You Can Stay In A Michigan Airbnb That Is Called The Caterpillar

As featured in Dwell Magazine, the Caterpillar building in Detroit has gained massive attention since it was constructed. The unique shape and UFO-inspired design have attracted many to purchase their own "sushi slice," as the architect, in collaboration with Ishtiaq Rafiuddin, so lovingly called it in the Dwell Magazine article. 

Care to visit? Be a part of the experience with this Airbnb rental, where you can book a stay at the Caterpillar for $176 a night (via Airbnb). There's enough space for two guests, with one queen-sized bed and one bathroom, making it perfect for a weekend getaway for couples or a friend's retreat while enjoying the city.

The pet-friendly unit features 24-foot ceilings, and you and your guests will have full access to it and everything else that the Core City neighborhood and Detroit as a whole have to offer. Additionally, this rental has a 4.99-star rating and 94 reviews praising the overall accommodations, including, "Staying here was so inspiring to us." and "The place is clean, spacious, comfortable, and beautifully designed/decorated."

A unique, modern, and comfortable stay

With easy access and free parking on the premises, your stay is already off to a great start. Per its Airbnb listing, the unit offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to enjoy this stunning building and relax in its blend of modern and vintage styles. The owners have perfectly placed houseplants around the living space to create an inviting atmosphere. Meanwhile, the wooden features within the Caterpillar unit bring a sense of coziness to the overall industrial vibe.

The kitchen is filled with everything you need to cook your favorite meals, and there are even cookbooks if you're feeling inspired to try something new. Also available is every utensil you might need and a seven-piece pot set to use on the brand-new kitchen stove.

Finally, the bathroom is large and features a walk-in shower that will feel luxurious as you wash away any worries. If you're the type who forgets to pack toiletries, they've got you covered with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and plenty of towels to keep you feeling your best. The bathroom also has floor-to-ceiling tiles that keep it feeling clean and modern. Your clothes might also need a wash while there, and you can use the washer and dryer in the unit to do a load.

Amenities you won't forget

Not only do you get to experience a unique building that was heavily inspired by a UFO crash site, according to Dwell Magazine, but this Airbnb host also goes above and beyond. They ensure your unit is filled with all the essentials and extras you didn't even know you wanted. 

For example, access the Bluetooth sound system to enjoy music from everywhere within the unit. And although there isn't a TV, that gives you more time to enjoy the record player and available vinyl. Not to mention, you can also cook a lovely dinner and dance around the unit on a romantic evening with your partner!

The queen mattress is extra comfortable and has a small reading light near it, allowing you to catch up on any vacation reading. Didn't bring a book? No worries, they have some for you to choose from. And while you could easily walk to find lovely coffee shops and restaurants nearby, the hosts offer tea, coffee, and a French press to enjoy without leaving the premises (via Visit Detroit).