15 Rustic Bedrooms That You'll Want To Snuggle Up In

Rustic is a very generalized home design term, generally referring to anything a little rugged and unpolished. However, it's also a specific style of décor, taking lots of inspiration from 19th-century pioneers, according to Vevano. As such, the biggest aspect of rustic design is a sense of naturalism — raw, unfinished woods, hides and furs, metals, exposed beams, etc. As a result, there's lots of room for forgiveness when it comes to clutter. In fact, the less perfect and tidy it looks, the more authentically rustic it is.

Like all aesthetics, though, rustic décor has evolved into a variety of styles. There are modern and clean spins, focusing more on materials than objects and clutter, as well as combined aesthetics, which blend rustic and boho designs, rustic and industrial décor schemes, etc. Few rooms in your home could benefit more from a rustic makeover than your bedroom, the cozy aesthetic being perfect for a relaxing atmosphere. Keep reading for ideas on how to turn your bedroom into a rustic oasis.

1. Rustic boho

Boho and rustic are two aesthetics that mesh wonderfully well together. Both of them have an emphasis on raw finishes and natural materials, and boho's airiness helps balance out the gruff quality of rustic design.

2. Vintage inspired

Since rustic design has its roots in historical décor, it would make sense to look for vintage pieces that match a country theme for your bedroom. This can include furniture, like old wood nightstands or dressers, as well as décors, like old clocks or phones.

3. Modern rustic

On the other hand, modern pieces also look wonderful in a rustic bedroom. Look for cool and contemporary components like large metal clocks or raw wood furniture with unique silhouettes.

4. Rustic accents

If dedicating your entire bedroom to a rustic aesthetic is a little much, consider just getting one effective statement piece, like a large mirror with a rustic wood frame.

5. Cabin bedroom

Log cabins are almost always inherently rustic. The exposed interior logs, sloped walls, and uncovered beams are the perfect conditions for a rustic bedroom. In fact, you don't need to do much to enhance it; simply stick to neutral colors and wood and metal accents.

6. Traditional rustic

A more traditional approach to rustic décor is very vintage and homey. In your bedroom, this would include handmade quilts, a wood bed frame, and some vintage furniture pieces.

7. Rustic textures

Textures are one of, if not the most important parts of the rustic aesthetic. While wood is the go-to, spruce it up a bit with a raw stone accent wall behind your bed.

8. Contemporary rustic

Rustic décor can get a bit bogged down and heavy, which isn't the best if you prefer brighter, modern hues. Fix this by simply lightening up the wood accents, trims, walls, and floors in your bedroom, creating a brighter, more contemporary look and feel.

9. Wood accents

An incredibly easy way to make your bedroom instantly feel rustic is to swap everything out for raw, grainy wood or to accent it around the room at the very least. For example, add a large wood shelf or ledge, or opt for a wood bed frame, nightstand, etc.

10. Western inspirations

Another perfect design pairing is rustic and western décor, which have a lot of intersections with one another. Add some animal prints or hides to an already rustic room for an instant pop of western inspiration.

11. Rustic minimalism

Rustic design is traditionally a little cluttered, or at the very least, there isn't an emphasis on clean lines and horizons like there is with other aesthetics. That being said, you can definitely have rustic pieces like wood headboards in a more minimalist environment.

12. Rustic holiday

A lot of people like to lean towards rustic design during the holiday season. Add some faux fur blankets, pine cones, and raw wood accents to spruce up your bedroom for the holidays.

13. Natural elements

As stated throughout, rustic design is all about the materials used to construct a room. That doesn't mean you have to repaint your whole bedroom or swap out the floors, though. Instead, bring in some natural elements, like tree logs, branches, etc.

14. Cozy cabin

Transform your bedroom into a rustic log cabin retreat by adding in lots of blankets — preferably knitted or quilted — as well as lots of wood.

15. Lodge style

Anything to do with animals and wildlife is also very rustic. So whether you add a faux hide, faux fur blanket, fake mounts, or animal imagery, any one of these are great ways to make a space feel more unsophisticated.