25 Artistic Light Fixtures That You'll Want In Your Home

When it comes to putting together a room, there are a few necessities that can't — or at least shouldn't — be ignored. That includes proper lighting, which means more than just choosing something that illuminates your room. It also means choosing fixtures that enhance the style and ambiance. In fact, it's such a key factor in the overall look of a space, that it should be given considerable attention.

Suggesting you think of your lighting like the accessories you might wear, Boxwood Avenue notes the kind of fixtures you pick out can make a major impact on whatever area they're in. That's why you need to keep in mind a few factors, such as the size of the lighting fixture, one that suits the space where you intend to put it and how many pieces you may want to be placed together. When it comes to individual items, you can opt for anything from a combination of metals like brass or chrome to natural and soft materials, as well as finishes like an impressive shine or something that's more on the matte side.

That's not to mention the various designs, shapes, and colors you can choose from, plus the styles, such as traditional, contemporary, trendy, or extreme. Of course, if you'd love to have light fixtures that light up a room and capture your eye, then you'll want to check out these artistic light fixtures that are both creative and captivating.

1. Curved wood and metal lights

In order to bend wood properly and effectively, you need the right kind of material — not to mention the skill. This light fixture not only features wood that's been beautifully curved, but it also boasts matching metal rods as well as tube LEDs. Together, the combination gives off a creatively contemporary look.

2. Light fixture with rings

Thin dark gold rods act as randomly angled bases for the glowing rings that make this piece look like something you might find in a gallery. With adjustable joints, you'd be able to position the fixture in a way that would best light up your room or change it occasionally to keep things fresh.

3. Zig-zag light fixture

An amazing addition to a posh and modern space, this light fixture has a unique zig-zag design. It also features a trio of globes that sit in the dips of the three shapes. An item that would fit well over a long dining table, it'd look just as great above a coffee table or bed.

4. Copper light with a cage

The large copper bell-shaped piece in the center of this light fixture would be an attractive choice that would warm any room. However, a black cage has been added to the exterior of the piece, which increases the visual appeal and makes the fixture look like a modern mixed-metal sculpture.

5. Crisscrossed light fixture

While this light fixture is undeniably sleek thanks to the black bell-shaped shades and matching matte metal bars, the seemingly random placement of the crisscrossed lines creates an almost chaotic contrast with the bells' calm curves. An ideal choice for a home with an industrial style, it'd also go well with posh décor.

6. Cloud-like light fixtures

With curves, swoops, and pockets of space that light up and have shadows, these fixtures resemble strange clouds or marvelous mushrooms. Showing off a whimsical artistic look, they would be a stylish accent in a cozy room. Although three of the lights have been used in this room, you could opt for even more or just one.

7. Twisty rope light fixture

The design of this creative and modern light fixture is relatively straightforward. A single black bar is held up with even thinner wires that are barely visible and suspend the piece to the ceiling. Beyond that, a single additional piece lights up the entire item while twisting in unexpected and mesmerizing ways.

8. Woven copper band light fixture

A wide band of copper has been woven in a haphazardly rounded shape that allows the light's glow to pass through both the bottom and the open spaces on the sides. The warm tone of the metal means that it works well in a room that has other metal details or natural elements like wood.

9. Bubbled globe light fixtures

Offering your home an artistic touch that's also elegant, these globe light fixtures are enviably chic. Made of clear glass with a bulb inside each one, the textured exterior obscures the view of what's inside while giving off plenty of light. Thanks to their delicate look, you can put up multiple fixtures without them being overwhelming.

10. Dome and rings light fixture

Although this light fixture flaunts an arguably offbeat design, it also features a sophisticated style. Indeed, the longer you look at it, the more you'll notice both the combination of vibes as well as the distinctive makeup that sees two ring lights paired with a single dome light at the opposite end.

