How To Steal Influencer Jackie Aina's Home Decor Style

Jackie Aina is a jack of many trades. Although popularly known as a YouTuber, she is also a brilliant makeup artist and a fashion enthusiast. But that is not all; it turns out that she also has an eye for interior design, judging from her house tour on YouTube. As she explains, she did most of the design by herself, and the result is impressive. That being said, there is plenty of inspiration to gather from her modern luxurious abode. Right from the get-go, it is quite evident that comfort was at the top of her priority list, given the choice of fabric and rug in the living room.

Also, she appears to have carefully considered the choice of color for the house interior. While her home décor definitely doesn't come cheap, the good news is that you can find inspiration from her home and also incorporate the design in your own way. Here is a detailed breakdown of some of the major elements in her home that you can borrow a leaf from.

Go for simple colors

There is no doubt that picking the right colors for your home interior can be overwhelming. The sheer amount of options available today does very little to help. However, one thing we can gather from Jackie Aina's interior is that going simple doesn't need to be boring. The color scheme for her living and dining room is black and white. A simple color choice of black and white for your home interior is a great option if you want to achieve a simple and elegant appeal.

However, it is also important to mention that a set color scheme can get quite overwhelming for some people if not done carefully. Nonetheless, one of the major advantages of a black-and-white color palette is the high contrast the two colors create. This creates a neat feeling that is also quite relaxing. According to the Ann Holden Design firm, a black-and-white color scheme might look simple but creates a timeless appeal that is here to stay.

Add texture to your space

One design detail that most interior designers know and fully take advantage of is using texture in your home décor. Essentially, texture in the home interior means adding visual interest by playing around with different fabrics around your home. It is quite clear that Jackie Aina fully understands the importance of texture. Her living room is the perfect example of how experimenting with different fabrics will take your home's appeal up a notch. She hasn't shied away from using faux fur on her chair sofa and also the chair in the dining area.

A nice rug ties up a room nicely, and the chunky rug in the living room helps achieve exactly that. It is quite impressive to see how she operates within her room's primary color choices, even when laying up with different textures. Since comfort is a big part of her design choices, Aina has also introduced a chunky throw blanket over the couch not just for texture but also to make the room appear homier and inviting. Ideally, adding texture works to the benefit of visual interest and also makes the space cozy and comfortable (via Allswell).

Use geometric shapes

You'd be surprised how incorporating geometrical shapes will infuse more visual detail. Other than that, the use of geometry in interior design has also been used to create a focal point in the room that will anchor the entire design, mentions Christie's International Real Estate. In Jackie Aina's case, she is quite fortunate because her house has geometrical designs infused into the construction. From the image above, you can see the semi-circular carvings of the windows that look amazing.

If you don't have these elements like her, there are plenty of other ways of incorporating geometry into your interior design. Try introducing furniture with bold shapes into your space. Another way to incorporate shapes into your room is by installing round, oval, or square mirrors on the wall. Jackie Aina has used this technique in her dining area as well. Square and oval shapes are particularly ideal if you want to introduce some calm into the décor. There are no set rules when it comes to using shapes in your home interior. Consider mixing up shapes to create a visual effect that is ideal for you.

Spruce up a wall with wallpaper

One design detail that is often overlooked by homeowners is the wallpaper. Wallpaper is a great tool to introduce color, pattern, and lots of drama to an otherwise dull interior. Today, wallpapers are available in different styles to fit traditional and modern home designs. Jackie Aina has been quite deliberate in her use of wallpaper in one of the rooms adjacent to the living room. The color selection remains within her palette but adds some golden yellow detail for that extra pop.

You don't need to have the exact same wallpaper for your home; rather, choose one that isn't too far off from your primary décor color. Experiment with different shapes and patterns that will bring the desired effect to your living room. Instead of paint, sticking wallpaper is a cheaper alternative that doesn't involve the secondary work that goes into painting a room. The use of wallpapers was quite popular a few decades ago, but it seems they are making a much-needed comeback today, notes Ghaster Painting & Coatings.

Think about natural light

Proper lighting is essential for any interior design — and natural light has a way of making a room appear bigger than it actually is. Jackie Aina's home has no shortage of natural light. The home's architecture features huge ceiling-to-floor windows that allow plenty of light into the open-plan interior design. While the best source of light is from the sun, you can also choose secondary artificial lighting for when it gets dark or for bringing attention to specific locations in your home.

For this particular design, Aina installed crystal chandeliers over the dining and living area. This provides the necessary lighting to these spots and an added design detail that ties everything together beautifully. Smaller living spaces can benefit immensely by having large windows that allow enough light. However, if your current home's architecture only features a few windows letting in just enough lighting, your choice of furniture will be critical. Take inspiration from Aina's leggy furniture that allows light and air to flow around it.