The Best Color Palette For An Art Deco Home Decor Style

If you're a fan of sophisticated décor, and the thought of transporting yourself into the world of "The Great Gatsby" makes your heart flutter, then the art deco home décor style is right up your alley. A mix between futuristic and modern, the roaring '20s-inspired aesthetic is the way to go for incorporating glamour and luxury into your home, according to Art Deco Style, and it certainly packs a punch with its geometric patterns, bold colors, and shiny finishes of glass, chrome, gold, and crystal.

Making its debut in 1925, the art deco style is reminiscent of the "glamorization" of technological advancements of the time, which inspired interior designers to channel that newfound innovative outlook, per HGTV. When embracing this specific style, you might decorate with intricate patterns of florals and animal prints as well as an abundance of mirrors and symmetrical shapes and arches. When it comes to the color palette, however, a combination of colors that contrast and play off each other in a bold yet sophisticated way is the perfect approach.

Neutrals with a pop of bold color

The art deco home décor style has neutral, sophisticated colors at the heart of its palette, with bold colors popping throughout (via Benjamin Moore). You could go the simple black-and-white route, with soft and dark hues bouncing off each other in stark contrast, or design your space with deep shades of brown and plum with a pop of cream. Regardless of your color preferences, whether it spans from deep red to dark purple, the most important thing to remember, per Hollywood Regency Decor, is that a few exuberant colors are essential in embracing the aesthetic and making a room come alive. 

The best color palette for this style includes neutral shades of brown, beige, and grey, with splashes of navy blue, plum, rose, and dark forest green. An exciting aspect of this home décor style is that it can work for a range of vibes, whether moody and dark or light and airy. You could paint your walls a dark plum with contrasting gold accents or go the opposite route with a sunlit room of yellows and beachy blues. The options are endless as long as you stay with the theme of intense opulent colors and shapes. However, be careful not to go too crazy with the color, as it can end up looking a little too much like a rainbow, which doesn't fit the art deco style. 

Add the right textures and don't forget the shine

The art deco home décor style is in a league of its own regarding textures and patterns. According to HGTV, velvet, faux-fur, and tufted textiles add to the sophistication and grandiosity of the art deco spirit. For those who prefer a moody space, deep red and plum hues, as well as navy blue and dark grey, make excellent choices for textiles like curtains and upholstery, per Benjamin Moore. For a lavish and masculine look, you could select shades of deep brown and beige with natural hardwood floors.

And what is opulence without mirrors, metal, and shiny silver and gold? Per Art Deco Style, the look gives off the air of a cocktail bar, with its glass, chrome, mirrors, and polished accessories. To keep the style sophisticated and modern, you want to be careful not to overdo it here as well, but sparkling details are always a good idea for a retro glam look — think shiny, sleek, and glossy. And, of course, opt for symmetrical furniture and décor like mirrors, paintings, and shelves to fully encompass the art deco aesthetic.