20 Creative Ways To Incorporate Art In A Baby Nursery

While you surely want your baby's room to be an adorable space that also boasts appropriately chic ideas, there are a few reasons why you might want to make sure you accent the room with art. Although adults can definitely find creative images and aesthetically pleasing crafted items both intriguing and enriching, children — even young babies and toddlers — can greatly benefit from being around art.

Introducing children to art can expose them to a wide range of people, places, and ideas while also potentially sparking their own creative skills and interests, according to Académie Marie-Claire. On top of that, making sure art is a part of your child's life early on can help them learn to deal with their feelings in a healthy manner and can even help them do better in school. Petit Early Learning Journey also points out that when children are around art on a regular basis, it can benefit everything from their self-expression to their identity as well as their confidence.

Of course, when it comes to choosing art for your little one's room, there are seemingly countless artists creating incredible pieces that may be perfect for your kiddo's space. That's not to mention the many fabulous ways you can incorporate art into a baby nursery, including the following charming, cute, and creative ideas that you'll surely love.

1. Adorable framed art

Opt for a classic way to display art in your baby's room by putting up framed pieces. A fabulous opportunity to enhance the overall look and style of the space, pretty much any theme will benefit from art that's appropriately adorable. You can also use simple frames or find ornate ones that are artistic pieces in themselves.

2. Macrame hangings

There are plenty of ways to incorporate macramé into your home, from plant holders to pillows. When it comes to using the art form in a baby's room, hanging pieces can be a lovely choice. The soft nature of the items means they can add a creatively cozy vibe to any room, including your little one's nursery.

3. Knitted or crocheted critters

If you know how to knit or crochet, then you can make your own art that'll look wonderful in any baby's nursery. Just find instructions online for a few cute critters before you pick up a handful of shades of soft yarn and you'll be able to create something that's both aesthetically pleasing and endearing.

4. Creative shelves

Keeping a nursery tidy can be much easier if you have proper storage, which can include a spacious shelving unit. Fortunately, there are craftspeople who make shelves in a range of creative designs and eye-catching materials such as this light wood giraffe. Of course, shelves can also be a great place to display smaller pieces of art.

5. Cute painting

Paintings of landscapes and portraits can look wonderful in a living room or bedroom. However, for a little one's room, you have the chance to put up paintings that are delightful in a sweet kind of way. Just take a peek at this cute painting of ducks that can indulge your baby's love of both art and animals.

6. Artistic mobile

Mobiles are a great way to help an infant develop their cognitive abilities and physical skills as well as their eyesight in a way that's pleasing and safe, according to Happiest Baby. While offering visual interest due to the movement, mobiles also use artistic shapes and designs to capture a child's attention and keep them entertained.

7. 3D wall decor

If you're looking for a DIY art project for a nursery, then this might be the perfect thing. In order to create 3D wall décor, all you need to do is choose a design or two that will suit the space and cut wood in those shapes. You can also paint and layer them if wanted.

8. Decorated dresser

Thanks to the fact that dressers have surfaces that are wide, tall, or both and are relatively flat, they make an ideal spot for art. While you could paint detailed scenes or figures that a baby will love on the front of each drawer, you can also add simple artistic shapes to each area like darling multicolored raindrops.

9. Wall banner

Fill a large wall or a random spot in a child's nursery by pinning up a banner. Along with the fact that it can be as big or as small as you need it to be, it can also feature different kinds of materials, shapes, colors, and patterns that will all bring an artistic touch to the area.

10. Painted bins

You surely don't want the bins in your baby's art-filled room to be left unadorned and boring. Another ideal surface for pretty much any kind of design, these particular bins are almost too cute to handle. With rounded bits that create little ears, they also have painted faces of a beaver, bunny, and bear.

11. Wall mural

Use an entire wall in your little one's nursery to create a vibrant mural and let your imagination run wild when it comes to choosing a theme. You can consider everything from simple mountains in shades of blue to fairy-tale-like scenes. You could also put up the mural yourself, purchase a pre-made design, or hire a professional artist.

12. Woven wicker pieces

Weaving is an art form that has been practiced for countless generations. Often used to create practical yet beautiful items like baskets and stool covers as you can see here, it can also be used for purely decorative pieces. In this nursery, wicker has been woven into a penguin basket and lion wall piece among other items.

13. Carved wood sculptures

While sculptures are not necessarily something that you thought of putting in a baby nursery, it can definitely be done. Although larger pieces can be a little tricky to fit into the décor — and you need to be sure they won't topple over — smaller carved sculptures of animals, cars, or simple shapes would work.

14. Chalkboard wall

If you add a chalkboard wall to your baby's nursery, then you can change the art that's displayed on it whenever you'd like. You can even grab various colors of chalk to snazzy-up your drawings. When they're old enough, the child who's lucky enough to spend time in this room will be able to add their own art.

15. Easel and whiteboard

You may like the idea of creating new art for your baby whenever the mood strikes or to go along with special occasions, but may not be interested in a chalkboard wall. In that case, you can place a whiteboard on an easel for something that's not as permanent but offers the same kind of drawing surface.

16. Plush figures

There's no doubt that stuffed animals can make great toys and companions for infants and toddlers, which is why you might find them in a nursery. However, plush figures can also be used as artistic pieces when arranged on a shelf or wall. Your little one would likely love crafted characters like this llama and lion.

17. Artistic rug

Give your little one a comfy place to play that also features an artistic design with a creative rug. In this room that boasts calming earth tones along with just enough pops of color to make it a bright and cheerful space, the smaller rug on the floor has a rainbow design that ends with pretty pom-poms.

18. Artistic wallpaper

If you don't have the confidence to take on a full mural or the budget to hire an artist to create one for your baby's room, then you can get the same kind of effect with artistic wallpaper. Once an outdated and inconvenient option, modern wallpaper can be simple to put up and even easier to keep clean.

19. Plant-based pieces

Pass your love and appreciation of both art and nature onto your young child by letting the complementary duo be the inspiration for their nursery décor. Consider pairing live plants — which can actually help to create a healthy space — with creative pieces that have been made with dried or faux leaves, flowers, and branches.

20. Felt and foam art

Make the walls of your little one's nursery creative, colorful, and soft by putting up art that's made of either fuzzy felt or plush foam. Another project that you can tackle yourself if you already have an idea in mind, you can also pick up prepared pieces that you can easily arrange on any wall.