The Best Time To Take Out Your Window Air Conditioners

Throughout the summer months, your window air conditioner keeps your home comfortable and minimizes the amount of humidity in your space, like all reliable air conditioners do. Yet, when the fall months approach and the last hope for a hot day fades away, it's time to consider removing that unit for the winter. Because the window AC is exposed to the elements, removing it from the window could be beneficial in reducing the risk of pesky drafts, protecting the functionality of the unit, and improving your view of freshly falling snow.

Proper maintenance of your window air conditioner keeps it smelling good, operating efficiently, and lasting a long time. However, according to Family Danz Heating & Cooling, some people prefer to leave their AC unit in place throughout the winter. They cover it up and hope for the best because the process of removing it can be difficult and time consuming. You might have some questions, such as, do you have to remove it? And if you should remove it, when is the best time to do so?

When should you remove your window air conditioner?

Window air conditioning units are a valuable investment, which is reason enough to do everything you can to maintain yours at its best possible working condition. HVAC SEER recommends always removing the AC unit from the window over the winter months. This is better for the system than leaving it in place and it protects the unit's long-term value.

Taking care of this before the first frost of the season is ideal because doing so will limit the unit's exposure to ice or snow that could otherwise build up on it, causing damage. If left in place, snow could easily pile on top of the unit's exterior portion, which would put a heavy strain on it and increase the risk of damage requiring repair. Plus, if you wait until the temperature drops, that will mean exposing the home to very cold temperatures during the actual removal process. Even if the first frost has already passed, still get this done. In the end, it's worth it to take the AC unit down and safeguard it for the winter.

How to store your window air conditioner

Now that you recognize the value of removing the AC window unit in a timely fashion, it's necessary to consider how to do so properly. Entek Corporation offers guidance on how to do this. The first step is to inspect it for any dents, and make sure it works properly. If there are concerns with its functionality, those should be taken care of before you need to use the unit again in the spring next year. It's also recommended that you clean or change the air filters from the unit based on the manufacturer's recommendations.

After unplugging the air conditioner, follow the instructions in the user manual for taking it out of the window to minimize damage. It's best to store the unit in a clean, dry location, such as in a utility room or even the basement. Place it in an upright position to avoid damaging the compressor. When possible, store the unit inside the original box it arrived in for the added protection offered. This way, it'll be ready to go as soon as you need it next year.