You Can Stay In A California Airbnb That Looks Like A UFO

Unidentified flying objects aren't just for aliens anymore. According to Airbnb, you too can stay in a rental that looks just like a UFO. It's called a Futuro House and it is located in Joshua Tree, California within Area 55. Originally, the structure was designed with the intention of using it as a portable ski chalet, Curbed explained in a 2017 article about its designer Matti Suuronen, an architect from Finland. Somewhere around 100 Futuro Houses were built throughout the world in the decade between 1968 and 1978. Today, there are only 67 left, says CNN. This particular Futuro House is one of less than 20 in the United States, and you can rent it for $290 a night.

The Airbnb property is completely off-grid, so you can expect a relaxing vacation without distractions from the outside world. However, the UFO does offer certain modern-day amenities should you need them. For instance, it is operated by solar power, which you can take advantage of when you need to charge your small electronic devices. The UFO has plenty more features guaranteed to rock your world.

An out-of-this-world exterior

This Airbnb sits on five acres bordering the almost 800,000 acres of Joshua Tree National Park, though the host requests all guests remain within boundaries of the designated property. If you're worried about getting lost in the desert on the way to your vacation, don't be — this UFO is so big, you can't miss it! The bright red exterior and alien-inspired oval windows make the structure look so much like those you've seen in movies, you'll be doing double takes. Climb aboard using the staircase and wireless, remote-controlled door.

According to Travel and Leisure, the property includes a propane grill, an outdoor dining space, and a portable fire pit to keep you warm during those chilly California desert nights. Watch as the UFO lights up the night sky with its glowing interior and magical blue exterior lights that wrap around the entire structure. You'll find the bathroom sink and toilet in a trailer just outside the house, along with an outdoor shower.

Radioactive, retro interior

This galaxy-inspired Airbnb is equipped to accommodate four guests. Once you enter the UFO, you're immediately immersed in a 1960s, futuristic vibe. Chill out in one of the cushy egg chairs, and listen to some tunes on the retro-looking Bluetooth speaker. The speaker doubles as a bookshelf full of space-themed books and magazines to check out. There is a small dining table, but guests also have the option to sit at one of the counters along the interior wall of the ship for a panoramic view of the stunning desert landscape.

When you first step inside, it may look as though there aren't any actual beds. Instead, the UFO includes four single foldout beds, which you can use to create two queen beds if you so wish, as seen in the listing on Airbnb. In the morning, transform your bed back into its original ottoman form to create additional seating and free up space inside the UFO.