How To Steal Designer Nabela Noor's Home Décor Style

Designer, author, and homemaker Nabela Noor is known for her gorgeous Instagram content and body-positive philosophy, having made forays into several lifestyle-oriented content sectors like home décor, fashion, cooking, and beauty. Her beautiful home, located in Pennsylvania, is a bright and expansive two-story that Nabela has worked to make the perfect home for her husband and new daughter, as well as a functioning workspace for her and her team. 

The result is a space, detailed in her self-guided YouTube home tour, that is both beautiful and practical, filled with cozy neutral-driven details and lots of airy light. If you are looking to emulate some of the details of Noor's residence in your own space, there are some key elements to consider implementing in your home. Whatever size and dimensions you are working with, this is possible, from small details like storage and accent pieces to more significant considerations like paint colors and solid surfaces.

Maximize the light

Nabela Noor's home is filled with brightness and light. During her holiday home tour, she tells fans via YouTube that the house was filled with darker accents when they moved in, particularly in the kitchen, which was promptly swapped out for white paint and lots of brightness. The home glows with expansive ceilings and windows in the main living area, including a living room, dining room, and kitchen, in an open-concept arrangement. It uses white and cream accents as well as reflective, airy furniture that complements heavier elements like medium wood floors and the mammoth stone fireplace.

Even if your home's bones are not as grand as Noor's space, maximizing light can do wonders even in smaller, more intimate areas. White paint, furnishings, and accents immediately add a sense of lightness and brightness to any room. Some small space hacks to add light and illumination, even if a room feels dark, are to use lots of white paint and reflective surfaces like mirrors, crystal, and glass.

Set the vibe

In her video "How to Turn Your House Into A Home (Before & After)," Nabela Noor discusses the importance of setting a mood to make your home feel like a liveable and lived-in space. For Noor, this includes music, delicious scents, essential oils, and crystals. The overall sensory effect, both physical and metaphysical, significantly impacts guests entering the home, making it a welcoming space that reflects its owner's priorities and personality. 

A perfect way to set the mood you desire is by thinking about all the senses you might experience when entering your home, not just sight but sound and smell. Whether this is running your favorite essential oil burner or playing your favorite tunes, these other, often ignored senses have just as much impact on how people experience the space as visual details do. Principles such as feng shui, crystals, sacred items, and spiritual accents have a similar role in setting the vibes of any home.

Add glamour and romance

Every inch of Nabela Noor's home is populated by luxurious, often feminine details, from the formal living room's opulent crystal chandelier to its custom holiday décor. The result is a space filled with glamour and romance. A keen love of fresh flowers filters throughout the home, which Noor tells her viewers in a YouTube video is essential for making her space inviting. This feeling of softness and feminine touches is augmented by the color scheme in the house, which tends toward soft neutrals with pale pink, aqua, and mustard accents.

Pay attention to luxurious fabrics in petal-soft colors and materials like crystal, gilt, and glass for accents to get a similar soft and feminine feel in your space. Opt for neutrals on the lighter end of the spectrum, including white, beige, cream, and taupe. Flowers and greenery add a romantic, glamorous feel to any interior. Fresh flowers beautify any room, even if you don't have a lot of space or funds to work with. 

Make it cozy

While Nabela Noor's home is rooted in neutrals and quite an ample space, one of the key things that keeps Noor's home cozy and dynamic is the wealth of fabrics and textures present in the house. These tweeds, linens, nubby blankets, and fur throws add texture and dimension even in rooms without huge variations in color. The overall effect is a warm coziness, which Nabela tells her YouTube audience is vital, reflecting her love of soft things like throw blankets, cushions, and pillows, as well as well-placed poofs and ottomans that contribute to a feeling of warmth.

Even in large spaces, grounding your décor in rich textures and fabrics keeps things touchable and warm. Sometimes large rooms can seem very modern and cold, so adding textured and soft elements are key in making these spaces feel cozier and more inviting. Neutral décor can sometimes feel too much of the same, so opting for varying textures like woven fabrics, fur, cotton, and other textured pieces give variation where the color scheme is otherwise uniform. 

Beautify the everyday

Nabela Noor tells her viewers on YouTube that one of her favorite elements in her home are glass jars and containers, which she feels keep the home's more practical aspects, like food storage, visible but not adding to a sense of clutter. She emphasizes the importance of finding attractive ways to store everyday items, including displaying things like cookies and fruit in glass canisters and jars. These great visual additions not only serve practical storage needs but immediately make their contents look more refined and sophisticated. 

Look for cute storage means in your home that you won't mind having out on display, which can become valuable décor elements such as baskets, jars, boxes, and other decorative containers. Their effect will look intentional and avoid feeling cluttered while also being practical additions to the space. For your kitchen, try highlighting things more practical, like a bunch of lemons or meticulously stacked snacks that are as pretty as they are edible.