How To Decorate A Dog's Room

A dog room for man's best friend is becoming increasingly in vogue in the United States. And that's no surprise considering that Americans in particular adore their furry friends. In fact, according to Fin Masters, a staggering $124 billion was spent by Americans on their pets in 2021. More surprising? This is 17 percent more spent on pets from 2020 and an incredible 30 percent more than in 2018! 

Now that we've established how much we love Spot and Fido, let's decorate their room fit for a king or queen, shall we? First off, what is a dog's room? It is exactly what it sounds like: A room decorated in a manner that's perfectly suited for your favorite furry friend. This is a room that is ideally situated for a dog! Get your dog ready to enter a room worth barking about and we'll get the decorations for this room ready! 

Let's start with their sleeping arrangements. Bring in a doggy bed worth sleeping in because we know our pooches love their rest and they deserve the best! This dog bed from Lucky Paws is simply divine. With bear paws covering the back of this plush vegan faux fur calming dog bed, Fido is going to melt into doggy bliss! May your dog dream peacefully of bones and fire hydrants! 

Decorate the walls with dog decals

Let's keep it dog-friendly for all your canine buddies! Use some dog decals and cover the walls with various dog images. And why not cover the ceiling with some fluffy clouds? This way, your furry friend will always feel in good "barking" company. Whether Fluffy is surrounded by canine friends on the wall or clouds on the ceiling, this will be one very happy dog! These vinyl wall decals by Fat Head fit the doggy bill nicely. These handy decals are reusable and safe for walls. They don't require tacks or tape and stick to the vast majority of flat surfaces! Top dog! 

There's a Golden Retriever, French Bulldog, and Basset Hound in the mix, along with some other four-legged friends. According to Fin Masters, statistics show that pet owners of practically every income bracket end up spending around 1 percent of their yearly earnings on their fur babies. It's hard to resist our best friends, now isn't it? 

Who is your favorite POTUS dog?

Put up a picture of your favorite POTUS dog on a side table. Preferably next to the doggy bed so your favorite furry friend can gaze lovingly at the picture of his "First Dog." Perhaps you ought to start with a photo of FDR's beloved Scottish Terrier, Fala. In fact, you can even view a statue of Fala sitting next to FDR in Washington, D.C. at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. Turns out Fala is indeed a top dog! According to NBC News, he is actually the first POTUS dog to have a statue and also the only one to receive this incredible honor. 

Turns out, many different POTUS animals have graced the White House including a raccoon owned by First Lady, Grace Coolidge. Now, let's review an appropriate frame to put a photo of a First Dog inside. This frame from Personalization Mall will work perfectly. It comes in galvanized steel and allows for a dog's name to be inscribed on the frame along with two lines of text. All dogs would agree this frame is a win-win paw's down!

A stuffed animal clone of your dog

Naturally, Fluffy and Snuggle deserve only the best of toys! And toys serve as decorations in and of themselves. This is a dog's room afterall, so be sure to scatter them all around the room. We don't want Fluffy struggling to find a toy! Let's provide the best toys there are to offer! So just what kind of pet toys should we have for Fluffy?

A stuffed animal clone of Fluffy himself, but of course! This stuffed animal from Cuddle Clones is handmade and takes about two months to arrive so plan ahead if you're gifting this furtastic custom-cloned dog. This perfect stuffed animal is made of faux fur and duplicates those lovable details of your dog. In fact, it's 100 percent guaranteed. More interested in having your dog exercise inside its room? Look no further than this seesaw for dogs. The pawhut wooden dog agility seesaw from Wayfair will keep your pet happy in its special dog room. Circus training anyone?

Ever wonder exactly who it is that has made man's best friend worthy of his own room and stuffed animal in his or her likeness? Millennials! According to Dog's Best Life, the people spending the most on their pets are millennials. This generation will do just about anything to make sure the well-being of their furry friends is realized. And the millennials will pay more than others if that means it makes their pet's life happier. Rub that belly!

Water fountain for your pooch

We can't expect our pooches to be best-in-show if they're not properly hydrated. And these days, there are some outrageous water bowls (fountains, even) available for your favorite bed cuddler. Take a look at this fresh water dispensing fountain from Pet Meds. Talk about some hygge-decor for the dog! According to Pet Meds, this Pagoda porcelain fountain continuously recirculates 70 ounces of fresh, filtered water for your pooch. That means you're not constantly having to refill some old, mangled and ugly plastic doggy bowl. Oh no, not for your love bug. Your beloved pet gets fresh fountain water.

In fact, according to True Care Veterinary Center, water is absolutely essential to your dog's well-being. But why, exactly? They state that pets need water because it delivers purposeful nutrients in and out of the animal's bodily cells. This in turn assists in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Additionally, it also lubricates the joints, cushions the spinal and brain cord, regulates body temperature, and improves cognitive function. In summary, it's vital. 

