How To Decorate Your Home Like The House In Julie And Julia

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Are you a foodie? Do you cook? Do you blog? Do you blog about cooking?  That's what Julie did in the movie, "Julie and Julia." According to Rotten Tomatoes, Julie Powell (played by Amy Adams) is your average New Yorker who decides blogging about her experience practicing French cooking is a better alternative to her dead end job. She doesn't just decide to make any French recipes but 524 of Julia Child's (played by Meryl Streep) recipes from her cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." Based on a true story, out of her scaled-down kitchen, Julie puts herself and her home to the test making all sorts of recipes from the book including delicious cakes, whole chickens, and beef bourguignon. Once the plates are cleared and the kitchen is closed it's the rest of the house that brings the character to life on screen.

If you want to decorate your space like Julie and Eric's (played by Chris Messina) place in New York then the inspirations below are just for you. Choose your favorite big-screen features from the film. Pick from several decor ideas including colorful string lights around the doorways, open storage ideas, multiple patterns on soft accessories, or an earthy color scheme (to name a few) for any room of the house. For fans of the film, food, or style, continue reading for all the ways to recreate these stylistic features and more in your own home.

Be seated at a round table

In the film, Julie celebrates her 30th birthday where she invites multiple friends over to enjoy some homemade Julia Child's cookbook recipes. If you are anything like Julie and Eric in "Julie and Julia" then you're definitely one to host several guests from time to time at home. Besides the food itself, an important part of hosting is having plenty of seating for the guests to interact and feel welcome in. This is where having the right table shape matters. Everyone should be close enough to talk but have plenty of space to eat, too.

In order to set up your dining space for entertaining like Julie, you must pick the right table shape. If the space allows, you can try to select a round table for all your family and friends to gather around at celebrations, dinner parties, or daily meals just like in their apartment pictured above. Why a round table? According to Kathy Kuo Home, decorating with a round dining table creates a more intimate space. Exactly the atmosphere you want to recreate to make your own memories like Julie and her family and friends in the film. The table shape is also versatile and practical in a home. Round tables have the ability to increase flow in a dining room as the shape allows you to move around easier (via Style by Emily Henderson). We know not every space will be able to accommodate the circular table shape so always go with what best fits your room and creates the desired closeness.

Dark tones on a beige sofa

The apartment in the movie "Julie and Julia" features a neutral color palette with splashes of lighter pops of color throughout the rooms. You can see in the image above of Julie reading a book on her beige sofa just how the neutral tones aren't reserved for just the walls. The toned down hues are also represented on the furniture. There are other light pops of color on the walls or other accessories that help complete the room though. If you want to imitate this color coordination in your own home, begin with the sofa. Don't just select any color sofa but pick by one in a neutral beige you absolutely adore. You want to achieve a lived in look versus something more contemporary. In order to mimic the style, try to stay away from modern forms and sectionals.

The beige couch stands out in the room pictured above. It doesn't get lost amongst the decor and the reason for that is the plush accessories. The best way to give a bland sofa some character is by layering it with the right accent colors. "Adding dark accents to a beige living room not only adds a dynamic twist, but makes a space feel lighter by way of contrast," Joe Studholme, color curator at Farrow & Ball told Living Etc. "Beige spaces feel seamless and undemanding, but the simple addition of a dark element creates a really chic, modern twist." If you want to create the cozy vibe from Julie's sofa in your own home try styling a beige sofa in the living room with dark accent colors like brown, black, navy blue, or hunter green. Use multiple pillows and blankets of various shades to introduce the color scheme just like Julie.

Use plates as decor in the kitchen

The kitchen is a mandatory ingredient in the movie "Julie and Julia." There would literally be no cooking, no food, or no movie without it! If you focus on the kitchen elements inside the apartment pictured above, you may notice there is nothing fancy about the stove, the oven, or the backsplash. After all, it's not the fancy equipment that's needed for good food. In order to get the look of Julie's home kitchen, you really just need to have appliances and some fancy dishes. Not the kind you serve meals on but a few to be hung on the wall instead. Did you notice the trio of plates on the wall in Julie's place?

Decorate your kitchen walls just like Julie's in the image above with decorative plates. Be unique with your wall decorations and pass on framed art. "The selection of art is an intensely personal and often costly process," Emma Sims Hilditch, founder of Sims Hilditch told Homes and Gardens. "For those looking for a more economical and slightly different way to film a blank space in a room, then a plate wall is a great solution and is easier to do than you might think." Create a plate wall in your kitchen using any choice of china or decorative designed dish you find. Just be sure to securely mount each dish to the using adhesives like these from Amazon or other dish racks and hooks that will safely secure it to the flat surface. This decoration is great for those dwellers who need temporary decor for easy removal later or those who always love to switch up their vibe. Add personality to the walls of your home with pretty plates hanging on the walls.

