25 Of The Most Popular Pieces Of Wall Art At Ikea

If you want to fill your home with trendy wall art that's also affordable, then consider checking out the creative collection from Ikea. While the retailer is famous for its wide range of contemporary furniture, it offers the same kind of chic pieces of art and has done so for years.

In fact, Ikea started working with artists back in 2015 to create collections that would suit modern tastes and styles, according to Canadian Interiors. The creative items that ended up in the store's showrooms and, in turn, in consumers' homes, included work by notable figures like Japanese manga artist Junko Mizuno, American designer Virgil Abloh, London-based designer Craig Green, and British illustrator James Jarvis. Their creations and contributions have included everything from figurines made of glass and rugs that were woven by hand to posters and various other kinds of wall art.

As for the latter items, the Swedish brand offers photographs and illustrations as well as prints of paintings, digital art, woven pieces, and text art. The themes are just as varied and feature scenes of nature, images of animals, and seemingly endless objects in different colors, textures, and finishes. If this has piqued your interest, you'll definitely want to check out the following items that just happen to be some of the most popular pieces of wall art available at Ikea.

1. GILLSTAD sedge wall pieces

Made of sedge, which is a grass-like plant, according to the Master Gardeners Northern Virginia, these items that have been dried and hand-woven would suit a range of creative country, boho, or nature-based styles. Although six different sizes and designs are shown here, you should note that the GILLSTAD set includes the three smaller mirrorless pieces.

2. KNOPPÄNG garden posters

Prints by English artist Julia Trigg, this KNOPPÄNG set includes both posters as well as frames. Featuring illustrations of plants that you might find in an herb or vegetable garden, they're detailed enough to add flair to your space while the tones allow them to work with various wall colors and décor styles.

3. PJÄTTERYD seascape triptych

The dark blue shade and subtle ripples in the water of this PJÄTTERYD seascape triptych offer a calming effect as does the cloudy sky where a small group of birds can be seen flying together. The piece by photographer Ian Winstanley would look incredible in pretty much any room in your home.

4. HOVSTA vintage flower posters

These HOVSTA vintage flower posters include art by Swedish illustrator Jonna Fransson. Sold as a pair, they also come in fiberboard frames that have a wood-like finish that matches the natural subject matter. Another option that would suit various spaces in your home, these pieces would also look fantastic on an earth-toned wall or even something brighter.

5. GRÖNBY blue landscape set

Fill an entire wall with the help of the GRÖNBY blue landscape set. Putting up each of the nine pieces can be a simple task thanks to the template that's included. However, you can also install the collection in whatever arrangement suits your room or even split them up and hang them separately.

6. KÄNGSLEBODA family text art

Although it's on the smaller side, it's understandable why this KÄNGSLEBODA family text art is one of Ikea's biggest sellers when it comes to wall art. A simple item with a black background and white font, it offers a definition of family that reads, "People who laugh, cry, play, learn, and dream together."

7. KÄNGSLEBODA book lover text art

Almost as popular as the family version, the KÄNGSLEBODA book lover text art clearly resonates with shoppers. Using black text on a white background, the piece notes how much book lovers like to read before going on to point out how special a bookstore can be to this particular kind of person.

8. KÄNGSLEBODA my happy place sign

Your home is where the heart is, as they say. You can celebrate that fact — or even point out your favorite room in your abode — by putting up a KÄNGSLEBODA my happy place sign. Made of painted galvanized steel and resembling an old-fashioned street sign, it's an elegant piece that's also slightly quirky.

9. KNOPPÄNG you are wonderful set

If you can't decide between photographs, illustrations, or text art, then the KNOPPÄNG you are wonderful set might be for you. This art collection would leave you feeling inspired when you wake up in the morning and spark sweet dreams at night when arranged in a bedroom.

10. KNOPPÄNG untamed and free set

Another collection of eight framed pieces that combine various kinds of art and could be used together or separately, the KNOPPÄNG untamed and free set would definitely enhance a space that has a trendy boho-chic vibe. That's thanks to the art nouveau-inspired pieces, images of animals, and charmingly whimsical sentiments.

