5 Must-Haves To Update Your Child's Playroom

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When the time comes to update your child's playroom, the process can be sentimental and long. However, in doing so, this newly renovated room can bring many positive attributes to you and your kid's life. As Ziggy Bags points out, if you have multiple kids, having one designated space to store all their toys will allow them to learn to share with each other. Kids get toys on many occasions that they may designate as theirs. However, when they're all stored in one area, it gives the allusion that they belong to all of the kids. In addition, this room will allow children to play side-by-side with one another and eventually lead to them playing together.

Perhaps, one of the biggest benefits of having a playroom, for parents at least, is having a place to store all of your kids' items. Toys don't have to be spread across the residence, which allows for a cleaner and tidier home. Additionally, this will also take all of the toys out of your kids' bedroom too, which can allow for more space for the bedroom and also allows your kids to not be distracted at night. But what exactly do you need in a playroom to give it an upgrade? While there are many things you can add, some may be more beneficial than others. Here are five must-haves to give your child's playroom an update.

Organization bins and cubbies

Of course, a crucial part to updating your child's playroom is ensuring that it is organized. According to Hudson Valley Parent, when this new area is neat and tidy, it can allow your child to play independently by themselves. Of course, this is great for busy parents, however, this is also a crucial aspect in order for a child to learn and grow. Fortunately, there are many ways to accomplish this as well.

One main option is this toy organizer that comes with 16 storage bins. Available in a gray and white shade, this is perfect to fit in with a playroom of any theme. Costing less than $50 — depending on your region, the dimensions of this shelf is 42 inches wide, 11 inches in depth, and 31 inches in height. With open bins, this is convenient for your child to see all the toys without having to search through each bin to find a specific toy. This product received a 4.7-star rating based on over 14K reviews.

In comparison, if your child has a ton of books, you may want to get them better organized as well. One way to do this is by investing in a pocket bookshelf. Available in a gray color, this shelf costs just less than $60 at the standard retail price. However, this can vary based on location. The shelf is designed to be front-facing so you and your child can see the front covers of each book.

Designated areas for different activities

Organization aside, let's fact it, your child wants to play. Therefore, when upgrading your child's playroom, it's important to have areas where they can play with different things. If your kid likes to color, draw, or paint, consider buying a kid's table. This model is available in white and blue and comes with two matching chairs. The top of this table also contains a whiteboard that can be drawn on and easily erased. Costing just a little over $60, this product has a 4.4-star rating based on nearly 300 reviews.

When your child sits on the floor, whether it contains hardwood or carpet, it's always best for them to sit on something. This is to provide cushion, prevent hardwood floors from getting scratched up, and let them play easily. Therefore, a play mat may be essential when updating. This specific play mat has many options available, including medium and large sizes and several designs that feature letters, animals, and towns. Each mat contains two reversible sides as well. Out of nearly 4.7K ratings, this mat received a 4.8-star rating.

Finally, your kid will need a place to relax eventually. Maybe they'll want to take a nap or read a book on their new bookshelf. To do either, consider investing in a children's couch. This model is available in several colors including blue, pink, and gray. In addition, each couch comes with four throw pillows of different colors that vary based on each couch.