5 Unexpected Ways To Decorate Your Kid's Princess-Themed Bedroom

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During childhood, many become enraptured by princesses and mythical lands; perhaps this was even the case for you. While some children may adore Disney characters, others are interested in general ideas like beauty and royalty. Because of this, there are two ways to decorate a princess-themed room — with elements that represent Disney princesses or with a vague magical appearance, per Kids Rooms.

If your child loves princesses, they may ask you to transform their bedroom into a castle or to adorn it with pieces from their favorite movies. This may get you thinking about what a princess-themed room might look like, and you'll probably picture bright pink walls, purple carpets, frilly curtains, and a canopy over the bed. However, you don't have to make their space appear as you'd imagine. Instead, you could add some unexpected features that would make their bedroom unique. Below are clever ways to transform your child's princess theme from predictable to extra special.

Skip the pink and purple

According to Farm Food Family, most princess rooms use pastel pink and purple shades for the wall paint and decorations. However, while these colors are widespread, no rulebook says you must use these shades. In fact, you could use any color scheme and still create a princess-themed space. For instance, Kids Rooms recommends using neutral tones and calm colors or other pastels like green and blue. 

ESP Painting says that while pink is typically the most common color, light blue and yellow are also popular choices. Another idea is to create a rainbow theme that uses every color, adding lots of playfulness to the design. Hirshfield's adds that when colors other than bright pink are used on the walls, the room could more easily be transformed into another theme as they age. The best way to determine the leading shade of the space may be to use your child's favorite color. Then, to pick accent colors, choose tones that match their favorite shade.

Emphasize their favorite princess

As stated, most princess rooms either have a generic theme or add many royal characters into one room. However, if your child has just one favorite princess, you could make the room extra personal by focusing on that specific movie. For instance, maybe your kid loves Ariel from "The Little Mermaid." If so, you could make the room appear underwater, with blue wall paint and sea creature decorations. You could also take inspiration from this Disney room at the Art Of Animation Resort. As displayed in the image above, this room has blue walls and floors with shell-shaped headboards and artwork with characters from the movie, per BRB Going To Disney.

Or, maybe your child loves Belle from "Beauty And The Beast." If so, you could use yellow and royal blue and feature details like a candelabra and a teacup. You could also use artwork that displays quotes from the movie, which could be found on Amazon. Perhaps, your kid loves Elsa from Frozen. In that case, you could add snowflakes and icicles to the walls. To make the theme obvious, add a Frozen-themed rug from Amazon.

Give your child the royal treatment

What if your child isn't obsessed with a certain Disney princess but wants to be one? If so, you could make their room appear like the inside of a castle. Christi Lukasiak does this because they want their child to be the princess in the room. They add ruffled curtains to the windows and a chandelier in the corner to create a royal feel. They also add a ballgown on a mannequin to make the room look like a dressing room. The rest of the design features vines, roses, jewels, and a tiara. 

If your child still wants some Disney elements in their space, you could include murals or pieces from other movie characters. For instance, you could showcase an image of the snowman Olaf instead of using something that displays princess Elsa. Chris Loves Julia also creates a princess room for their child, but it doesn't look like your typical space. Instead, it has whimsical, dark wallpaper, a detailed bed frame, golden elements, and a few generic animal decorations. However, the room is also loosely inspired by Elsa's bedroom in the movie (through the general layout and the blue wall paint), which makes their child feel like they're a snow princess. 

Focus on vintage furniture

Another popular choice in princess rooms is princess-themed furniture, such as those sold at Rooms To Go. Each piece has delicate details and soft edges; some even have heart shapes or swirls. However, while you could purchase these items, you could also curate your own space with some vintage furniture and other pieces that aren't made specifically for children's rooms. For instance, Christi Lukasiak uses a golden canopy bed with lots of delicate details that incorporate a royal feel. She also adds vintage, mismatched dressers that bring in lots of personality. And she includes an upholstered chair with a luxurious-looking pattern in the corner. Mirrors with rounded edges always look stunning, and lamp shades with hanging crystals are also a great choice.

Additionally, Martine Claessens adds that the furniture could either appear classical or more modern and minimalistic, as either would work. They recommend keeping most of the pieces neutral and including some wooden elements to make them more contemporary.

Add royal touches

You could add some luxurious finishing touches to complete the room's design. Just like with the furniture, these pieces do not have to be princess-themed; Instead, they could remind you of a castle or a fancy setting. For instance, Farm Food Family recommends using satin bedding, velvet pillows, a lacey canopy, bejeweled curtains, and soft rugs. 

Navigating Parenthood seconds these ideas and adds that full and fluffy bedding will give you a look you're after. They also recommend including twinkle lights inside the canopy to provide a more whimsical feel. Martine Claessens says that floral wallpapers with big designs, light linen fabrics, and decorations with stars will also give your space a royal atmosphere. Another element you could add is a chandelier, and Pottery Barn Kids have some designs to die for. Hirshfield's points out that a chandelier is a great way to bring in a grown-up element that will make your child feel like a princess.