5 Unexpected Ways To Decorate Your Kid's Dinosaur-Themed Bedroom

If your child loves dinosaurs, perhaps you've thought about transforming their bedroom into a prehistoric museum. According to Dreams, a themed bedroom can provide comfort to your child as they'll be surrounded by their favorite things. Additionally, it can help them enjoy the time that they spend in their own space. And, while your child may outgrow their new room in a few years, you're likely to score some transitional pieces that will last for years to come.

When you imagine a dinosaur-themed room, you probably picture a space filled with thousands of dinosaurs on the walls, floors, and furniture. However, your child's bedroom doesn't have to be decorated in this way. Instead, you can rely on tasteful design, as well as some unique ideas that make the theme stand out.

Below are five unexpected ways to decorate your child's dinosaur-themed bedroom. Each of these ideas is sure to make your child excited, and some may also make it easier to transition out of the theme later on.

Replace the mural with a fossil gallery wall

Typically, rooms featuring a theme will utilize a mural to serve as a focal point. If you were to create one in a dinosaur-themed bedroom, it would probably feature a Tyrannosaurus rex or a jungle scene.

However, instead of painting a large image, consider creating a unique gallery wall with lots of fossils or fossil-like decorations. For instance, you can buy wooden art pieces that display many different species of dinosaurs from Etsy and arrange them on a wall. Or, if you want to complete a fun craft with your child, you can make fossils out of salt dough mounds, per Little Passports.

To do this, you'll need to mix salt, flour, and water until the mixture achieves a dough-like consistency. Then, you can separate it into sections and flatten them into round shapes. To create the fossils, press dinosaur toys into the dough until they're imprinted. Once you've baked your creations, KidKraft recommends displaying them inside shadow boxes or hanging them on the wall with ribbons.

Focus on creating a lush atmosphere

Many dinosaur-themed rooms lean too heavily into dinosaurs when they don't need to. Instead, you can focus on creating a lush jungle atmosphere and displaying your child's dinosaur toys on the shelves. This may make changing the room into another theme or style easier as your child grows up.

Circu says that an important aspect of a dinosaur theme is using a green color palette, as color can transform an entire space. They suggest mixing a deep shade with pastels and moss tones for a touch of variety. This can be done by using several different tones on the room's walls (per Dulux). They crafted the appearance of a vivid landscape by painting wavy horizon lines along the wall at different heights. This creates a much more unique effect than simple dinosaur wallpaper.

Once you've taken care of the walls, consider snagging some unique green furniture to transform the space into the perfect prehistoric setting. Then, include dinosaur-specific touches via toys and bedding. Of course, you can always add real or faux plants to complete the look.

Don't forget about the floor

Although focusing on the room's walls is important, make sure you don't forget to decorate the floor as well. One easy way to transform the space is with an area rug, which can display dinosaur footprints, lush greenery, or a bold green color. For instance, you can choose this fun rug from Target that features graphics and colors that are tailor-made for a dinosaur-themed room.

Another way to transform the floor is by adding trails or footprints. According to KidKraft, vinyl stickers are probably your simplest option, but Oriental Trading and Amazon both have some great decals in different colors. These can also be placed on the wall if you want to add a touch of visual interest.

Additionally, if you have the means to do so, you can add dark natural hardwood flooring in the room, then lay down an area rug. This can help create the theme because natural wood will provide some earthy vibes and a rustic appearance. That being said, if a new floor isn't in your budget, you can also add interest by creating a platform with wooden palettes.

Consider the bed

Because your child's bed will most likely be the focal point of their room, consider how you want to make it stand out. Perhaps the easiest and most common way to adorn it with a dinosaur theme is through the bedding, which could be purchased from Amazon.

However, to do something a bit more unexpected, you can create a full dinosaur bed frame. While some only feature the creature on the headboard, Kids Bedding Dreams has a few ideas for large, intricate custom bed frames to spark your imagination. In one, a child even sleeps inside the dinosaur's mouth! If you do some searching online, you are sure to find many DIY-friendly projects to transform your child's sleeping area with their favorite theme in mind.

Another popular idea is to select a bed that looks like a tent, per Cuckooland. To easily do this, simply suspend a canopy over your child's sleeping area. Or you can buy a bed that has a tent frame, such as the one featured in the above image. Treehouse-inspired designs are yet another creative way to spruce up a bed, such as the one My DIY Happy Home included in their themed room.

Choose natural wood pieces

To complete the dinosaur-themed room of your child's dreams, be sure to include some wooden furniture. This simple choice will give your child's room a more earthy feel (per Circu). Wood tones will go great with the green décor you bought to go along with the prehistoric theme. Also, since the furniture will be neutral, it will be able to grow with your child even after they outgrow their love for dinosaurs.

Feel free to choose a dresser, bed frame, mirror, side table, and shelving that features different wood tones for a more varied look. You may even throw in some vintage wooden dinosaur toys, which will provide the prehistoric vibes you're trying to create.

My DIY Happy Home added a wooden roof to their child's treehouse bed frame to create a more rustic appearance. They also include a dresser with wooden drawers and a white frame. If you don't want to use all wooden pieces, black and white furniture may also work well with a dinosaur theme.