How To Style A Loft Bed For A Small Bedroom

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Not everyone has the luxury of living in a massive bedroom with a bed wide enough for a king's army. Depending on your budget, lifestyle, and luck, you may end up with a small room that sometimes feels like a matchbox. However, even if that is the case, don't fret! There are creative solutions for making the most of a small area. No matter how small your bedroom appears, a loft bed will efficiently maximize small spaces and help you create the room of your dreams.

Any elevated bed that boasts space either above or underneath the bed frame is a loft bed, according to Maxtrix Kids. This bed style is perfect for a small bedroom because the bed's elevation maximizes your floor space. You can transform the extra space into a new room, such as a home office, reading nook, or dining room, to help get more use out of the bedroom. 

Before you embark on styling your loft bed, there are some points to consider. Is the loft bed for your kid's room? Is it for a small bedroom with unique dimensions or one with little to no closet space? Will the loft bed go into a guest room for visitors and require certain amenities? Once you narrow down your options, feel free to embrace the following tips and tricks to style your loft bed and make the most of your living space.

Carve out closet storage

Have you ever wished to own a walk-in closet but your bedroom is too small so you gave that desire up? What if we told you that you can achieve a walk in closet no matter how small your bedroom is, as long as you style your loft bed efficiently. A Closet states that, when you introduce a super high loft bed (with lots of space underneath) into your home, through the use of rods as clothing racks mounted from one end of the 'under loft bed' space to the other, you can turn that area into a closet to hold every single one of your clothing items. 

The height of your loft bed plays a huge role in helping you calculate the storage you have at hand. If you opt for a mid loft bed, you may not have the walk in closet but you can introduce drawers or storage chests underneath your bed frame where you can keep your clothes and hide away mess. This will transform this space into a walk in closet and add pizazz into your small bedroom whenever you wish to dress up.  Feel free to also introduce transluscent plastic containers like this storage bag set from Amazon, which you can stack up as a grid against the wall. This works perfectly to store shoes and foldable items, and the see-through effect of the plastic containers ensures the space looks uncluttered.

One way to further expand your space, is by decorating the surface of the wall underneath your bed with mirrored panels. You could alternatively insert an actual mirror so it spreads light around the small bedroom thereby creating more expansion within this space, while offering an opportunity for you to regard yourself as you get ready to tackle the day (via Sheerwater Glass).

Set up a gym area

This one is for all the gym lovers out there. If working out is an essential part of your day or something you want to start incorporating into your routine, consider designing a mini gym underneath your high loft bed. According to Amazing Loft Conversions, your gym equipment should not include bulky machines like ellipticals and treadmills. You can achieve a great home workout with smaller tools like free weights and kettlebells. An essential factor to consider is if your loft bed is high enough to allow enough space underneath for someone to do stretches, jumps, and weightlifting without hitting their head or other body parts. You don't want to get bruises while working out.

If you have a small room and want to recreate an authentic gym experience, consider purchasing a portable treadmill like this one from Amazon. You can fold it away when not in use or keep it as a focal point. 64 percent of buyers on Amazon gave it five stars due to its portability. In a small bedroom, foldable workout equipment will free up more space. There is more to working out than just running on the treadmill, so feel free to insert a mini console to hold extra items, such as a yoga mat for floor exercises and stretches. Keep a stereo or BlueTooth speaker in the console for playing your favorite workout playlist.

Say yes to a slide exit

Most loft beds come with a ladder or staircase to help the owner move from one level to the other. You can take your bed to the next level by adding a fun and creative exit point like a slide. Children will especially love this unique feature. A slide is functional and fun, no matter your age.

If you have yet to bring a loft bed into your home, purchase one with a slide design like this version from Amazon. Alternatively, if you already have a loft bed in your home and don't want to replace it, you can purchase a slide separately and introduce it as an extension to the bed. When placing the slide against the bed frame, ensure it matches the aesthetic of the room, particularly the loft bed that it will be physically joining (via The Wood Whisperer on YouTube). Ensure it also fits in an accident-proof location. You don't want to crash into any drawers or a table when exiting your bed.

You can position the slide in a few different ways. Place it parallel to the steps, prop it against the wall, or in the middle of the bed (via Billi-Bolli). Feel free to install task lighting on your slide to make it safe at night. Lastly, add the finishing touch to your new slide by placing a comfy rug in the landing spot. Look for one that complements your style and the rest of the room's aesthetic.

Handle business with a home office

As adults, we have the responsibility to work and make a living. We work in offices, on the go, and in our homes. If you're a busy bee who tends to bring work back home or a remote worker who clocks in and out at the location of your choice, having a home office in your bedroom can make life a lot easier. A loft bed can help you carve out office space in your room. The additional space above or below a high loft bed can work seamlessly as a home office, per FlexiSpot. All you need to do is introduce a desk and a chair, ensure you add lighting, and voila, you're rolling out of bed and ready for Zoom meetings and research without distractions.

Sometimes, home office features are already built into a loft bed, like these models from Espace Loggia. Their mechanical sliding beds are perfect for those who want more use of their home office space. When not in use, the bed slides upwards to hide in the ceiling to save space and uncover the home office area below. For a version like this, you don't need a ladder to climb from the office to the room, which means even more floor space is available. However, not all loft beds come with these features.

If you have a non-electronic bed with accompanying steps like the one above, you can also maximize that feature to feed into your home office. You can double up the functions of the loft bed by turning the steps into a storage space such as a bookcase or book drawer. Ensure the accompanying loft bed steps are wide and sturdy enough to achieve a great result because the width of the stairs equates to the amount of storage space you have available to store your books and stationery (via Charles Cranford on YouTube).