A colorful dog paw chandelier

Yes, a chandelier for your pooch! Snuggle's dog room wouldn't be complete without some chew bone decorations or paw prints hanging off the ceiling. Everything for your best friend! We've got to "dig in" to these doggy decorations- they're furrtastic. First off, we've got the LED Parlor Pendant Chandelier from Beautiful Halo. This oversized dog paw print chandelier comes in yellow, red, or blue. What's your dog's favorite color? Don't know? Not to worry. We shall decorate the room with so many colorful items that surely their fave color will be displayed.

But, let's not stop with one ceiling decoration when there are various that will make an otherwise stale ceiling come alive with furry power! Check out this awesome dog bone ceiling light that would make any furry friend bark from Beautiful Halo as well. But to really make the ceiling "howl" try decorating with this entertaining shadow light from ever-creative Etsy

This coolness hangs off the ceiling and displays shadows of a dog circulating around the walls of the doggy room. A doggy favorite we've heard! Finally, let's decorate with an original carving of our dog's great ancestor, the wolf. This handcrafted wolf carving from Piecesy will look perfect on a side table! 

Animal Planet on your dog's TV

We don't want Fido to get bored, so let's get a TV going in the dog room with an animal-friendly show blaring. Especially when we leave for the day, we need to make sure the TV has some other loving creatures displayed on it so we can be sure Fido doesn't feel the need to scratch at the door in protest of our departure. In fact in 2018, Statista reports that over 31 percent of respondents of a survey between the ages of 18 to 29 said they had viewed "Animal Planet" within the past month. 

But, in case the TV annoys your other animals, there's always music to calm your best buddy. This Relax My Dog YouTube channel offers three hours of "calming" music for Fido. Naturally, showing a movie such as the famous "Lassie" would be a primo option for doggy entertainment. Another great dog movie for our furry friends is "Lady and the Tramp" and of course "One Hundred and One Dalmatians." 

Fire hydrants make a room feel like a park

Since real indoor fire hydrants aren't readily available (or hygienic) for Fluffy's urinating enjoyment, we shall provide fresh grass instead! But, that doesn't mean we'll just ignore the fire hydrants. We will decorate with some instead! Here's a handy dandy red fire hydrant perfect for the dog room from Wayfair! Try putting one in every corner of the dog's room! We just don't want our four-legged-friend to use them to wee wee, and that's where the real grass in a handy tray from Doggie Lawn comes in handy. 

Grown in California, this fresh grass can be shipped to you as needed. According to Purnia, the majority of dogs need to urinate three to five times a day. And since there will be some real grass inside the dog's room, it isn't a stretch to include a "wee wee friendly" red fire hydrant to sit on top of it. Here's one that is "pee friendly" from Walmart. Now, all the bases are covered! 

Doggy couch with bone pillows

A doggy bed is nice of course. Indeed, it's necessary for a dog's room decor. But, a doggy couch is far more advanced, and let's face it, our dogs are modern these days! Let's also decorate their special room with a high-class doggy couch such as this one from Perigold that comes nice and cushy with plush and comfy pillows, naturally. Zzzzzzz, sleep for our furry friends is of utmost importance.

Pet MD reports that the average adult dog sleeps 50 percent of the day, or about 12 hours. Even more reason to have a doggy couch! Besides, where else will Snuggle watch "Animal Planet" or "Lassie" in relative peace? Ever wonder if your dog is dreaming about you when you've left him for the evening? According to VCA Hospitals, dogs do dream! The end result of scientific research is that dreams occupy a dog's naptime. So are they dreaming of you or their last meal? That we'll never know. Best you treat your furry friends with love just in case they think of you when they close their eyes. 

Doggy clothes make for great wall decor

Dog clothes aren't just for a Beverly Hills pooch anymore, folks. They are for ALL top dogs these days. In fact, it's becoming commonplace to see doggies prancing around in doggie outfits. And all these couture dog outfits are perfect for decoration on the walls! We shall hang up the best-of-the-best on the walls to show off all the darling clothing we adorn our buddies in for a doggie "cat-walk" down Rodeo Drive. Some dogs even dress up for Comic-Con like this Captain America Bulldog! The options are really endless these days. 

Let's take a peek at some top-dog outfits. Fur Baby Couture offers some darling outfits such as the Coco Cardigan and Diva Harness for our fur babies. Sure, it's fashionable, but do dogs really need clothes? According to Pets Best, not really. Pets Best reports that dogs only "need" a jacket if they're living in very cold climates. They say that if a pet is going to be in the cold for less than 10 minutes and unless it's under 45 degrees, the average dog doesn't need additional clothing. But that being said, it just seems like Fluffy has that much more of a prance in his step when that darling outfit is on him!