Store stuff out in the open

Julie didn't have the large kitchen Julia was used to cooking a meal in. No professional chefs to train and teach with either. But neither are necessary to recreate the same dishes as Julia Child. Julie's New York kitchen was quaint. Due to its small size and layout, unique forms of wall storage were used for everyday items like pots, pans, and spices. There are also multiple tiered open storage shelves used around the residence. When the space for everyday items is limited or your home is lacking closed closet storage, creativity can help make the place home and keep it functional.

When it comes to designing a kitchen like Julie, think about how you need it to work for you. "Small kitchen design has to work twice as hard due to the space constraints," Ben Berbridge, managing director at Kitchen Makers told Ideal Home. "Planning is, therefore, all important to make the most of your space, so consider how you cook and the equipment, crockery, and types of food you want to store." If you know what items you use the most or like to have on hand you can plan your storage for those items specifically. If you have a small, compact kitchen space try creating open storage opportunities, using hooks, wall racks (Ikea), or open shelving for items like spices similar to the image above. Feel free to embrace storing items out in the open (even if you have the closed storage space) for a stylish way to increase functionality (and occupy negative space) in your kitchen.

Display an oval shaped wall mirror

Mirrors in a home are great decorations for so many reasons. Even Julie knew for her own place she needed at least one on the walls. In the scene above from "Julie and Julia,” take a glance over Julie's shoulder. Do you capture a glimpse of the oval-shaped mirror above the blue writing desk? The Oval and Round Mirror Store explains how the elongated-round shape is perfect for taking up minimal wall space. Not only is the unique shape and frame finish something to mimic, but the placement of the mirror on the wall is as well. The mirror doesn't hang too high or too low. Mirrors are functional and decorative elements in a home making where you place them pivotal.

Why does placement matter? "When it's too high it makes the room feel more disconnected," Andrea West, owner of Andrea West Design told the Washington Post. "When you bring it slightly lower, you feel more intimate in the space." Wall placement is an aspect of mirror decorating you definitely want to "nail." Additionally, at the right height, mirrors serve as the perfect spot for you to check your looks before heading out the door. If you have a crowded space or are styling a small wall try installing an oval-shaped mirror in your dwelling.

Consider a dark green color in the bedroom

At this point in your "Julie and Julia" decorating journey, it's time to choose some colors to add to the walls in your home. When it comes to wall paint colors, the palette throughout Julie and Eric's place favors mostly neutral shades. Each room followed a trend of mostly tan, taupe, green, and cream hues that established a balanced and basic background. While these variations of tones blend well together in an open layout, when it comes to decorating your bedroom like Julie, just pick one. In order to bring the vibe of the screen onto your walls, consider painting the walls of your bedroom with an earthy green accent color just like Julie's in the image above of her reading the famous cookbook in bed. The shiplap or wood wall panels are added textural bonus but aren't required to pull off the aesthetic.

There are many different shades of green that you can choose from ranging from light to dark. For the most significant impact in a small-scale space, you may want to choose one with warmer undertones. "Dark greens are also a great choice for smaller spaces such as a narrow hallway or small bedroom. It may sound unusual to choose a dark shade for a small space, but it's a great way to embrace the coziness that comes with compact areas. Try painting the walls, skirting boards, and ceilings in one deep shade to soften the edges of the room to make it appear bigger than it is," Rob Abrahams and Rob Green, co-founders of Coat Paints, told Homes and Gardens. The muted shade will definitely add to the ambiance in your place and channel a cozy atmosphere.

Choose checkerboard flooring

Julie prepared plenty of meals in her kitchen – 524 to be exact, yet not all of them were a total success. Here, she is lying on her own kitchen floor after a failed attempt at cooking a dinner recipe from the cookbook. One of many from the beginning days of her cooking journey. Cooking skills aside, if you want to decorate your kitchen like a New York flat, you will want to switch up the flooring. Consider a type of floor that will hold up to any wear and tear and the inevitable mess or two as Julie knows all too well can happen in the kitchen. What type of flooring is that?

