20 Unique Candle Holders That Are The Perfect Addition To Your Dining Room Table

This holiday season, as we spend time with our families around the dinner table, let's ensure we do it with style. A dining room table can be decorated with many fabulous things, such as floral arrangements, vases, table runners, and decorative trays. Candle holders can also add to your dining table and create various looks due to the different styles, finishes, and shapes they come in. They are aesthetically pleasing and can create a safer dining experience, according to EFavorMart. If standing alone, a candle is more likely to tip over, cause a fire, and ruin your furniture — or worse. So, candle holders were made to prevent such an awful incident from occurring.

We've found a few unique candle holders to choose from to ensure your table is stylish and fire-free. Whether your home is decorated with modern, traditional, or rustic furnishings, one of these candle holders is sure to give your dining room table the elevated design you desire.

1. Slithering beauty

If you're a fan of the wizardry world, then we suggest incorporating this snake candle holder from Pottery Barn into your home decor. It's finished with gold and has intricate detailing, so it will pair well with other gold décor to make your home feel sophisticated. 

2. Mid-century perfection

Those with mid-century décor will enjoy these wooden candle holders from West Elm for their curved shape and mixed materials of wood and glass. Introducing a few of these in different sizes is sure to add interest and style to the dining table.

3. Retro curves

For something colorful and fun, we recommend aiming for retro décor. This candle holder from Anthropologie adds interest with its bright pink color and round curves, which can create a playful centerpiece for your dining table.

4. Contemporary styles

Something more simple and contemporary are these concrete taper candle holders from Crate and Barrel. They can add height to your dining table, and it's easy to complement a variety of colors with them. 

5. A touch of blue

The softness of these blue glass candle holders from Pottery Barn is simple yet impactful. They can easily be paired with white or gold to create a harmonious design and would complement a warm, dark brown dining table. 

6. Follow the length of your table

If your dining table is rectangular and long, we suggest finding a candle holder with a long length, like this one from West Elm. Matching with the current shapes of your décor helps create a cohesive design. 

7. Get in touch with nature

If you've got a green thumb and love gardening, then incorporate that passion into your home décor! These tree-like plant holders from Anthropologie are beautiful and fun and are sure to create an interesting design for your dining table.

8. You can never go wrong with a lantern

Lantern candle holders are always in style and make a great addition to any dining table. The items pictured above from Crate & Barrel deviate from the traditional appearance of a lantern and can be used in more modern or contemporary spaces.

9. Rustic charm

If you're home aesthetic is rustic or farmhouse, then these antler candle holders from Pottery Barn will be able to complement your current décor. The shape, detailing, and varying heights can add much-needed interest to your dining table.

10. Visit your local thrift store

Never forget that some of the most beautiful decor items can be found at thrift stores or stores like Totally Furniture. They can be especially helpful if you want to create a vintage aesthetic, as you're sure to find an aged candle holder with beautiful detailing. 

11. Lumière, is that you?

This elegant brass candle holder from Target would work well in a traditional dining room, especially one with other French-inspired décor.

12. Simultaneously simple and fun

This curvy candle holder from West Elm creates an interesting visual but is also simple due to its color and flat material. So you can either use this to add interest to a modern design, but it can also be used to tone down an eclectic home. 

13. Delicate beauty

These glass candle holders from West Elm create a beautiful droplet design and are a great option to pair with both bright and neutral colors. This style is very versatile and can be used to complement most aesthetics. 

14. Halloween decor

If you're planning on having family over this Halloween, then these jack-o-lantern candle holders with various carved faces from Sundance are sure to add a touch of fright to your dining table.

15. Make designing easy

This trough candle stick holder from Anthropologie makes designing the dining table easier. You can create a focal point with this item and carefully fill it with other décor, such as flowers or stones.

16. Rippled glass

These rippled glass candle holders from CB2 stunningly display a smoky, ombre design that can bring visual warmth to the dining table. The shiny base can also reflect light, which can make the space feel bright and inviting. 

17. Create a backdrop

Not only can you put candle holders on your table to create a beautiful display, but you can also create an amazing backdrop by installing candle holder wall sconces like these from Pottery Barn.

18. Gold and white

You can never go wrong with a gold and white combo, like this candle display from Walmart. They complement each other while creating contrast so that both the candle and holder are beautifully displayed. 

19. Combine shapes

You can also contrast shapes, such as a round candle and triangular candle holder, like these from West Elm. You can either put one larger candle as they have done here or create an interesting design with various small candles.

20. Introduce new materials

Your candle holder can also be an opportunity to introduce new materials. If your dining room is full of wood, we suggest adding stone or marble to change things up, like this candle holder from CB2.