5 Smart Tips For Deciding If Doors Or Drawers Are Right For Your Kitchen

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, everything from the countertops to the cabinets comes into play when planning. One of the biggest questions is whether you should opt for drawers or doors for your storage needs. Knowing what you plan to keep in your kitchen and the best ways to do so will help determine the best selection for you, but both provide benefits and drawbacks for each space. According to Cliqstudios, taking stock of what you have and how it will fit is the first step in deciding on storage units.

Each homeowner is different, and while some prefer storing pots and pans in deep drawers, others might be more comfortable keeping them in cabinets with door access. Are you a spice person who likes easy access to them above the stove, or do you prefer to keep everything at a lower level that can be pulled out whenever you need something? Thinking about the available space is critical because utilizing square footage is essential to making the kitchen accessible and comfortable. Here are some tips to consider when picking out doors or drawers for your cooking area to make it one of your favorite spots in the house.

Think about your kitchen's square footage

If your kitchen is small, you might want to consider opting for doors over drawers. The former can help increase the feel of the overall space rather than making it more cramped. One reason for this effect is vertical lines versus horizontal ones. According to Fifty Plus Advocate, vertical lines can elongate and open up an area, whereas horizontal lines can drop the ceiling down, making the whole room feel lower and smaller. Doors provide an up-and-down aesthetic, creating more space simply by illusion.

A kitchen with square footage can benefit from drawers, but there should always be a balance between the horizontal and vertical lines. With more space, the drawers going across aren't as intense in appearance, and the room still feels open despite their effect on smaller areas. Lower-sitting drawers can also take up space when open, and while doors can swing outwards, if they sit higher up, they won't dominate the pathways or feel as busy.

Organization is important

When you think about organizing your kitchen, ponder which option will be easier to fill while keeping everything orderly. Drawers usually offer more functional layouts and allow dividers or other units to keep items separate and tidy. Deep drawers can be used for pans and other crockery, while more shallow ones fit cutlery, tools, and even spices. One of the many perks of going with drawers in your kitchen is that you can look down into them, making grabbing what you need easier and more visually accessible.

Cabinets, while extremely useful for many reasons, can sometimes become a chaotic place filled with all of your goods, lacking rhyme or reason and shoved full of anything you need out of the way. According to Kitchn, drawers are neater when filled and are made to accommodate dividers and organizers. If you take the time to think about where everything belongs within your storage units, your kitchen can become a calming, fluid place within your home that works with your schedule, recipes, and any other needs.

Doors can be more budget friendly

If you're trying to decide between doors or drawers, one thing to keep in mind is your budget. While drawers might be a pull for your design plans, bespoke versions can be pricey. Carey Brother's On The House notes this is because while a cabinet door is only one piece of wood, drawers require a minimum of five pieces. Hinges don't need a high cost, but the more wood, the heftier the price.

You can still incorporate drawers in the kitchen, but if you're trying to save money, it might be better to opt for more cabinets. Fitting the latter will require less work from professionals and means you'll have more money to spend on other elements and aspects of the space. Door-based storage is still easy to organize; it just requires a plan to ensure everything is within reach or sight so you know how to access items. 

Doors offer a sneak peak

One perk of going with doors is the "sneak peak" effect. Cabinet doors can have glass panes or panels that show what is inside the cupboard. This is a fun way to display favored cookery or smaller pieces you want out rather than hidden away. Teapots, china, copper pots, pans, or even mugs can all sit inside these glass doors for all to see when they enter the kitchen. If you like to show off your belongings or collections, doors allow you to keep everything organized and out of the way.

You can also incorporate decorations inside these cabinets to match the upcoming holidays or times of the year. This is a simple and tidy way to adorn your kitchen with the seasonal spirit without taking up precious counter or surface space. According to Kitchen Magic, glass doors also help to enlarge a space, adding depth and lighting up the room with reflective glass. These are a definite bonus for choosing doors, but it depends on your designs and preferences.

Combine a bit of both

You don't always have to pick one or the other regarding doors and drawers. Combining them can create a classic look that brings dimension and texture into the kitchen. According to Callen Construction, functionality and style are two main reasons to use both options, and finding the right balance is different for every kitchen. Some storage might require a larger, more open area, which is where your cabinets will come in. For everything from cutlery and utensils, divided drawers might be the best way to keep them out of the way but within reach.

Style-wise, using both will transform your kitchen from a singular aesthetic to a more immersive one. Because horizontal lines can sometimes make a space feel smaller, adding vertical additions will contrast nicely, creating space and functionality. This combination also allows you to expand your storage options, providing drawers for some elements and cabinets for others, so you don't have to choose between one or the other.