The Best Places In Your Home For Barn Doors

If you are thinking of building or revamping your house, you need to incorporate features that bring out your style and personality, and installing sliding barn doors is among the options. Barn doors are no longer just a thing for rustic homes and farmhouses. Current home renovators have found barn doors as a great feature for enhancing interior design and maximizing spaces. Other than the traditional chic style that barn door designs create, they are also much more functional and versatile. While you can get customized doors to fit your style, there are also various options for barn doors. Whether you have a coastal, contemporary, or rustic home, you have nothing to worry about.

Real Simple mentions that unlike swinging conventional doors that take up too much space, these can fit anywhere. This means they can be installed in smaller areas and still allow for comfortable movement from one room to the next. Additionally, since they slide open and shut, they create the best hideaways for items you don't want everyone to see — disorganized cabinets, laundry, or a mudroom. Let's look at the places to fit indoor barn doors in your house.

The entryway

The easiest way to grab your visitors' attention is by installing sliding barn doors to the entryways of your home. Entrances are among the most common spaces homeowners place these doors — they save space and express your personality. This is the best alternative for a house with compact rooms since they provide extra space in tight areas where a traditional door won't fit.

If you have narrow hallways or the doorway is in a fixed space, then you can opt to install a sliding door in that area. Doors that lie flat against the wall will create space and make the hallway less cramped. On the other hand, if your home comes with uneven doorway dimensions or is fitted in an inconvenient step, you can get creative with barn doors. According to Parkwood Doors, this is the perfect choice since getting another door that can fit the space will prove unfruitful in this case.

Bedroom closets

Everyone wants to have a well-organized closet, especially in the bedroom. However, rummaging through your closet on a busy day while in a rush can leave it a total mess. A barn door will be an excellent idea if you want to hide the chaos. Many barn door designs will leave your bedroom looking neat and organized, motivating you as you start your day.

Whichever closet you have in your home, barn doors will work just fine. Sina Architectural Design mentions that you can incorporate these doors in any closet, even walk-in bedroom closets. If the area is too confined that there's little space between the bed and the door, a sliding barn door can help. All you have to do is fix one in place of the swinging door and then paint it to match the room's color. You will be amazed at how much space you get for movement.

Separate rooms

You can choose to use a rolling barn door to temporarily separate various rooms in your home, such as the kitchen and the dining area. This enables you to dine with your family and have a good time together without the distractions that might come from other rooms. You can also install the doors in areas such as the playroom and TV rooms. With this, you can keep them closed or open whenever you want, even when they are messy.

In the case of open living areas, Renovate with Character advises having small barn doors in place of curtains in the window areas and bookshelves. You can paint the doors with the same color shade as your walls or with some color accent in the room. This enhances the décor in your living room and adds a pop of color and tone to your home. Using a barn door, you can separate the bathroom from the toilet, allowing for some privacy in case two people use the areas simultaneously. Install a double-ban door for extra privacy in your master bedroom or home office. However, if you don't want any noise coming from these rooms, it is better to look for other types of doors.

Hide laundry room out of sight

Doing laundry is already a hard enough task. Now imagine doing it in a small and disorganized space. Installing a barn door in the laundry room will create a comfortable space for you while adding aesthetic to the area. Since some homes don't come with enough space for laundry, you might choose to create one in the kitchen. As BarnDoor Hardware explains, doing so will increase your morale to do laundry.

The sliding barn door will still grant you access to your laundry machine hidden in the kitchen. Also, it is especially a bonus if the machine is further from the living space. You can also use the doors to conceal cabinet contents or storage areas that are not pleasing to the eyes. Keep in mind that barn doors don't block noise and moisture. Therefore, the heat and water from the laundry machine will quickly disperse to other spaces.

Pantry area

Pantry is among the must-cover home storage systems since the place tends to be cluttered in many instances. The best way to cover the dumped boxes and all the disorders is by fixing a barn door. The additional space will be advantageous if your home has a walk-in pantry with a sliding barn door. If you don't have a pantry, you can build one before installing the doors. Consider crafting one that has shelves for more storage space. A barn door will make your kitchen storage space look more distinct than an average pantry.

Other than the pantry, there are many ways you can showcase your interior décor using these doors in the kitchen. According to Renovate with Character, you can have barn doors customized with chalkboards for writing down recipes, menus, or shopping lists. This will create a more exciting environment and enhance the glamour in your kitchen.