5 Fun Ways To Show Off Your Favorite Houseplants

Houseplants are a great addition to any home. They add warmth and texture to your decor while bringing a bit of the outside into the space. Once you have many plants in your collection, you'll need to find new ways to display them. Eventually, your window sills will become crowded and it will be time to find a creative way to give your plants the amount of sunlight they need.

Miracle Gro explains that the best window for houseplants is east-facing because it will provide bright, indirect light. This strength of sunlight is the amount most houseplants need, as there's a risk their leaves will burn if they receive more. South and west-facing windows will provide more sunlight, but you can resolve this problem by moving your plants further back from the window or adding a shear curtain. If you only have limited space by your windows, these planters will help you use the empty vertical space you may have.

Macrame hanging planter

Crafting a DIY macrame hanger for your plants is a fun way to style them without breaking the bank. You will need a pair of scissors, a ring, and a roll of macrame cord. To make your hanging planter, cut eight pieces of 10-foott cord, according to Persia Lou.

Loop the chord through a wooden or metal ring; this is how you hang the planter. Then use another 2-foot cord to do a wrap knot around what should now be 16 strands. Divide these pieces into four groups of four ropes and measure 20 inches down from the hoop. Now it's time to do your first row of square knots. Do one for each of the four groups. Then measure 5 inches down from those knots and do another row of square knots. However, this time you take two strands from the neighboring groups and combine them for the square knot. Your hanger should start to form a tube. Measure 7 inches down from that row and pull all the chords into a knot. Now all you have to do is place your pot in the middle of all the square knots.

Wall-mounted planters

Wall-mounted planters switch up how people usually display their plants. You won't have to rely on installing shelves or hanging them from the ceiling. Instead, you can put them in pots right on the wall. These planters not only look good, but they save space. Happy Sprout explains that they allow you to use the empty vertical space on your walls to maximize the available room you have in your home. They also allow you to use all the sunlight that comes in from your windows even if you aren't able to put a table nearby.

These planters work best for small plants, like succulents and air plants or propagations. When you have small pots, you don't have to worry about their weight and if you need to drill into a stud. There are many wall-mounted planters so you can match your decor style. A simple one is a metal ring with a tab to screw it to the wall. All you have to do is place your potted plant into the ring. Or there are planters with unique shapes that you can put air plants in without a pot.

Wood bowl hanging planter

If you want to add some variation to the plant hangers in your house, this is the DIY for you. Macrame wall hangers look beautiful, but this wood bowl planter is the perfect spin for a unique homemade basket. You will need a wooden bowl, like a salad bowl, and your choice of string to hang it, like leather or macrame cord. Made in a Day explains that you will make four holes in the bowl using a hand drill. On one side, drill two holes that are 3 inches apart from each other and half an inch below the lip of the bowl. Then drill two more on the other side.

Take your cord and cut two pieces to however long you want your planter to hang. Using one rope, insert each end through the holes on one side of the bowl. Make sure to insert them from the outside so you can see the cord on the bowl. Then repeat this step on the other side. Pull everything tightly and tie the strings in a knot. Now all you have to do is put your plant in the bowl and hang it in the sun.

Multilevel plant shelf

A multilevel plant shelf is a great way to use your vertical space without attaching anything to your walls. The variation of heights adds visual interest while saving space. It also allows the sun to reach each of your plants equally, making these shelves stylish and functional, according to Joy Us Garden.

There are many different styles of plant shelves. You can purchase a whole shelving unit if you have an extensive plant collection or a small stand that holds one at a time. Once you know what size you need, you can look at the different materials depending on the style of your home. If you favor an industrial style, go with metal. Rattan looks great in boho-themed houses while a stained wood shelf matches mid-century modern. Just be sure that when you put it in your home, it is in a place that will give your plants the optimal amount of sunlight.


Finding a way to style your large plants can be difficult because they are too heavy to go on a shelf with other decor, and big ornamental pots are often expensive. Luckily, there is a simple and stylish way to hide your plant's plastic nursery pot. Decorative baskets are easy to find and add texture to your decor.

Once you find a basket big enough for your plants, all you have to do is place them inside. Eco Anouk recommends putting a saucer under the pot to catch any water that may drain out, so the basket doesn't get soggy. Depending on how tight the weave is in the basket, you may be able to plant right inside it without a pot. If you are going to do this, first line it with plastic or burlap to keep the soil and any moisture inside. Then you can use it like you would any other planter.