11. KÄNGSLEBODA traveller text art

Anyone who adores exploring new places or enjoys reminiscing about past trips to far-off destinations should consider getting the KÄNGSLEBODA traveller text art. With a small hole in each corner, the piece can easily be affixed to a wall with nails, screws, or pins as well as removable adhesives.

12. GRÖNBY city tour set

A collection of nine pieces by Australian photographer Carina Okula, each image in the GRÖNBY city tour set offers a glimpse of Paris. From a view of the Eiffel Tower to a picturesque cafe, each piece has an almost pink hue that gives off la vie en rose vibes.

13. BJÖRKSTA framed world map

The BJÖRKSTA framed world map takes a well-known view of the world map and turns it into a black-and-white piece of art with a background that appears to be painted-over newsprint. You can also opt for either a sleek black frame or an aluminum one.

14. PJÄTTERYD deer set

While the pieces of Tania Bello's PJÄTTERYD deer set are similar, each is slightly different. At the same time, they wouldn't overwhelm and would complement a room that embraces calm tones and dainty décor.

15. PJÄTTERYD coast triptych

Triptychs are a lovely way to add art to a sizable space without having to track down multiple images or designs and install an entire gallery wall. For instance, Paul Duncan's PJÄTTERYD coast triptych extends the view of the water, land, and sky across all three pieces to create a cohesive and charming effect.

16. BJÖRKSTA cow with horns

Photographer Assaf Frank has a large portfolio that includes everything from cities to cupcakes. He's also captured images of animals like tigers, alpacas, and highland cows. Obviously, it's the latter that you're seeing here. A black and white version named the BJÖRKSTA cow with horns, this framed image is definitely a statement piece.

17. BJÖRKSTA birches

Mikael Svensson is the artist behind BJÖRKSTA birches. A piece that will make you feel like you're wandering through the woods, it comes with either a black or aluminum-colored frame, which means it can either stand out or blend in with the wall that it's mounted on depending on the paint color and your personal preferences.

18. BJÖRKSTA jungle journey

Add a sense of drama and beauty to your home with BJÖRKSTA jungle journey. The angle of the image makes it feel as if you're about to step onto the rustic rope bridge that reaches over a foggy abyss and ends in the branches of a tree.

19. PJÄTTERYD see you in outerspace

Enhance an existing space theme or add an out-of-this-world vibe to an otherwise down-to-earth room with the help of the PJÄTTERYD see you in outer space set. Consisting of both the astronaut image and the close-up of the moon's surface, you can arrange the pieces side-by-side or on different walls.

20. VILSHULT Amsterdam

VILSHULT Amsterdam is a piece by the late photographer — and partner of Nate Berkus at the time of his death — Fernando Bengoechea. A mostly black and white image (with a story behind it) of a stone bridge over a long river, it almost looks as if you're peering out of a window at the view.

21. BJÖRKSTA cliffs

Ikea offers a range of pieces by Irene Suchocki such as BILD Ocean Tides and KATEBO hot air balloons. However, BJÖRKSTA cliffs is her most popular piece at the retailer. A scene of clouds over a mountainy landscape, it's rather long and narrow, which means it might fit in places where larger and wider pieces wouldn't.

22. SILVERHÖJDEN dream set

A unicorn, bubbles, and pastel rainbow-colored clouds are three of the reasons why the SILVERHÖJDEN dream set is such a sweet collection. It's easy to imagine this in a child's room or even in the room of an adult who is still full of whimsy.

23. PJÄTTERYD low-flying cloud

It may have taken a touch of technology to create PJÄTTERYD low-flying cloud, however, the effort surely had the desired effect. These images by French artist Tom Fabia will add a natural element to your home while the unusual cloud in each scene also adds a hint of fantasy and mystery to the piece.

24. BJÖRKSTA panoramic city view

Another popular piece by Irene Suchocki, BJÖRKSTA panoramic city view offers something very different. Instead of a natural landscape, we see an equally majestic image of New York City. An almost ombre piece, it gradually gets lighter as your eye moves from the dark trees of Central Park up through the skyscrapers and beyond.

25. BJÖRKSTA look up

When you see BJÖRKSTA look up, you'll feel like you're doing just that. A piece by German photographer Florian Schleinig, the mesmerizing image makes it seem as if you're laying on a forest floor looking up at the trees towering above you. That is, from the comfort of your own home, of course.