20 Gorgeous Bathrooms With Fireplaces To Cozy Up Your Space

The time has come when the weather is cooling more and your daily outfits likely consist of sweaters and boots. All you want to do is curl up on the couch under a warm blanket and avoid all responsibilities or getting ready. Having a hot shower sounds relaxing, but remembering the cold feeling of getting out to dress is dreadful. There's nothing worse than shivering after a warm shower, so if you're renovating your bathroom this fall, consider installing a fireplace inside. The crackle of the fire will soothe your nerves, and the flame's heat will warm up the space, keeping you nice and cozy.

There are three different types of fireplaces you can install: gas, electric, and wood. According to Quality Overhead Door, having a fireplace in your home can increase its resale value. The type affects how much the resale value will rise, but overall, there can be a $1,000 to $5,000 increase. Quality Overhead Door claims that adding a gas and wood fireplace will boost the cost because they're more expensive to insert. While an electric fireplace might not escalate the price as much because it's more affordable, it'll break even. Whether you're looking to sell your home in the future or elevate the bathroom style, fireplaces are a perfect addition to any space. Check out these gorgeous bathrooms for some inspiration.

1. Elegant marble bathroom

A marble interior is always timeless and can elevate the look of any room in the house. This beautiful, elegant bathroom is covered with marble walls and flooring; the electric fireplace is in the middle of the wall. It's strategically placed in the right spot, allowing it to be viewed from the room next to the bathroom as well.

2. Vintage bathroom

If your bathroom is a large master room, install a traditional fireplace. This space has gray parquet flooring, gray and white wall molding, and a marble surround fireplace. The tub has a wraparound curtain, providing plenty of privacy.

3. Modern bathroom

Installing the fireplace in the middle of the wall is ideal, especially if it's next to the bathtub. This beautiful modern bathroom boasts neutral tiles on the flooring, around the tub, and inside the shower. The mahogany wood cabinets add warmth to the space, with the granite countertops matching the tile.

4. Accent corner fireplace

If your bathroom doesn't have enough space for a complete fireplace, a corner by the window can be an excellent place for a fireplace, even if it's just a small one. For example, the fireplace in this bathroom creates a cozy feel by the windows.

5. Contemporary bathroom

Elevate your bathroom with a white interior to make the space bright and luxurious. The black and white fireplace with black ceramic décor adds color to the room, along with the green plants surrounding the white bathtub. Add a few candles and fluffy rugs to make the space extra cozy.

6. Lavish bathroom

Using neutral tones instantly creates a warm, cozy environment, so adding a fireplace boosts the room's ambiance. Instead of having an entirely white interior, opt for wood accents for contrast. The fireplace against the wall illuminates the space by the tub and the forest views are gloomy and cloudy, setting the entire mood.

7. Black and white bathroom

A black-and-white bathroom can never do any wrong; it's classy and sleek. The black tile wall and flooring create a romantic setting with the white porcelain tub and walk-in shower next to each other. Although the gas fireplace blends in and looks hidden against the wall, it would work best by the tub instead of across the vanity.

8. Farmhouse-style bathroom

This gorgeous A-frame farmhouse bathroom is cozy with the patterned rug by the large tub and hanging fireplace. For a space with higher ceilings, hanging anything, such as a fireplace or chandelier, can transform the space. The black details along with the maple wood complement each other with bright and dark tones.

9. Opulent bathroom

Two vanities in a bathroom can sometimes look awkward if they're too far apart, but installing an accent wall attached to a tub is a great way to use the space. The multi-colored tile surrounding the fireplace and bathtub adds color to the white interior. Installing a few fluffy couches or benches can make the room cozier.

10. Medieval bathroom

The turquoise walls in this medieval-style bathroom are beautiful, and the cast iron fireplace is in the perfect spot. Some additional sconce light fixtures on the wall would elevate the medieval look but still feel warm and cozy.

11. Modest bathroom

A bathtub with surround is a must-have feature in the bathroom, right next to the fireplace. With views of the trees like in this bathroom, you'll be able to light a few candles, fill the tub with bubbles, and have a glass of wine for the ultimate relaxing bath. The light orange-brown walls add a sense of warmth.

12. Wood bathroom

We know incorporating wood into any space adds a cozy feeling. The small wood table is perfect for holding towels waiting to be used, the strips of wood on the wall add texture next to the fireplace, and the wooden mat is better than a standard mat that would need to be replaced every few months.

13. Upscale bathroom

The colors in a room will determine the overall feeling; neutral tones, such as gray and white, can make a space feel calm. While the gray and white tile flooring, the vanity, and the chandelier make the room look extravagant and luxurious, the fireplace adds an intimate ambiance. A beautiful patterned rug is needed to elevate the look.

14. French country bathroom

Nothing is cozier than being in a cabin-style bathroom covered with stone, wood ceilings, and flooring for the most serene bath. It's every cottage girl's dream, with a dainty bathtub by a stone fireplace and sheer curtains on the window. The tiny stool holding the products is ideal, as it does not take up too much space.

15. White interior bathroom

Adding a television is an excellent way of enhancing the cozy feel in the bathroom, apart from the fireplace. The soaking tub will take your relaxing night to the next level with your favorite show on and the fire crackling in the background.

16. Stylish bathroom

This white interior bathroom is bright and spacious but has the potential to feel more comfortable. The fireplace illuminates the room and the wood features add contrast, but it could use a large soft rug, a few shelving units with artwork, or dimming light fixtures to be cozier.

17. Transitional bathroom

There's so much that DIYers can do to a small bathroom. For example, placing the walk-in shower next to the tub opens up the rest of the space for any sized vanity. In addition, this bathroom had a complete makeover with new tile surrounding the fireplace, fresh cabinets, and a stunning chandelier, making it both cozy and lavish.

18. Cottage bathroom

This gold-themed bathroom wasn't as personal before the transformation. It boasts two different surrounding tile areas for the toilet and bathtub and gold décor that give the space character. The fireplace in the middle of the room adds a rustic yet cozy charm to the bathroom.

19. Turquoise bathroom

Bold colors in a bathroom give the space personality and make it look more attractive. This turquoise bathroom is eccentric, with multi-colored tiles surrounding the soaking tub and walls. The open wooden doors expose the fireplace, adding warmth and coziness.

20. Modern Victorian bathroom

For a Victorian-style bathroom, incorporating old and new materials is excellent for adding a modern feel. This renovated space has exposed brick surrounding the fireplace, freshly painted black and white walls, and Kingsbridge black patterned flooring. While the bathroom is on the smaller side, it features many traditional Victorian appliances that make it feel cozy and intimate.