The Best Products At Home Depot To Help You Organize Your Bathroom

A bathroom should exude accessibility and ease, allowing people to find what they need quickly and without engaging in a treasure hunt. While cabinets and drawers are one of the first steps to achieving a clutter-free space, finding the right tools to store and organize your belongings will help immensely.

Home Depot is known for being a one-stop shop for all things house related, and this includes an assortment of useful goods for washrooms. From drawer arrangers to shower caddies, there is no end to the selection of storage options available. The key is deciding what you need and how it will benefit your space, so you can purchase the right pieces to turn your bathroom into an orderly oasis. According to Health Scope, if your bathroom is tidy and sorted properly, it can actually reduce stress, whereas a messy, cluttered area will induce anxiety and discomfort. With that in mind, check out these amazing products from Home Depot that will keep you feeling relaxed and turn this space into one of your favorites in the house.

Expandable bamboo bathtub caddy

If your bathroom boasts a tub, having a caddy to hold and organize items is integral. Freestanding tubs can especially benefit from these trays, especially if the lip doesn't offer any storage space. Home Depot's Bamboo Bathtub Caddy is ideal for several reasons, but mainly the size and adjustable length ensure it can fit any tub and hold a good deal of supplies. If you like to read in the bath, having a place to keep your book or electronic reader will give you the chance to relax and actually enjoy your soak.

Depending on your decor, there are a variety of caddies on the market that will match different aesthetics and designs. Bamboo is good for a number of reasons, and according to EuroNews, one of those is its sustainability. Choosing bamboo for your bathroom is an eco-friendly option, and this tray offers a sturdy, multi-paneled area to place everything from soaps and hair care items to drinks, books, and cleaning tools.

Rotating cosmetic storage tower makeup organizer

Your counter space is vital, and if your bathroom is small it's important to have as much surface available as possible. In order to utilize your countertops, having a rotating makeup unit will clear up clutter and make room for other necessities. These spinning caddies allow you to access anything you need easily, while also offering a versatile storage option for your products. Home Depot's Storage Tower is a fantastic and popular option that has plenty of nooks and crannies to hold everything from lotions and perfumes to soaps and tools.

Rotating storage units are handy for a number of reasons, the main one being that they twist to expose what you need without shifting everything on the counter. Diys notes that these holders also help protect makeup from spills, drops, and other elements, while also keeping the sink area clear. Water, dust, and other detritus can accumulate on any surface, but having a caddy to shield brushes, sponges, and even palettes means they will last longer and remain in better condition.

Over the cabinet large basket

When it comes to storing liquids like soaps and bath and shower items, you might run out of space in cabinets quickly. Keeping too many bottles in the shower or tub can begin to look cluttered, and space under the sink can be limited. Home Depot's Over The Cabinet Large Basket is ideal for holding refills, or even items that you don't want on display full-time. This unit can sit right inside your cupboards, and allows guests or family members to access what they need without losing surface area.

Having a wire or mesh basket is also useful to avoid dust buildup and makes everything easy to view so you can grab what you need quickly. It looks clean without feeling too busy, and this version has 4.9 stars on the website, meaning customers are satisfied with their purchase and feel it does the trick to keep things organized. According to Grey Dock, hanging baskets are useful in smaller spaces, too, because they hide excess supplies while still leaving them nearby.

3-tier adjustable shower caddy

Shower caddies are one of the most useful items you can implement to organize your bathroom. This Sharper Image 3-Tier Adjustable Caddy from Home Depot allows you to place it anywhere in the shower without blocking your space, and offers three shelves worth of storage to keep everything from loofas to shampoo and razors. There are even separate compartments to keep smaller items and bars to hang washcloths. Rather than attaching to your shower pole, this caddy can be placed in any corner of the shower, and adjusted to suit your needs.

There is nothing more frustrating than being under the shower and realizing you don't have something you need. Keeping everything out of the way but still within reach inside the shower is not only useful but will ensure you never have to get out mid-clean to find items. Investing in a sturdy unit will also mean less chance of having to replace it, and Remodel Inspo notes that corner setups grant people more space while becoming a united part of the shower space.

Tailored vanities general storage package

Drawer organizers are a must for decluttering bathrooms, and are especially helpful when you have limited space or a lot of supplies and tools. These bamboo storage units from Home Depot allow homeowners to organize and store their items in a way that makes them easy to find and grab. They compartmentalize while also creating a stylish aesthetic when the drawers are opened.

Home Depot notes that they are best used with the KOHLER jacquard, damask, poplin, marabou, and jute vanities, which allow people to pick and choose the size they want for their drawers. Similar options can also be found on the website that aren't specific to this brand, and the option to mix and match is always available too. These bathroom additions can be used for everything from cotton balls and pads to toothpaste, razor refills, and other common tools you might keep in your wash area. According to Life With Less Mess, take the time to sort through everything in your drawers before putting in the organizers, so you're not filling them with clutter that will end up making them pointless down the line.