Magnolia Network's Joanna Gaines Best Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For The Holidays

In preparation for the holidays, it's always good to get ahead of the game. Waiting until the last minute will only bring you stress, and having your residence holiday-ready early on means you'll be able to enjoy all the wonders that the time of the year has to offer. However, we understand that preparing your home for the holidays can cause major headaches when you don't know where to start. Luckily, an expert on interior design has shared some tips we believe are easy enough to incorporate into any home.

Co-host of the famous HGTV series "Fixer Upper," Joanna Gaines, has shared some simple tips to get your home ready for the approaching holidays, as reported by Hello Giggles. Not only has she starred in one of the most popular renovation shows with her husband, Chip Gaines, but with his help, she has also renovated and flipped over 100 homes. Now, she has taken the time to offer six tips to get you into a cheerful holiday mood.

The psychological effect of scent

Joanna Gaines believes scents can have a major impact on the ambiance of your home, per Hello Giggles. "I shift my candles to either fall or holiday scents," Gaines revealed. "You just remember those sensory moments that let everyone know when they step in, I'm home." According to Prolitec, research has shown that our sense of smell impacts 75% of the emotions we experience every day. Our sense of smell can trigger our memories as well, so a holiday candle is sure to remind you of your past holiday experiences.

Prolitec suggests finding fragrances with scents of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, cardamom, or clove. For example, the Fireside Cinnamon Scented Sham Candle from Pottery Barn mixes Ceylon cinnamon, clove, Valencia orange, jasmine, and bourbon vanilla, which will create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The deep red color of the glass candle is also likely to complement whatever holiday décor you decide to dress your home with.

The importance of texture

Like many others, Gaines believes changing up the texture in a space is a quick and simple way to transform the vibe, according to Hello Giggles. "I want the home to feel even cozier, so I bring out the chunkier blankets and more textured fabric pillows in prints like plaid to really warm up a home," she noted. "Just simple shifts in color and texture make all the difference." Not only can you change up soft textures in a living space, but also other textures found throughout your home.

According to Home Depot, you can easily introduce various textures in a space through holiday ornaments. There are matte, shiny, and dimensional ornaments you can combine together to create an interesting and festive design. To soften the look, you can also find a way to incorporate ribbon around your decorations, which can help create a truly harmonious design for the holidays.

Rotate seasonal plants

According to Joanna Gaines, as the seasons change, so should your interior plants, according to Hello Giggles. "I switch from the florals of summer to those from fall," Gaines stated. "So, for example, you can go outside and cut a couple of branches to put into a vase." She also uses a tactic of mixing together faux and real plants. "For example, I'll put a faux garland on the stairs, using dried oranges as an accent, which transitions nicely from fall right into the holidays," she continued. "Those are very simple things you can do to switch out the season."

According to My Almost Green Thumb, incorporating faux plants can also help homeowners save money because they can simply be rotated each season. However, it's advised to purchase something of higher quality to ensure it lasts longer. Gardenuity notes that mistletoe, amaryllis, poinsettias, and rosemary are typical holiday plants, and you can beautifully combine them with whatever faux plants you choose.

Create cozy vibes

Aside from décor, Joanna Gaines also believes in the power of ambiance, according to Hello Giggles. "Even if it's 70 degrees in Waco, Texas, I ask Chip to light the fireplace for that cozy ambiance," Gaines shared. "I also switch out my music playlist, and always have that playing in the background." If you don't have a fireplace, you can create your own! According to Iscoscella, all you need is a cardboard box, plaster, masking tape, parcel tape, and battery-operated candles.

This process includes measuring the cardboard box and figuring out how big you want your fireplace to be, especially the size of the firebox. Then you'll have to cut it out and tape together your desired shape of the faux fireplace. Then, it's advised to take your time as you cover the cardboard with plaster. Once it's covered in plaster and has dried, you can choose any paint color to fit the aesthetic of your home and then place electric candles inside the firebox to create the similar warm vibes of a real fireplace.

Change up your colors

Want your home to truly reflect the holidays? Pick up a paintbrush. "If you're feeling a little more bold or want something more dramatic, change up the color in your home," Gaines told Hello Giggles. You can either go big by painting an accent wall or make minor adjustments by painting things like doors or trim. "Just a hit of color can make a big statement in a space," Gaines continued. "You can experiment with color and have fun with it." Celebrating Christmas? Maybe create an accent wall with white and red stripes for a candy cane effect. Hanukkah? Painting your front door blue and trim white or vice versa can create a festive entryway.

According to Walla Painting, colors such as yellow, beige, and green can typically complement holiday décor and also transition to spring and summer colors, so you won't have to repaint your home the following season.