11. Glass and metal light fixtures

The bulbs of these striking light fixtures sit on lengthy posts that make them look like candles. In front of each, a curved glass piece distorts and intensifies the glow while the metal details anchor the piece both physically and visually. Anything but subtle, these light fixtures will be a focal point of any space.

12. Geometric light fixture

This light fixture's lines and shapes are surely what you'll notice first. The intricate design, which has a surprisingly minimalist vibe, is made to catch your eye. The six pieces at the bottom are where you'll find the bulbs and while they won't give off a lot of light, this item does have a lot of style.

13. Pearl-like modern light fixture

There's a very good reason why pearls are considered to be so precious, can be so pricey, and are so sought after. Their often perfectly round shape and stunning gleam are captivating. The same can be said for this modern light fixture that uses gleaming pearl-like globes along with angled metal and gold-tipped rods.

14. Ruffled two-toned light fixture

This light fixture opts for a ruffled skirt shape that gives it a fashionable twist while a gray layer has been placed over a white piece, making it even more eye-catching. If you love this design but want something more vibrant, you could choose any color combination like green and purple or blue and yellow.

15. Hoop light fixture

While the lower bar of this piece shines its light downward, the hoops cast light around their entire outer curves, meaning they'll illuminate in all directions. You might also notice that in this room, the shapes used in the light fixture have been mirrored by both the circular cutout on the ceiling and the wall art.

16. Flower-like light fixture

With white rounded pieces that are loosely layered and extend out around the bright center, this light fixture gives off the impression of feathers or a petal-filled flower. Enchantingly pretty, this item would suit a room that's classy and luxurious, as well as one that embraces an elegant bohemian aesthetic.

17. Retro woven wicker light fixture

Enhance an existing retro room or set yourself on the way to a space that boasts groovy hints with a woven wicker light fixture. Along with the loose diamond pattern that's been created by the weaving and will let light shine through, this piece also has a funky shape that gives it character.

18. Circular wave light fixture

You can't miss this light fixture thanks to the large size and mesmerizing circular shape that dips and lifts like a wave in the ocean. While this particular piece has been made with matte black metal, it would look just as good in any shiny metal as well as a wide range of colors.

19. Glass and mirrored light fixture

The metalwork on this light fixture almost mimics the lead bars that line royal windows and if you look closely, you'll see that the top looks like a crown. You also have to pay attention to notice that although the globe looks completely clear, only the top is transparent. The bottom sections are actually mirrored.

20. Wonderfully wonky light fixtures

Taking the opposite approach from some of the other light fixtures you could choose from, this option keeps the lighted strips on the inside while black surfaces face outward. Of course, that's not all that makes them intriguing. The shapes are also wonderfully wonky and can add a playfully creative touch to any space.

21. Black macrame light fixture

Another option that could work with plenty of trendy or unique styles, this light fixture uses black twine and the art of macramé to achieve its gorgeous design. If this happens to be a kind of art that you can tackle yourself, then you could take this on as your next DIY project.

22. Intricate glass light fixture

The saying may tell you to go big or go home, but a light fixture like this seriously sizable piece will allow you to go big in your home. With an intricate arrangement of champagne-colored glass pieces that all gently curve together, this item would look incredible whether the light inside is turned on or off.

23. Tiered paper-like light fixture

The many small circles used for this light fixture are so thin, they're almost paper-like. They've also been strung together to create both shapes and tiers while remaining wispy and unimposing. A fabulous addition to a home that has a natural or boho style, it would also suit any chic or elegant space.

24. Chrome globe light fixtures

Due to the reflective chrome globes and the different heights of each, this light fixture — or rather, the multiple fixtures — will make it look like you have an art installation in your home. Although this option obviously works well above a bathtub, you could also hang the globes above your dining table, kitchen island, or sofa.

25. Traditional and colorful light fixtures

You'll surely appreciate the complex yet perfectly balanced nature of this traditional light fixture while also adoring the various complementary colors that have been used. That's on top of the smaller frosted globes and designs in each of the larger blue pieces that glow when the lights are turned on.