Make minimalism a priority

Minimalism may be a top priority in your living space. This aesthetic is all about making an impact with simplest amount of elements. Maybe your bedroom is small and lacks the space for eclectic decor, or perhaps you are just in love with the calm, serene ambiance this aesthetic inspires. If that is the case, adding a high loft bed to your room will help free up floor space and make the room appear wider. Style the loft bed with a rollable ladder to stick to the minimalist theme. Push the rollable ladder toward the bed for easy access. When not in use, tuck it into the corner of the room.

Leaving the floor space underneath your loft bed bare will keep things clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing. Feel free to place neutral-toned rugs underneath the loft bed to enhance the minimalist style, per Ruggable. To fool your friends into thinking you're an interior design professional, consider layering rugs on top of each other underneath and around the bed. You can pair a sturdy base rug, such as this jute one from Etsy, and a fluffy textured rug on top as an accent. Add throw pillows to the rugs to create a makeshift seating area for when you have friends over. This space will also function as a cozy reading nook.

Create a plant altar

Are you a plant mom or dad who needs all your little seedlings and plant babies around at all times? Consider creating a mini altar for your greenery in the free space underneath your loft bed. Plants may be overwhelming if you don't have much space in your bedroom. However, if you opt to hang these plants from the ceiling or underneath the bed, you can free up surfaces while creating a beautiful mini garden, per Loft & Main. Opt for fun containers such as macrame plant hangers in bright colors.

Another step to achieving a mini garden in your loft bed is to add the proper platforms to carry and display your plants. Consider shelf units, such as a rollable set of shelves painted in a color that matches the room's aesthetic. For more shelving options, mount floating shelves to the wall. Floating shelves are features that can work as well as standard shelves, but the invisible brackets have a sleek and minimalist aesthetic (via Windows Floors & Decor). They make great use of vertical space in a room and are perfect for displaying small items like candles, photos, and small personal items.

If you are decorating with live plants, take extra care. Ensure they stay trimmed and hang in an area where they receive plenty of light. Make sure to groom your plants, particularly the creeping species, so they do not grow in a wild fashion. Try to hang your plants away from the loft bed ladder to prevent them from getting tangled up in the furniture.

Decorate with your favorite items

Make it a priority to use the empty area of your loft bed to put your personality on full display. If you love skateboards, art, puzzles, photography, surfing, or even music, feel free to use your equipment as decor in the additional space underneath your loft bed. If you have a favorite hobby, this is a great way to utilize the space and make it your own. According to CubeSmart, consider mounting the items on the wall to free up surface area. You can insert hook hanging racks in various places on the bed to hang up your tools directly. This rack from Amazon can hold up surfboards effectively, although there's a disclaimer on how much weight the racks can carry.

If you have wall space to spare, install a corkboard wall to protect the actual wall and get a platform for hanging up as many items as you desire. Corks are great for temporary homes and rentals because you can easily remove them (via Joyful Derivatives). For a DIY project, do not forget to measure the wall space before you start to determine how many sheets of plywood you need to cover the wall. If your favorite equipment is in the heavy or extra large category, such as paddle boats, keyboards, or drum sets, feel free to keep them on the ground as a focal point, like in the loft bed pictured above.

Design a play area for kids

If you have ever wondered how best to make your kid's small room more fun, a loft bed that combines a secret escape and playroom is a sure way to put a smile on your little one's face. From the minute they wake up to the minute they close their eyes, they will have fun opportunities to keep them active, entertained, and contained in a safe area. This is a haven your kids will love.

For younger tots, you may want to use a super low loft bed to mitigate accidents when your little one gets in and out of bed. Consider this Amazon version which comes in different colors to enable you to pick one that suits your current aesthetic. The low height automatically offers a lower-than-average space underneath the bed in the play area. In reality, your kids will never really notice the limited space. Use curtains to keep the play area hidden and toys, plush pillows, throws, and rugs on the inside. Feel free to introduce a rod and attach it from one end of the bed to the other, then feed a curtain through and hang it up for play area privacy (via The Handmade Home).

For older kids, you may want to ensure you are building a room they can grow into as they get older. You may want to avoid small loft beds that will only fit them temporarily. Instead, consider a larger bed they can grow into and a higher bed height. This size provides enough space in the play area for your child's growth spurt.

Install mobiles

Even if you are not the dreamy type, hanging up a mobile above your kid's loft bed could go a long way toward transforming their bedroom into a whimsical universe. Mobiles can be hung on a wall or mounted to the ceiling. Either way, this decor frees up floor space and surface areas to create the illusion of a more spacious bedroom. From princess to animal themes, your themed mobile options are endless. Consider your child's unique interests and which type of mobile design they might love to wake up to in the morning.

The fun part is that you do not need a professional to assist you in styling a mobile for your loft bed. According to Darcy Miller Designs, you can achieve a DIY mobile in no time. Gather the required materials, including cardboard, packaging, strings, glue, and sticks. Then pick a template or trace out the designs you wish to create and cut them out. You may want to add a laminated film to cover your cutouts and keep them sturdy for a longer-lasting effect. Punch holes into the objects and pass a string through. Tie the string to two sticks, then hang your mobile up. You can do this DIY project with your kids as a fun bonding experience. They can look at their mobile long after the project is complete and feel extra proud of their creativity and hard work. Alternatively, you can purchase a themed mobile like this solar system version from ThisIsWhyI'mBroke. Elevate your haven by decorating with wallpaper that matches the mobile's theme.