20 Unique Sofas That Are Perfect For Your Small Space

There are always trends in home decor — aesthetics that dominate the spaces we see online and in shelter magazines for brief periods. But it's not always about style according to Livingetc. They say a trend that's taken over is oversized furniture — including the huge sofa — with searches for said pieces surging 300% in 2021. Back in 2012, interior designer Annie Elliot remarked in The New York Times, "It doesn't look right, it's sloppy and probably too big for whatever room they're putting it in." On the other hand, some retailers offer apartment-sized sofas made just for smaller interiors. Yet, these options don't necessarily equate to less appeal or comfort than their oversized counterparts, and placed in a larger home, they're even more adaptable and accommodating — perfect at the foot of a bed or as seating in a unique home office setup.

It's tempting to turn a blind eye toward dimensions when a piece ticks your boxes, especially as it's made to appear tinier by the surrounding capacious inventory. Interior designer Natalia Miyar cautioned via Livingetc, "When you find a sofa you love, it creates a showstopper and the rest of the design follows, but don't forget proportions." Pay attention to the arm width, height, and depth; per Furnishings Tips the right sofa will maintain good traffic flow and not dwarf the existing furniture. For the truly square-footage-challenged, we found 20 compact sofas that can fit you and a friend or two, and with style this substantial, they won't be outgrown.

A gray cloud

Many people expect small sofas to be stingy on comfort, yet this cloud-style sofa offers plush seat and back cushions to sink into. Though this type can look unkempt, the classic color scheme and high leg give it an airy sophistication. The neutral cover allows for any colorful accents by way of throw pillows and decor.

Crimson character

This curved art deco-style sofa has glamour in spades. A deep oxide velvet, though luxe, feels natural because of the color's occurrence within nature's flora and fauna. Here it's contrasted with a warm ivory palette and then combined with wood accents to emphasize coziness and rusticity. Imagine this chic piece at the end of a studio apartment bed.

Classic navy

Though a clean-lined option with attached back and side cushions, the button-tufted padding of this navy couch offers comfort. Additionally, the velvet upholstery provides a play of shadows, creating dimension on the dark surface. Corner braces make the high legs feel sturdy, while the lift and space underneath keep this piece from appearing as a dark blob. 

Leather and wood

Leather is timeless and handsome, elevating the space it's within; behind the appearance is a durable material that will last for years. This piece has multiple details that make it unique: button-tufting, bolster pillows, a single bench seat, and wood trim along the back and arms. A modified camelback silhouette lends interest to the classic style.

A small sectional

Sectionals are usually fairly large, however, they can be beneficial in small rooms because they reduce the visual noise created by multiple pieces, as well as occupy wasted corners. In this space, the back helps to delineate a hallway from the living area. Look for smaller-scale sectionals for your space and measure extra carefully.

Boxy charm

Soft chenille fabric and exaggerated padded arms lend this boxy sofa frame comfort. Textured accent pillows warm it up too, while self-welt piping gives it polish. In the surrounding space, plenty of round shapes and natural decor balance the sofa's structure. We think it would look gorgeous flanked with a pair of modern black chairs.

Yellow appeal

Banana yellow is a fun and unusual choice for a couch (as are these flanged seams), but it could be good for you. The color can certainly brighten a dim room with its energy. For times when it feels too strong, a small piece is easily subdued by the addition of large decorative pillows or a throw blanket.

Retro European style

Bring mod European style to your space with this old-is-new sofa inspired by a well known iconic French version. The loungey piece is so casual it seems luxe. 

An ivory leather settee

The low back and sides of this modern leather settee maintain a minimal silhouette. In the eclectic space above, the piece is complemented by a colorful dhurrie rug, a sculptural chair, and antique wooden doors. The light ivory leather has a brighter presence than black, and a more contemporary feeling than brown.

A green gem

Enliven your space with an emerald green show-stopper. This small good thing will get all the attention with its elegant, high-backed frame, velvet upholstery, and sloping track arms jeweled in studs. 

Buttoned-up tweed

This sofa has the hallmarks of mid-century modern design, including clean lines, buttons, tactile tweed, and cylindrical tapered legs. Yet, the seam stitching and rounded arms introduce extra detail to the plain frame. If you love the retro feel of the inspiration era, this would be a great neutral sofa; here it's styled with pops of color.

Go cobalt

Go with cobalt if you're feeling bold. The bright rich hue is daring and pairs well with other saturated colors, yet blue conveys reliability, loyalty, and a classic sensibility. Those associations afford some chaotic color and design choices because they hold a sense of calm in the space.

Warm oatmeal

Does this not look like the coziest spot to curl up in? Abundant pillows, an overstuffed back, and a solid bench cushion (which feels just like a mattress) make us want to lounge for a good long time. Soft oatmeal upholstery adds to the temptation. The high legs and curated decor contribute to a calm and collected space.

Trust in rust

A spicy sofa adds instant warmth to your living space, and this cinnamon velvet is like a visual hug. Rather than going overboard with warm tones, this living room counters the color with a cool slate blue chair and gray area rug. But that gold leaner mirror brings it all beautifully back to richness.

Teal feels

Similar to a sectional, a chaise sofa (or chofa) eliminates the need for extra pieces while providing space to kick back. While the sofa may seem excessive in length for a small room, from the perspective of design balance, the attached ottoman fills in for a chair. This modern room is pulled together yet personalized with compelling color.

Art-deco luxe

This art-deco-inspired sofa bucks the conventions of upholstered furniture, which is generally linear. It adds a soft and sensual vibe to even the most neutral and straightforward rooms. The curved furniture style is having a heyday, modernized with an urbane sensibility that mixes rounded pieces with contemporary sculpture and art. 

Antique modernity

This sofa has a strong antique influence, however, its simple high legs and clean form are modern elements. In combination with the rich rust upholstery fabric, a timeless and adaptable piece is created that complements styles from traditional to bohemian to modern maximalism. A pair of stunning and oversized decorative pillows will add comfort to the tailored frame.

Green dream

Wow 'em with color and pattern and no one will be missing the square footage in your tight space. This living room uses lush hues and textures to grand effect, and the tuxedo-style sofa, though enveloping and cozy, is also neat, keeping the layered space from looking messy.

New angle neutral

Angled arms and legs add intrigue to the conventional bearing of this sofa while a transitional silhouette and neutral upholstery make it ever-adaptable. For example, muted colors and modern tables create a streamlined aesthetic. Change the throw pillows or decor for a shift in style and, instead, imagine moss wool pillows and a leather cocktail ottoman.

Slipper pink

Effortlessly good-looking and comfortable, this sofa is reminiscent of the chicest velvet slipper. Ultra-thin arms counter the weight of the form, which extends to the floor by way of a tailored slip-cover, and comprises an enveloping frame and plush cushions. A velvet pink that skews salmon complements nearly any color, and is feminine but not overly sweet.