5 Classy Ways To Incorporate Taylor Swift Into Your Home Decor

Taylor Swift first emerged onto the music scene in 2006 at the age of 16, according to Britannica. Although she originally started as a country artist, she then ventured into pop and alternative genres and has gone on to release 10 studio albums as well as two re-recorded albums. While the singer is known for her music, she is also popular for the variety of aesthetics she creates with each album. As Elle points out, when Swift debuted, she was known for her cowboy boots, long flowy dresses, and sparkly accessories.

This continued into her "Fearless" era; however, by the time she reached "Speak Now," more sparkles were added to create an aesthetic that can be compared to a fairytale. The album "Red" brought bright red shades and vintage attire, while "1989" took us back in time with its vintage yet modern theme. The star then took a dramatic shift with "Reputation," which featured a more grunge and dark vibe. However, during "Lover," she turned around again by showcasing bright pastel colors, via Today. In 2020, the star released sister albums "Folklore" and "Evermore," which displayed a calmer and neutral setting. Her latest album, "Midnights," brought back bright colors and sparkles, tying all of her eras in a neat bow.

Fortunately for Swifties, these aesthetics are easy to add to the design of any home. From vintage items to pastel tones, here are five classy ways to incorporate Taylor Swift into your home décor.

Invest in vintage items

Vintage items are often seen in Swift's many aesthetics, most commonly during her "1989" era. When she released this album, included was a pack of 13 unique polaroids — a total of five packs, each with different variants was released, as per Shine On Media. These showcased photos of Swift by herself consisting of many different poses in vintage clothing. In addition, when she released her album "Red" two years prior, the star wore mostly vintage clothing, according to L'Officiel. Typically, these items were pulled straight from the '50s and featured a variety of styles.

While you obviously can't use clothing as décor, you can use many of the designs from her outfits as inspiration. To do so, consider using a solid color as your focal point and then adding vintage items. Swift usually opted to add a plaid or a floral pattern. One idea is to combine a solid color with a floral design for curtains or a plaid design and switch up your pillowcases. If you want to add polaroids, this should be easier to do as they're back in style, via 13 News Now. Consider purchasing string lights specifically designed for these photos. You can hang these on the wall in any area, such as a bedroom or living room. The lights will shine on the photos, which makes them a perfect focal point. On the other hand, you can display the camera as décor as well.

Red is more than just an album

When Swift released her album "Red," the aesthetic was exactly that: red. Although the clothing was vintage, many of these pieces were red, via Tonitruale. However, if her attire wasn't this bright shade, her lipstick was almost guaranteed to be. Nonetheless, Swift released an entire album titled this particular hue, so it's only fitting to add this shade in both large and subtle ways.

One of the biggest ways to decorate with this color is to paint a room or an accent wall. If you decide to do this, Paint Denver recommends testing a few shades before painting the entire area. Since red is so vibrant, finding the exact shade you desire can be hard. They also recommend testing it at different times of day and in different light settings.

Of course, you don't have to go above and beyond with this color, either. It's super versatile, allowing it to fit in with many aesthetics. Much like with vintage items, consider using this color for curtains or throw pillows. Pillows would look great matched with a throw blanket as well. Since the "State of Grace" singer recently re-released this album, there is a lot of merch available online that pertains to this era — both the original and re-recorded versions. After all, one of the biggest ways to incorporate the pop star into your home décor is by displaying official merch.

Display sparkly and lighted decor

When many think of Taylor Swift, one of the things they associate with her is how bright and shimmery her aesthetics have been. She hinted at this theme when she debuted; however, it really emerged during her second album. As per Taste of Country, the "Fifteen" singer wore a lot of fringe-layered silver dresses during her "Fearless" era. To match, her guitar was covered in rhinestones. As stated, this ventured well into her "Speak Now" album, where she wore a gold dress similar to her silver design, via L'Officiel. During this time, she also wore a lot of sheer styles and glammed up her attire.

To incorporate these aesthetics into your home décor, try to picture a modern fairytale. Add fairy lights and other bright elements to as many places as possible. Usually, these types of lights work best in dark areas or corners. Electronics Hub also suggests getting in touch with your creative side by placing them in jars on your dresser. In addition, many LED lights come with remote controls to change the color, giving you more customizable options to help incorporate the aesthetic into your home. Lastly, don't forget to add sparkle. Usually, subtle elements work best for this. For example, consider placing a silver or gold sparkly pillow on a white sofa or recliner. This way, it's not over the top but still gives it a glamorous look and feel.

Get in touch with your dark side

In comparison, when the "Delicate" singer entered her "Reputation" era, the glitter and shining lights continued; however, it was done with a twist. As per Today, Swift's only dark era featured either bright sparkly outfits or solid black outfits with a hint of green. In addition, there were lots of nods toward snakes. In fact, this era was so dark that her music video for her hit song "Look What You Made Me Do" featured tombstones and zombies, via Rolling Stone.

While this could give off a Halloween feel, it doesn't have to. To incorporate this version of Swift into your décor, start with the basics: black. While you can paint your room or an accent wall this color, some pros and cons come with this decision. As Melanie Lissack Interiors points out, this shade can make the décor against the walls stand out. This can work great if you plan to display photos or knick-knacks of snakes. However, in opposition, this color can make a space feel smaller.

Painting aside, you can also add black and dark green to many everyday items. If your sofa is already black, add green pillows to create this aesthetic. Bonus points if these pillows feature snakes on them. While there may be some designs available online, this can also be a DIY project that will make the décor even more related to this era.

But don't leave out bright pastels

In complete opposition to "Reputation," Swift's "Lover" era brought on bright and colorful pastel shades, via The Honey Pop. For the most part, these colors were tones of blue, pink, purple, and yellow. Along with these shades, the singer incorporated a lot of other elements, including butterflies, rainbows, cats, and, of course, sparkles. These designs can most notably be seen in her first music video for the hit song "ME!" that the star starred in alongside Brandon Urie, the lead singer of Panic of the Disco!, as per Variety. The video appears to be set in a city where everything is colored. The sky rains rainbows of colors, and Swift, along with many dancers, dance in it — each wearing an outfit of a different pastel color.

Since so many colors were used during this era, incorporating them into your home décor should be simple. While you can paint your room one of these tones, we recommend not going too overboard. If painting is a must, consider sticking to an accent wall. Pastel colors are bright and can easily take over a setting if not done properly. Therefore, adding furniture such as a single chair or décor with these shades is simple enough to display this color gently. A painting of a blue butterfly, a photo of a rainbow, or even a knick-knack or two of a cat can easily be incorporated to represent Swift.