlined with its set up of floor-to-ceiling windows and a lush forest behind it. The wood style would work in a large dining room or a shared living space and can transform to be much larger in seconds by pulling a lever on one side.

21. Farmhouse aesthetic

Most people would find that this gorgeous wood farmhouse table can work well for everyday life, looking incredibly stunning in an English-style cottage. It starts at 5 feet but can be extended to 7 feet when you have friends and family over for dinner.

22. A poolside dream

Imagine this spectacular outdoor space where you could host many private poolside parties or regular family breakfasts. This expandable cast aluminum table is a functional piece of furniture that can extend quickly before your eyes to fit up to eight people.

23. Neutral tones

A neutral dining room table is a design that would work in just about any home. This one has a center leaf that can be removed when you're not hosting family, making it a simple smaller, round table. Not only will it help the room feel less cluttered, but it will make the space feel more open.

24. Mix it up

An expandable spalted beech wood table is much more interesting because it shows that you can mix different materials with the steel legs, bringing character to the space. It has two leaves on both sides that can be removed when your large family gatherings are over.

25. Mid-century modern aesthetic

Mid-century modern furniture is a style that stands the test of time and looks lovely in many different kinds of homes. This particular cherry table with a removable leaf is an inspiring DIY project, which looks stylish with those artistic sculptural vases.