20 Chic Turquoise Bathrooms That Are Airy And Bright

When decorating the bathroom's interior, there are endless possibilities for the colors to choose, the décor to buy, and the style to go with. For example, you might enjoy a farmhouse-style bathroom with a lot of texture or something simple yet elegant, like a modern-style interior. Or maybe you prefer to fill each room with a different theme instead of creating a cohesive look. Whether renovating or decorating your bathroom for the first time, consider a chic style since it's timeless and versatile. According to Rhodium Floors and Décor, a traditional stylish interior blends the French country and bohemian styles — rustic, worn, and vintage.

Nowadays, folks have put a contemporary twist on the chic style; they still use some of the same adaptations but incorporate elegant and sophisticated pieces, states blogger LeNoor Studio. For example, designing a room with brass details or bold artwork and combining it with wooden features, such as shiplap walls or vintage décor in the bathroom, is an excellent start for a contemporary chic interior. To prevent the space from looking mundane, adding a pop of color, such as turquoise, will brighten it up. If you're indecisive about how to transform your bathroom, we've gathered different chic turquoise bathrooms to give you some inspiration.

1. Rustic turquoise bathroom

This bathroom is an excellent example of a classic chic interior with wooden features, like the frame of the mirror and the light walnut finish vanity across the stone shower. The white tub, chair, and curtains brighten up the space against the turquoise walls. Multiple windows or doors let in natural light, making the space airy.

2. Minimalist turquoise bathroom

The limited décor in the bathroom creates an uncluttered, minimalist space, but it doesn't look finished. The turquoise walls are the only thing that gives the room an exciting look. Adding a few extra features, such as a patterned rug, a wooden bench, a couple of curtains, or a wooden-style vanity, would make the space chicer.

3. Turquoise tiled shower

The bathroom doesn't have to be all turquoise; the walk-in shower has a stunning turquoise tile interior that adds perfect color to the space. It complements the mustard yellow vanity cabinet with the dark walnut countertop. In addition, the wood-framed mirror elevates the chic look.

4. Spa-like turquoise bathroom

The mix of turquoise and neutral colors creates a serene feel to this spa-like bathroom, along with the various plants spread out. The wicker seats and baskets and wood-paneled ceiling make the space chic. This bathroom takes advantage of the open space, filling it with décor and chairs, making it look cozy.

5. Turquoise tiled flooring

Use tile for the floor to decorate the rest of the space differently. The maple wood cabinets add color against the white tile. Incorporating wooden shelves and a few light fixtures on the wall would spruce up the minimal look.

6. Mixed tiles in the bathroom

The turquoise tiles in this bathroom need a touch-up to appear brighter. While mixing tile colors and patterns can sometimes work, the flooring in this room clashes with the tile on the walls and tub. The flooring would match the shelves better if it were wood or stone material.

7. Contemporary chic bathroom

This bathroom is spacious, especially for a connected option, and the white and turquoise combination makes it sleek. The herringbone wood flooring adds texture and warmth to the space, and the hanging egg chair blends with the turquoise wall. Perhaps, if it were wicker-style, it would stand out more and give the area a chic appearance.

8. Turquoise herringbone accent wall

Installing an accent wall in a neutral room is a great way to add texture and a splash of color. This turquoise herringbone accent wall is the focal point of the room. The space is more modern than chic, but replacing the black accents with wood finishes would capture the chic style.

9. Patterned tile interior

Attractive decorative pattern tile adds charm to a bathroom; you can use it on one wall, the flooring, or both if the rest of the décors or furniture are neutral-toned. Instead of sticking to one color for the tiles, opt for multi-colors to give the space some flair. In addition, the wood vanity and light fixture make the room chic.

10. Turquoise and white bathroom

The turquoise tiling in this bathroom gives the white interior color along with the green accent tones, such as the bathroom mat. The outline tiles are a darker shade than the rest, creating a barrier between the turquoise tiles and the white walls. The framed mirror adds contrast and texture to the room.

11. Turquoise countertops

We've discussed many ways to include tile on the walls and floor, but turquoise countertops are a subtle way to add color without overwhelming the room. In addition, matching it to the tile inside the walk-in shower creates a cohesive look.

12. Textured turquoise bathroom

This bathroom is filled with multiple texture materials, such as the white subway tile, turquoise peel-and-stick tile below the turquoise cabinets, and patterned tiled flooring. Sometimes too much texture can clash, but the black and white colors fit perfectly with the turquoise. In addition, the minimal wood features add warmth to the space.

13. Pink and turquoise bathroom

An alternative to tile is wallpaper; there are so many designs to choose from to fit any bathroom interior, and wallpaper can make a small space appear bigger. This pink flamingo wallpaper has turquoise foliage that goes great with the turquoise walls and pink vanity. The gold accents give the room an elegant and chic feel.

14. Turquoise shower doors

The frosted shower doors give off a turquoise tint in this bathroom. The wall behind the tub looks like an accent wall, but it's a sliding door, subtle, and perfectly matches the wood features.

15. Wood accents and subway tile

This striking, chic bathroom is curated perfectly with the turquoise walls and subway tile background. The subway tile breaks up the room behind the dark walnut vanity and overhead light fixture. The cubbies next to the shower are great to fill with minimal décor that won't look cluttered in the room.

16. Turquoise appliances

When it comes to the color of the sink, toilet, and towel racks, they're always white, but this bathroom strays from the norm and has them all turquoise. It sets the theme for the bathroom from the start. The turquoise tiles outlining the white subway tiles add color to the wall and match the beautiful curtains.

17. Geometric turquoise tiles

While this bathroom could use a few extra décors, like a few shelves or a wicker basket, to enhance the chicness, it's captivating with the geometric turquoise tiles. They travel from the floor to the wall smoothly that it's easy to confuse them for wallpaper. A few plants inside the shower would make it extra relaxing.

18. Turquoise outdoor bathroom

An outdoor bathroom is rare, but if your house has one, it's crucial to make it a sanctuary. Turquoise is a calming, soothing color, so paint every wall turquoise will relax you when you're in the room. The wood features from the vanity and flooring add warmth to the space, and the vines will improve your mood.

19. Tile surrounding the bathtub

Nothing is more relaxing than having a fireplace right next to the bathtub. The various shades of turquoise tile add texture and a zen feeling to the space. The open window allows natural light to brighten the room during the day, while the fireplace can light it up at night.

20. Mermaid tile shower

If you enjoy exciting tile, mermaid tiling is perfect as an accent wall or inside the shower, like in this bathroom. The bold shade of turquoise stands out from the other white walls, and the wood vanity makes the space feel cozy. Gold accents, such as showerhead, mirrors, and lighting, add a luxurious appearance.