The 5 Best Tower Fans To Keep Your Room Cool All Year Round

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When a room gets warm and stuffy, it's common for one to turn on the air conditioning. However, these units consume a ton of energy and can raise your electricity bill, via Shipley Energy. Therefore, there are many fans, specifically tower fans, that can cool your room without the extra cost. According to newair, these types of fans are designed to produce a large amount of air from a compact unit. While exact angles may vary, these gadgets rotate on a basis to help further distribute air throughout a room. While many models essentially perform the same functions, there is still a large variety to choose from. Therefore, there are a few specific specifications you should decide upon.

One of these decisions is figuring out how much space you are trying to cool. For bedrooms, you can measure the square footage of the space. This will help you determine how big or small of a fan you'll need. You must also take into consideration who will be operating the fan. Technology is evolving constantly, which means newer tower fans may have multi-functioning options including remote access, programming features, and dual qualities. To that end — it's important to choose a model that you and others can operate with ease. Of course, with any gadget, there are many different designs available for purchase. To narrow down your search, here are five of the best tower fans to keep your room cool all year round.

Best overall fan

Since there are so many models on the market, we had to narrow it down to which fan is the best overall. To that end, we decided on this Lasko tower fan on Amazon that costs around $60. Included with this woodgrain and gray design model is a multifunction remote control so you can manage your gadget from afar. Sitting at 42.5 inches in height, this gadget is perfect for the bedroom as it is designed to be tall enough to blow cool air over the bed to keep you cool all night.

Like most fans, this model contains multiple speeds that can be changed to one of three standard settings: low, medium, or high. Trusted Reviews recommends using fans on their lowest settings as they perform more efficiently. In addition, there are two different modes installed, as per Amazon. One is a sleep mode with a night timer that automatically adjusts the speed setting when you're sleeping. The other is an energy-efficient shut-off that can be programmed from 0.5 hours up to 7.5 hours. To ensure you're satisfied, Lakso has included a 1-year limited warranty with the purchase.

Many consumers agree that this is a great tower fan as it has received a 4.6-star rating based on nearly 15K reviews. In addition, these reviews have been broken into categories with the sleep mode receiving a 4.3-star rating while the noise level received a 4.2-star rating. Lastly, the remote control was rated 4.5 stars.

A more expensive fan

If you have a few extra dollars to spend, you could invest in a more expensive model. One of the best tower fans that is on the more costly side is made by the brand Dreo. Available for around $110, this gadget sits 42 inches tall and also includes a remote. A 90-degree base, as well as a 1200 CFM airflow, are included to help spread the cool air as fair as possible. In addition, the wind speeds refresh up to 24 feet per second.

With sleep in mind, Dreo opted to install a DC brushless motor that suppresses noise levels to 25dB. While many fans contain only a few speeds, this model houses 9 different speeds. In addition, there are four smart modes, such as normal, natural, auto, and sleep to further adjust to your needs. If you're using this in a child's room, you won't need to worry about any safety issues, as this fan contains a narrow air inlet, a fall-resistant base, and a safety plug to protect it from power surges.

From over 1,000 reviews, this product received a 4.6 rating that has been broken down into four categories: easy to assemble, sleep mode, noise level, and remote control. The remote control received a 4.1-star rating, while the ease of assembly received 4.5 stars. Additionally, both the sleep mode and noise level each received a 4.4-star rating.

Budget-friendly fan

On the other hand, not everyone can afford a higher model. Therefore, we recommend Uthfy's tower fan. This fan comes in two different colors. A white model is available for under $50, while a black version can be purchased for less than $45. A variety of three wind speeds and modes are installed. The sleep setting allows for a quieter noise and a gentle breeze. A natural mode allows the fan to increase and decrease its fan intensity while the normal mode produces a constant airflow.

Built with a wide-angle swing, this fan can be controlled to produce air in specific areas where needed. A timer is also installed where you can set your fan up to turn off up to 7.5 hours later. To change these many settings, you can either use the touch control on the fan itself or the remote control. Much like Dreo's model, the air inlet is narrow and the plug is equipped with a safety feature to protect it from any power surges or voltages overloads. This can be an added benefit as Prairie Electric states that internal surges can occur several times throughout the day.

Uthfy's cost-efficient fan on Amazon has received over 2,000 reviews with a rating of an even 4-stars. This rating has been broken down with the ease of assembly receiving 4.2 stars and the remote control receiving 3.7 stars. In addition, the sleep mode setting houses 3.6 stars, while the noise level has a 3.4-star rating.

A quiet fan

Some people may be ultra-sensitive to the noise of a fan more so than others. Therefore, for those that deal with these issues, there is a more quiet tower fan that is made by the brand Honeywell. Available in either black or white, this fan can be purchased for around $66, with the white model costing a few dollars less than the black model. However, these prices may vary depending on location. Five customizable speeds range from a sleep mode to a power cool setting.

To further add to its nighttime usage, the lights on the control panel dim after 15 seconds. However, you can also use the remote from the comfort of your bed without lighting the screen up at all. If you like falling asleep to a fan but don't like it running all night, you have the option of setting an auto-timer for either one hour, two hours, four hours, or eight hours. A 1-year limited warranty is included with the purchase. Standing at 40-inches tall, this model is also a space safer as the base is 10-inches in diameter.

Out of nearly 900 reviews, Honeywell's fan has a 4.1 overall star rating with over 500 consumers giving this product a solid 5-stars.

A portable fan

If you're wanting to use your fan in more than one room, you'll need one that is easier to move on. Dr. Prepare makes this portable option that sells for around $30. This type of fan, instead of sitting on the floor, is small enough in size to sit on a desk or table. Thus, allowing you to move it wherever and whenever you desire. Three standard speeds, low, medium, and high, are equipped as well as a 110-degree rotation that can be activated at the touch of a button. However, you can also set it to stand still to air a specific area of a room.

In addition, there are three auto-off timers consisting of two hours, four hours, and eight hours. Even on a high setting, Dr.Prepare's model still produces white noise of less than 60dB. A 16-watt motor is also installed to enhance this fan's performance. Unlike many other models, this desk fan contains two separate fans, one above the other, to further maximize airflow.

Based on over 6,000 global reviews, this portable fan has received a rating of 4.3 stars. 65% of these ratings were 5-star reviews. However, these were further broken down into three categories. The remote control houses a 3.2-star rating, while the noise level received a 4-star review. In addition, the timer function received a 4.2-star rating.