For those cooking fanatics, consider vinyl flooring for your kitchen space. "Vinyl flooring is durable, easy to look after, and suitable for every room, making it a practical and cost-effective option for your home," Josh Barber, a buyer at Floor Superstore, told Living Etc. "On top of that, because it comes in such a broad range of styles, you can achieve almost any look with vinyl flooring." Even that orange and black checker combination Julie has in her kitchen like in the image above. The difference in pattern compared to the flooring in the adjacent room helps separate the spaces and make them feel like more independent areas of the home. Consider adding this trendy floor design to your kitchen that could stand the test of time and any messes you or your family may make in the kitchen.

Divide spaces with open shelving

You can never have too much storage. Especially if you have a small space or lack closed storage closets around your home to conceal any unwanted items (like Julie and Eric). The couple's apartment wasn't the largest or most spacious. The layout was open and the bedroom didn't have a door. To create storage in their small-scale space, bookshelves (like the ones pictured above) were packed with titles and open racks were utilized for clothing items or kitchenware. If this sounds like you and your place, get ready to make some room for open storage racks and furnishings in your home.

Maximize space in your own home just like Julie did in hers by decorating with open bookshelves in the living areas, and kitchen, or as dividers in an open layout design. "You could place kitchen stuff on one side, such as cookbooks, and living room stuff on the other," Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy trend expert, told NBC News. The open form of storage gives you the opportunity to showcase your personal style with personal belongings always within reach. Shelving units like these on Amazon could be a storage solution in your home.

Put string lights around the doorways and furniture

If you're in need of some extra lighting around the residence consider this next "Julie and Julia" inspired home decor tip for you. If you focus your attention on the lighting around Julie's apartment, you may instantly notice the green, yellow, and red string lights scattered around the room. The multi-color lights are literally hanging around the doorways, casually draped over bookshelves, and dangling from the walls as seen in the movie scene above. Julie, Eric, and their closest friends are celebrating Julie's birthday while the low lighting illuminates the space behind them.

If you prefer including ambient lighting in a unique (and colorful) way at home then opt out of traditional table and floor lamps. You too can capture the festive lighting at home by securing the lights to the wall or fixture so they don't fall off. According to Festive Lights, you could hang lights without using nails but rather push pins, tacks, or damage-free adhesive hooks like these available on Amazon. Something to consider if you have young children or pets. The dazzling lights are not just to look at or set the mood, as according to Energy Star, decorative string lights with the proper rating use 75% less energy and are more durable. Capture the essence of Julie's place by decorating your dwelling with string lights for a low glow throughout any room of the house.

Style a bar cart in the living area

If you don't actually own a bar cart, we're here to share why you may want to consider including one in your home. In the scene above, Eric is mixing a cocktail while Julie has a meltdown trying to cook one of the over 500 recipes from Julia Child's cookbook in the kitchen. Why a bar cart? It's convenient, cute, and like everything else in their place, stored out in the open within reach. This type of furnishing is versatile as its storage, stylish, and supremely functional in a home.

Add character to your space with a personalized styled bar cart that serves the needs of you and your guests. Don't simply just leave it blank or pile it high with glasses and utensils without purpose. "It's important to style a bar cart because it lends itself to being full of practical, helpful, and beautiful accessories," Marie Flanigan, interior designer and founder of Marie Flanigan Interiors, told Insider. "It can make such a gorgeous focal point in a room." Make the bar cart a statement amongst the decor in the living area by accessorizing it with sleek barware, pretty plates, shiny utensils, and cute cups and mugs. Alternatively, the cart can serve as a candy bar, or as a hot chocolate or coffee station. Stick to the basics and style your cart for any season or celebration.

Dress the windows with patterned curtains

There is no shortage of patterns when it comes to Julie's New York apartment in the movie. Just look around at all the geometric shapes and floral prints in the image above. One simple way to add pattern to your place is by choosing curtain panels with fun designs. Pick designs you adore to showcase your personality around your place to visitors. When mixing multiple patterns in one room or an open layout design like Julie and Eric's place, it's important to switch it up. According to Style by Emily Henderson, anyone can successfully add patterned curtain panels to their windows as long as they vary the scale of the design and adhere to a color palette. You can settle on any pattern you prefer just as long as it matches the rest of the house!

What does Julie have to do with you? If you're inspired to decorate your house like her then, everything. If you are up for a challenge and ready for change, be inspired to decorate your place like the apartment in "Julie and Julia" with some of the decorative ideas we shared. You could choose to include open shelving, neutral color palettes, a beige sofa, and festive lighting for all the ways to capture the flat's most iconic moments in your own home. As Julia Childs says, "bon appetit."