How To Properly Fold A Bath Towel

Folding your laundry is one of the more menial but important household chores. Aside from the visual satisfaction of looking at a neatly folded dresser or linen closet, there is also a host of practical benefits to skilfully and properly folding your laundry. For example, Bakers Centre Laundry points out that folded clothes are much easier to store and take up less space. Similarly, you can see all the items you have much easier.

This is why many people take a lot of pride in having a neatly folded linen closet, with their sheets, hand towels, bath towels, and washcloths all tidily displayed and easily accessible. Of course, everyone has a different method of folding their bath towels, but some ways are a little more effective for storage than others. On the other hand, some techniques are a lot more visually pleasing than a simple fold, offering more aesthetic flare.

Fold in halves and thirds

Having a dedicated method to fold your bath towels will not only make your linen closet look much more organized and save space, but it can also cut down on some of the stress of doing laundry, as you'll be leaving out a lot of the guesswork. Generally, you should work to make your towel as small as possible without getting too bulky.

To do this, Thistlewood Farms recommends first starting by folding the towel in half from the tag so the wide, decorated ends are touching. This should shorten the length of your towel in half. Then, fold it in half this way again. You'll be left with a very skinny towel. Next, switch from halves to thirds by taking one end of the now small towel and folding it towards the center, letter style. Finally, take the other end and fold it to the center.

You'll be left with a neatly tri-folded towel. From there, stack all the linen up, the seams pointing in the same direction, before putting them in your linen closet.

Make spa rolls

While it isn't the most practical method in terms of time or space-saving, you can also roll your towels the way spas and hotels do. This is a much more visually pleasing method and a great way to spruce up a guest bathroom or otherwise dazzle guests. While rolling up a towel seems simple enough, there is a correct method to keep the material neat and from undoing itself.

To begin, eLuxury says to fold the towel in half the same way as the regular folding method. This is where things start to vary: Grab one corner of the towel and fold it to the opposite end, creating a triangular shape. You'll have a little extra material towards one end — that's fine. Next, flip the towel over so the extra material is hidden, and you're left with one triangle of fabric.

Now, take each end from the long edge of the triangle and fold it towards the center, creating an envelope shape. Finally, flip the towel back over, and begin to tightly roll it from the long edge to the point. When stacking or displaying it, put the point or seam on the table or bottom, which will prevent it from unrolling.